Where to Watch the Eminence in Shadow Anime in the USA: Cast, Plot, Reviews

The Eminence In Shadow Anime is a Japanese light novel and Manga series written by Daisuke Aizawa and illustrated by Tozai. The Eminence In Shadow Anime television series is directed by Kazuya Nakanishi , Written by Kanichi Katou and produced by Sentai Filmworks

Released Date Of The Eminence In Shadow Anime 

The Eminence In Shadow Anime will premiere in 2022. It is already released on October 5, 2022  but, In English language it will be released on December 26, 2023. In this series it contains 20 episodes.  

Where To Watch The Eminence In Shadow Anime In The Usa

Where To Watch The Eminence In Shadow Anime In Usa 

The Eminence In shadow Anime Is Set to be released the series is set to be released in Japan on AT-X, Tokyo MX, KBS Kyoto, Sun TV. The streaming platform offers a paid subscription ranging from $4.99 monthly to $47.99 annually, including a two-week free trial.

Disney+ has added the series to its massive catalog, as the OTT platform. However, other renowned global streaming platforms such as Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and others are yet to license the series. 

Total episodes:

  1. The Hated Classmate – Oct, 5, 2022. 
  2. Shadow Garden Is Born – Oct 12, 2022
  3. Fencer Ordinaire – Oct 19, 2022 
  4. Sadism’s Rewards – Oct 26, 2022 
  5. I Am – Nov 2, 2022 
  6. Pretenders – Nov 9, 2022 
  7. A Fencing Tournament of Intrigue and Bloodshed- Nov 16,2022  
  8. Dark Knight academy Under attack – Nov 23, 2022 
  9. The End Of Lie- Nov 30, 2022
  10. The Sacred land, City of Deception- Dec 7, 2022
  11. The Goddess Trail – Dec 14,2022
  12. The Truth Within the Memory – Dec 21, 2022
  13. A Bloody Showdown as an offering to Annihilation – Dec 25,2022
  14. Your Lie , Your Wish- Jan 4 , 2023 
  15. The WStrongest Weakest Man- Jan 11, 2023
  16. Unseen Intentions- Jan 18, 2023
  17. Moonlight The Pierces the Darkness- Jan 25, 2023 
  18. Betting on the moment- feb 1,2023
  19. Dancing Puppet – Feb 8, 2023
  20. Advent of the Demon- feb 15, 2023 

The Eminence In Shadow Anime Plot 

In This Episode of The Eminence In Shadow the story revolves around Bentrix, Alpha and Rose. The Story is about how Beatrix engages Eminence and amidst their fight Iris teams up with Beatrix. Alpha meets Rose and offers her membership in Shadow Garden, which Rose accepts. 

Where To Watch The Eminence In Shadow Anime In The Usa

Eminence shows off his most powerful attack which will obliterate the city, terrifying both Iris and Beatrix, but at the last second he vanishes instead, leaving Iris frustrated and determined for revenge. Perv is forced to beg his master’s forgiveness for his failure. Beatrix is sad she never found her niece. Sherry hears the news of Eminence’s attack and is determined to one day kill him. With Eminence revealed to the world the Shadows begin preparations to support Cid, hoping he will soon take a more active role in running Shadow Garden. 

Alpha guides Rose into the monster infested mountains near Cid and Claire’s childhood village, revealing the mountains contain the old Kingdom of Alexandria, now Shadow Garden‘s secret base of operations

Rose has everything traumatically taken from her, including her name, and becomes nameless soldier 666 in Shadow Garden’s army while she trains to prove herself. Meanwhile, Cid is pleased by how cool his role-playing was with Iris and Beatrix and looks forward to the next game.

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Voice Cast of The Eminence In Shadow Anime 

  • Kana Hanazawa as Alexia Midgar : Kana Hanazawa is the Japanese singer and Voice actress who gave her voice to this character. She is the best voice actress.  
  • Haruka Shiraishi as Rose Oriana : She is a Japanese actress and voice actress.  She made her debut as Sora Matsuzaki in the anime movie From Up on Poppy Hill and recently she gave her voice to The Eminence In Shadow Series. 
  • Mikako Komatsu as Beatrix  : She is a Japanese voice actress and singer. She made her debut as a singer with the ending theme song “Black Holy” from Starchild
  • Reina Kondo as Eta : She is a Japanese voice actress and singer from Chiba Prefecture who is affiliated with Hirata Office. She made her debut as a solo singer under Nippon Columbia.
  • Rina Hidaka as Claire Kagenou : She is a Japanese actress from Chiba Prefecture. She did many voice roles in many animated series. 
  • Suzuko Mimori as Gamma : She is a Japanese actress and singer, She voiced Umi Sonoda in Love Live!, Hikari Kagura in Revue Starlight and Asumi Fuurin / Cure Earth in Healin’ Good Pretty Cure.
  • Yoshitsugu Matsuoka as Hyoro Gari : He is a Japanese voice actor from Hokkaido affiliated with the talent agency I’m Enterprise. He did many voice roles and he is very talented. 

Recap Of The Eminence In Shadow 

In the previous season the series is about  Cid sitting beside Iris and Beatrix to watch Claire’s next match. Perv continues drugging the King, hoping Rose will try to save him. He also plans to have the king publicly assassinate Iris and Alexia’s father, King of Midgar, to cause war.

Where To Watch The Eminence In Shadow Anime In The Usa

Claire wins her match and furiously looks for Cid, absent from the audience again. Iris duels Mundane, but has repeated terrifying premonitions of Mundane killing her instantly with a counterattack. Mundane disarms and defeats her in a single move. Rose infiltrates the VIP area with help from Shadow Garden and Perv is enraged when she kills her own father, who shows gratitude at being freed from Perv’s control. 

Rose moves to kill herself but Mundane stops her, kills Perv’s men and sheds his disguise to reveal he was Eminence all along. Rose realizes Eminence is also the boy she knew as Stylish-Bandit-Slayer, revealing that when Cid was training himself as a child he killed the bandits who coincidentally had just kidnapped Rose, inspiring Rose to learn sword fighting in the first place. Realizing she can’t die yet, Rose escapes. Beatrix, having wanted to fight Mundane anyway, realizes he is a wanted terrorist and engages Eminence in a duel.

Reviews Of The Eminence In Shadow 

According to me It’s my favorite isekai anime but not in my top3 from every genre. It’s interesting to see the main character trying to act like a background character but failing most of the time. I’d say it’s worth watching since I can’t really think of an anime similar to it. It’s a really interesting series. You guys really enjoy this series. 


In this series this is a really really interesting episode. You guys really enjoy this series. According to this series, audiences are expecting more from this series.

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