My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 21 Release Date: Where I Can Watch This Series?

Finally, Midoriya and the other former users of One for All are whole. However, Midoriya becomes the object of Lady Nagant’s ire. The following is information about the 21st episode of Season 6 of My Hero Academia, titled “The Beautiful Lady Nagant.”

The events of the last episode, in which Deku, Endeavor, Hawks, and Best Jeanist fought the fugitives with the aid of All Might, will be picked up and continued in Episode 21. Nevertheless, Lady Nagant thwarted their efforts.

My Hero Academia season 6 episode 21 will include a climactic battle between Deku and Lady Nagant, as hinted at in the show’s promotional teaser.

My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 21 Release Date

The newest episode of My Hero Academia premieres on February 25. At approximately 5:30 p.m. JST, the episode will premiere in Japan.

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Crunchyroll is broadcasting the series in real time for fans all over the world. Two hours after the episode airs in Japan, it will be subtitled in English. If you’re talking about the United States.

Season Episodes Release Date
Season 1 13 April 3, 2016
Season 2 25 April 1, 2017
Season 3 25 April 7, 2018
Season 4 25 October 12, 2019
Season 5 25 March 27, 2021

Where To Watch My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 21?

Episode 21 of Season 6 of My Hero Academia can be viewed on Crunchyroll. The episode is available on Hulu for American viewers. You can also watch it on Netflix India.

What Will Happen Next in My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 21?

It has been decided that “The Beautiful Lady Nagant” will be the title of the upcoming episode of “My Hero Academia.” The opening scene of this episode will feature Lady Nagant in all her heroic glory. That’s when she’ll shine when we get to see the woman at her most beautiful.


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All For One has dispatched the ex-inmates of Tartarus to eliminate Deku and the other heroes. Every one of them has what it takes to join this war, but sooner or later they may need assistance.

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In Episode 21 of Season 6 of My Hero Academia, the beautiful Lady Nagant will make her heroic debut. How this battle plays out should be very entertaining. The more fundamental query of who uses One For All remains unanswered even now.

What Happen in Previous Episodes of My Hero Academia Season 6?

Episode 20 of Season 6 of My Hero Academia is titled “Hired Gun.” In the opening scene, Deku notices that everyone is treating the tall woman suspiciously. He hastened to her side and bundled her off to All Might, who whisked her away to safety.


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And then his mind goes to all the people who have ever used One For All. The combatants he sees all hail from the heyday of All For One, he thinks to himself. And thus, they could have the means to finally put an end to the man.

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It is revealed in the second half of the show that Endeavor, Hawks, and Best Jeanist all get together. Conversations centered on the villain’s evil plot. But, no one seemed to be getting any closer to finding a real answer. The episode concludes with a violent assault on the protagonists.

One of the fugitives from Tartarus had come to assassinate the kid. In the upcoming episode, there will be a fantastic battle.


The show’s title refers to the episode’s female protagonist: “The Beautiful Lady Nagant.” In the sneak peek, we see Deku and the once-heroine Lady Nagant continuing their fight. Her backstory and the events that led up to her skepticism of the hero community will be revealed to the audience.

Deku will require all of the former wielder’s assistance. To what extent All Might was hurt or able to avoid harm will also be shown in this episode. To reach Deku, the Pro-Heroes have set out. For more details visit our website

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