Death in Paradise Season 13 Release Date: Will It Happen in This Season?

Bad DI Neville Parker has had it rough as of late on Death in Paradise, and he may have finally reached his breaking point and decided to leave the program for good.

Season 12’s (February 24) last episode will include Ralf Little as Neville, who is seen in a sneak peek bringing the Commissioner (Don Warrington) aside and telling him he’s ready to give up.

The fact that his girlfriend Sophie was exposed as a murderer and had been plotting to kill Neville the entire time she was in the nation certainly didn’t help matters.

She had sought down Neville because she held him responsible for her sister’s murder conviction following a botched narcotics deal in their hometown of Manchester.

And she almost had success at it; before the truth came out, Neville had been arrested for the murder of criminologist David Cartwright. At the end of the second-to-last episode, Neville was seen feeling sorry for himself after a heartbreaking loss and the realization that he had failed the detective squad.

The preview for next week’s episode, though, reveals that Neville is still feeling off his game when a murder occurs in a club he is in.

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Neville’s self-doubt is spiraling out of control, and he is starting to question if he belongs in the detective profession at all. There’s still a week until we find out if Ralf truly leaves Saint Marie, but speculation has been rife all season that this will be his last performance as the clean-freak detective.

After Ben Miller as Richard Poole, Kris Marshall as Humphrey Goodman, and Ardal O’Hanlon as Jack Mooney, Little is the fourth actor to play the series’ principal DI.

Miller played the part from the pilot to the beginning of season three, Marshall from the same point until the end of season six, O’Hanlon from the middle of season six until the middle of season nine, and Little from the middle of season nine to the end of season twelve.

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Thus, if he wants to follow in his predecessors’ footsteps, now is the time to take the plunge.

He informed his followers, “No I can’t [tell you] is the simple answer” (via Hello). In other words, let’s just lay all the cards on the table and admit that this occurrence occurs year without any significance. There is no meaning to be derived from this.

It’s not like signing on as a football player, where you get signed [to] a five-year contract or a three-year contract or something. All of those talks and negotiations (not negotiations, we aren’t at that level yet)

Will It Happen in Death in Paradise Series 13?

The executive producer of Death in Paradise recently discussed the show’s future with Radio Times.

Series 12 is already on its sixth episode, and since Tim has remarked, “I don’t know about another renewal, but we’re ready to do it again if we’re asked to do it again,” there remains hope for future renewal.

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To encourage long-term viewers to stick with the show, he continued, “We’re going to carry on continuing as long as people watch the show, and loads of people watch the show – we love it!” If viewers enjoy the show, production will continue.

Death in Paradise Season 13 Release Date: When Does the Death in Paradise Spin-off Start?

According to entertainmentdaily, For those who enjoyed Death in Paradise, the news of a spin-off is sure to come as welcome news. The premiere of Beyond Paradise has been set for the week following the conclusion of Death in Paradise, Season 12. It will premiere at 9 p.m. on BBC One on February 24. After moving to Shipton Abbott, Martha, and DI Humphrey Goodman are followed by the story.

After joining the force, Humphrey is immediately thrown into a slew of perplexing situations. In the meantime, Neville (Ralf Little) gets a letter tomorrow night informing the team of an impending murder in Death in Paradise.

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This Friday, February 10th, at 9 pm, BBC One will air the sixth episode of Death in Paradise. BBC iPlayer will host episodes after they have been aired.

“That’s how it’s played out in past years. After having these discussions, a conclusion is reached. Thus, no choice has been taken as of yet, but don’t take it to mean much. To say the least, it’s meaningless.”

While Sophie was only allowed to work remotely from Saint-Marie for a month, it was initially hoped that he could be convinced to move back to Manchester to be with her.


Guadeloupe serves as the setting for this show’s fictional Caribbean island of Saint Marie. A British detective inspector (DI) and his police force investigate murders on a made-up Caribbean island in this drama series. For more details visit our website

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