The Mole Season 2 Release Date: How Much Are Players on the Mole Paid?

The Mole, a revival of a show originally shown in 2001, was another reality TV smash success brought to you by Netflix in 2022. The streaming giant also confirmed the show’s renewal for a second season, so it seems that the sabotage was just the beginning.

The premiere date, release method, plot summary, and cast of The Mole season 2 are all included here.

The Mole Season 2 Release Date

According to Parade, Season 2 of The Mole is yet to begin filming, so we have a long wait ahead of us. After filming is complete, this section will be updated with more information about the show’s premiere date.


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The Mole, a Netflix original series, was renewed for a second season on February 15, 2023.

What is the Release Schedule for the Mole Season 2?

Since that filming for season 2 hasn’t even begun, let alone set a premiere date, there is currently no schedule for the premiere of The Mole. Like all of Netflix’s other reality shows, the previous season followed a hybrid weekly/binge style (besides The Great British Baking Show). Throughout three weeks, new episodes were released weekly at a rate of two to five.

How Does the Mole Work?

The game The Mole involves a group of twelve people working together to fulfill tasks and add to a communal pot. One of the twelve is the “Mole,” whose job it is to undermine the group’s efforts so that they bring in as little money as possible for the prize pool.

Every few days, participants would have to take a quiz to determine whether or not they were still in the game by answering multiple-choice questions regarding the Mole’s identity and recent activities. When the exam is over, the participants will attend an Execution to learn their fate. The loser of a round is eliminated from play.

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At the end of the season, the remaining three players (two real players and the Mole) take a test about the identity and behavior of the Mole throughout the season. The winner of the group pot is the legitimate player who achieved the highest score. The winner is announced and the Mole reveals themself in the series finale.

What is the History of the Mole?

The Mole is based on the Belgian reality show De Mol, which premiered in 1998. Since then, 40 countries all over the world have adopted the standard. Wie is de Mol?, the Dutch equivalent, has been airing regularly since 1999 and has now aired 22 seasons.

In January 2001, American audiences were introduced to The Mole. Seasons 1 and 2 had been broadcast throughout that year. Viewership, however, plummeted after 9/11. The show’s ratings improved with summer repeats, leading to two celebrity-studded seasons in 2003 and 2004.

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After a four-year hiatus, the rights to the show were once again purchased, and a new civilian adaptation premiered in 2008. The show was canceled due to low ratings and hasn’t returned until today. The Mole’s past seasons have all been broadcast on ABC.

What Happened in the Mole Season 1?

Lifestyle brand manager William Richardson won the first season of The Mole, taking home $101,500 after defeating commercial airline pilot Joi Schweitzer in a final quiz showdown. In the season finale, Kesi Neblett, a software developer, was exposed as the Mole.

Who is the Host of the Mole?

Alex Wagner, a journalist, hosts the show The Mole. She has previously hosted CBS This Morning: Saturday alongside Alex Wagner and anchored his show, Now. She is presently a contributing editor at The Atlantic and anchor of MSNBC’s Alex Wagner Tonight.


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Wagner has taken over as host of the series after previous occupants Anderson Cooper, Ahmad Rashad, and Jon Kelley.

How Are Players Eliminated on the Mole?

In The Mole, as previously mentioned, participants are taken out of the game if they receive the lowest possible score on the round’s quiz. The test seeks to determine the true identity of the Mole through a series of questions. So, someone who is the most off regarding the identity of the Mole is usually the one who gets eliminated.

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In the event of a quiz tie, the person whose answers were the slowest will be the one to go home. Rarely, a player may leave the game for reasons other than retirement, such as being disqualified or taking a bribe to depart.

How Much Are Players on the Mole Paid?

The winner of The Mole receives all of the money that the participants have earned through their different assignments during the season. It is understood that the Mole receives compensation for their involvement throughout the season, but the exact amount has not been revealed.


Netflix has only confirmed the second season renewal of The Mole. Whether or not the show will be renewed for a third season and beyond is currently unknown. For more details visit our website

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