Moonlight Chicken Episode 7 Release Date: How Many Episodes Will It Have?

This week on GMMTV’s Midnight Series, a BL (boy love) drama called Moonlight Chicken follows Jim, a chicken rice vendor, and Wen, a client, as they fall in love following a drunken encounter.

Reality sets in the next morning, however, and even though Wen is already taken, he continues to pursue Jim, who is terrified of committing to anything. Meanwhile, Jim’s nephew Li Ming has a hard time connecting with Heart, a deaf girl.

You may be wondering when the next episode of this Thai BL drama will be available to watch if you’ve been following it from the beginning. Don’t be so perplexed anymore.

Moonlight Chicken Episode 7 Release Date

On March 1 at around 11 am (GMT) / 6 am, the seventh episode of Moonlight Chicken will be made available online (ET). While the GMMTV YouTube subtitling team does its best to keep up with demand, there are times when they lag. Disney+ Hotstar should have less of a lag time.

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The seventh episode will likely run about 50 minutes long, the same as the other episodes in this anthology series.

Who Are the Cast Members of the Moonlight Chicken Series?

How Many Episodes Will Moonlight Chicken Have?

Moonlight Chicken is a Thai BL drama that will air for 8 episodes. Two new episodes will air every week. That being said, there will be one more installment following this one.

Where Can I Watch Moonlight Chicken?

Watch Moonlight Chicken online on GMMTV YouTube and Disney+ Hotstar in Thailand. It goes on at 6 pm (TH). Seasons one through four of this anthology series can be viewed on GMMTV’s YouTube channel, as well as on Disney+ Hotstar in Thailand.

What is the Story of Moonlight Chicken?

Jim is a regular guy who runs a Hainanese chicken rice business. After getting drunk and staying out too late one night, he runs into Wen. sentiments begin to develop as the two are thrust together by coincidence that night.

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Jim has been thinking about her nonstop despite his best intentions to remain unmarried. Jim’s niece and nephew, Li Ming and Saleng, as well as Kaipa, the chicken supplier for the restaurant, always look forward to seeing Jim.

About Moonlight Chicken Series

Beginning on February 8 and running through March 2, 2023, is the new Thai drama series Moonlight Chicken. In total, there will be eight episodes of the miniseries, which will premiere on Wednesdays and Thursdays. The first network to broadcast the drama is GMM 25.

Food and romantic drama with episodes that run for exactly an hour and one minute each. The restaurant setting and fast-paced love narrative revolving around themes like one-night stands and non-straight relationships make for an engaging drama.

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The show’s main character is a gay man who falls in love with another gay character, and one of the supporting cast members is deaf. The show’s focus will be largely on their romance. The dynamic between an uncle and a nephew is also explored. The drama has been given a 15+ rating, indicating that it is suitable for viewers aged 15 and up.

Is There A Trailer For Moonlight Chicken?

The answer is yes! Embedded below is a preview of Moonlight Chicken.


Jim, a chicken rice vendor, and Wen, a customer, fall in love in this BL (boy love) drama. A cast including Pirapat Watthanasetsiri, Thanit Iaosiri, Sahaphap Wongratch, Wen, Kanaphan Puitrakul, Alan, Norawit Titicharoenrak, Heart, Li Ming, Paakin Kunaanuvit, Saleng, and Praew star in this Thai drama series. It has a rating of 15+, thus only teens older than 15 should watch it. For more details visit our website

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