The Catch Season 3 Release Date: Where Can I Watch It?

ABC decided to discontinue The Catch after two seasons due to low viewership. The Catch was still a popular series, and many viewers were looking forward to seeing what happened in Season 3.

Naturally, many viewers hope that Netflix will decide to renew The Catch and produce new episodes. We polled our Facebook and Twitter followers over the weekend to see whether there was interest in more episodes of The Catch on Netflix, and it seems that viewers are eager for more.

There is also a petition requesting that Netflix carry the new episodes. There have been over 2,000 people sign the petition as of publication.

Is it likely that Netflix will save The Catch by producing fresh episodes? Not likely at this point. Netflix has brought previously canceled shows back to life, but the streaming service can’t take all of them.

In the age of Netflix, a project like this has enormous potential. Securing the rights to continue production on the series would be fantastic. Restarting this show could bring in a few thousand new viewers for the network.


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Even though it would be fantastic if Netflix produced new episodes of The Catch, the chances of that happening are slim. There are just too many potential roadblocks to legalities, such as licenses and studio contracts, that would need to be overcome. All those problems make it unlikely that fresh episodes of The Catch will be made.

The Catch Season 3 Release Date

According to, Jennifer Schuur, Helen Gregory, and Kate Atkinson are responsible for the writing, producing, and directing of The Catch, a crime drama series co-produced by Shondaland and ABC Studios.


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TV sitcom starring Mireille Enos, Peter Krause, Jay Hayden, and Rose Rollins. On March 24, 2016, ABC aired the pilot episode of The Catch. Two full seasons have aired so far. In total, 10,009 users have given the series a rating on IMDb of 7.2 out of 10.

The series has been officially canceled by ABC. No season 3 is in the works at this time.

The Catch Previous Season Cast Members: Who Are in It?

You must be wondering if The Catch will merely get a third season or, even though it hurts, we won’t see it again because of how much you appreciate it, which is understandable given the outstanding cast and wonderful story. Many 2016 television viewers, especially those interested in crime and drama, enjoyed the series The Catch.

Name: The Catch
Last Season: Season 2
Original Premiere: March 24, 2016
Total Episodes: 20
Network: ABC
Episode Runtime: Approx. 43 minutes
Genres: Crime, Drama, Romance, Thriller

With Mireille Enos, Peter Krause, Jay Hayden, Rose Rollins, Sonya Walger, and Elvy as Alice Vaughan, Benjamin Jones, Danny Yoon, Valerie Anderson, Margot Bishop, and Sophie Novak, the series boasts a cast that is sure to wow.

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The most recent season generated a lot of discussion on online forums like Reddit and Facebook. Season 3 will undoubtedly cover these issues, as they have become increasingly relevant since the show’s initial success.

Where to Watch The Catch?

Several major streaming services, including Disney Plus, Virgin TV Go, Amazon Video, Google Play Movies, and Apple iTunes, all provide episodes from this series. The release date for Season 3 is still unknown, but there have been rumors that it may be announced soon. In this instance, Amazon Prime Video would be the first to air it.

The Catch Age Rating

The Catch has been given a TV-14 rating, which indicates that it contains content that many parents would deem inappropriate for children under the age of 14.

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Parents are cautioned against having children under the age of 14 watches this program unattended and are urged to take greater care in watching it themselves. Extreme provocative conversation, strong coarse language, extreme sexual circumstances, or extreme violence may be present in this program.

The Catch Synopsis

As a result, keeping close tabs on the news is worthwhile, as we will update the information as soon as it becomes available. I’d like to point you that you can also use the calendar to keep track of when each episode will be made available.


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The end of the second season left unlimited open stories with huge possibilities, thus the third season’s plot is almost revealed and can give us a lot of surprises.

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There are also no indications that the show will be scrapped, so expect it to milk its success for as long as possible by producing more episodes, spinoffs, and even a movie.

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We’ll use a handful of the comments that have come in via Facebook email on the topic of when to expect Season 3 of The Catch to appear on Amazon Prime.

The 33-year-old Edward is going to share the following with us:

To all HBO junkies: Because I’ve recently been a regular, I’d want to offer my heartfelt congrats on your consistency. Is Amazon Prime Video planning a new season for the show? Whether or not there will be further seasons of The Catch on Amazon Prime Video remains to be seen. I was wondering if you might recommend any other series starring the same actors. Have a nice day, and thank you again.

Hello, I have been a long-time visitor, and I just wanted to say how much I appreciate all of your hard work. How soon until we get new episodes? Are there any plans for a new season of The Catch? Which animated short film do you enjoy watching the most? With that, I bid you adieu.


After its May 12, 2016 premiere, the show was quickly picked up for a second season. The premiere of Season 2 was on March 9, 2017. After two seasons, ABC canceled the show on May 11, 2017. For more details visit our website

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