X Men 97 Season 2 Release Date: Is X Men 97 Part of the MCU?

The animated series X-Men is making a long-awaited comeback to television after a 25-year hiatus, streaming exclusively on Disney Plus. In many ways, the TV show will serve as a direct sequel to the classic ’90s series that was a staple for generations of comic book and superhero fans.

Wolverine, Jean Grey, Magneto, Cyclops, Jubilee, Beast, and the rest of the X-Men gang will be there to fight the good fight in their original 1990s outfits. This often leads to conflict, as Magneto seeks to dominate humanity with mutant powers while Professor X’s mutant progeny seeks to learn to live in harmony with those who lack them.

The cartoon promises to be both a stroll down memory lane and a revitalization of the sci-fi franchise for a new generation.

X Men 97 Season 2 Release Date

According to thedirect, For his part, the show’s head writer, Beau DeMayo, simply replied with a winking emoji.

After that, he tweeted again with a clearer message, suggesting that the Fall 2023 release date for X-Men: 1997 has not changed.

Believe me, if anything were to change, I would be the first to let you know.

The Future of Marvel Studios Animation

The animation division of Marvel Studios isn’t doing as well as the live-action division, which seems to be undergoing major changes.

Title X-Men 97
Release Year 2023 (expected)
Director TBA
Cast TBA (voice cast)
Episode Titles TBA

No one in the public is aware of the existence of What If…? The second season was planned to premiere at the beginning of the year. Then there are rumors that a large number of people working on Spider-Man: The First Year have been laid off.

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When it comes to new series, there hasn’t been much progress either.

Fans of the X-Men, however, might take comfort in the fact that X-Men ’97 is still in production. Cast member Cal Dodd, who provides the voice of Wolverine, has recently confirmed that a second season is in production.

As of right now, we anticipate that X-Men: 1997 will be available on Disney+ by the year’s end.

X-Men 97 Boss Discusses The Revival Series

X-Men ’97 showrunner Beau DeMayo, who has previously indicated that he insisted that all the show’s writers share his love for the source material, is as enthusiastic about the X-Men series as Dodd. “As a matter of thumb, you needed to be a fan of my work.

Without a doubt, “As DeMayo put it. “In the past, I’ve worked on a show (Witcher) in which some of the writers weren’t fans of or even mocked the source material (books and games). It’s a surefire way to lower morale and cause chaos.

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Using fandom as a gauge helps keep pride in check and proves that staying up late was worth it. Honoring the original is a prerequisite to adding to its canon of success.”

DeMayo was so committed to making X-Men ’97 a worthy successor to X-Men: The Animated Series that he even paid a hefty price for the rights to the original series theme tune. Disney+ and Marvel Studios, according to consultant Eric Lewald, had to negotiate a “heavy price” to get the rights to the classic song.

Lewald emphasized that the investment of both sides was well worth it because it was impossible to resurrect X-Men: The Animated Series without using the original theme song.

What Could Happen in the X-Men ’97 Plot?

We have no idea what will happen in X-Men: 1997, but we do know that it is a continuation of the series that began in 1992. Thus, we’ll find out what happened when Magneto and the mutants waved goodbye to Professor Xavier.

Everyone who knew and loved the humble leader had to wait to see if he would ever return after he and Lilandra left for the planet Shi’Ar, where they hoped to find safety from death. That cartoon’s final frame was very similar to the Simpsons’ Poochie gag, so you’re right about that. A strange anti-climax has its advantages, though, in that it leaves many plot strands open for further exploration.

Considering the void in leadership he has left, Professor X’s health is of critical importance. Magneto, it was just revealed at San Diego Comic-Con, would take over as leader of the X-Men after Professor X steps down.

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The addition of Sunspot, Cable, Bishop, and Nightcrawler to the squad is welcome news, as the mutants will have to deal with Mister Sinister and his mutant experimentation, the ever-present Sentinels, and the Hellfire club.

You can count on all of them, plus any more concepts or themes the writers can squeeze in, to appear in X-Men 1997. Maybe the Phalanx will return, or the Avengers will face off against the X-Men in a reimagined tale.

 X-Men ’97 Cast Members: Who Are in It?

For X-Men ’97, many of the series’ original voice actors will reprise their roles. If you were a fan of the series in the 1990s, you’ll be happy to know that Cal Dodd is reprising his role as Wolverine; Lenore Zann is still Rogue; George Buza is back as Hank ‘Beast’ McCoy; Alison Sealy-Smith is reprising her role as Ororo ‘Storm’ Munroe; Adrian Hough is Nightcrawler; Chris Potter is providing the voice of Gambit; Catherine

In addition, several well-known actors have been attached to the project for as-yet-unannounced parts. Many more actors, including Jennifer Hale and Jeff Bennett, have made cameos as mysterious figures. Oddly enough, Jubilee hasn’t revealed who will be performing for her yet. There is a time lag before we get any further information.

  • Cal Dodd as James Howlett/Wolverine
  • Lenore Zann as Anna-Marie Raven/Rogue
  • Chris Potter as Remy LeBeau/Gambit
  • Alison Sealy-Smith as Ororo Munroe/Storm
  • George Buza as Dr. Henry ‘Hank’ McCoy/Beast
  • Catherine Disher as Jean Grey
  • Ray Chase as TBA
  • Matthew Waterson as TBA
  • Alyson Court as TBA
  • J.P. Karliak as TBA
  • Holly Chou as TBA
  • Jeff Bennett as TBA
  • A.J. LoCascio as TBA
  • Adrian Hough as Kurt Wagner/Nightcrawler
  • Christopher Britton as Nathaniel Essex/Mister Sinister
  • Jennifer Hale as TBA
  • Anniwaa Buachie as TBA

Is X-Men ’97 Part of the MCU?

It has been confirmed that X-Men: 1997 does not take place in the canonical Marvel timeline. However, its ultimate significance is debatable. That Professor X and the mutants exist in some timeline and that their look matches the ’90s program is established by Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

X-Men: 1997 is almost probably canon to the MCU, thanks to the universe; nevertheless, it does not directly affect the canon storyline. Will they ever combine forces? In any case, Captain Carter was first mentioned in What If…? and then brought to life in Multiverse of Madness. The model has been used before, but adapting X-Men is a little trickier.


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Hayley Atwell voiced Captain Carter in both the animated and live-action adaptations. There is one performer who has always been an integral component of the MCU. Marvel may need to recast several roles if the animated X-Men ’97 is adapted into a live-action film. For the film remake that is unavoidable, the studio may simply elect to create a new crew.

Yet, given that Marvel Studios is reviving a series we had all but written off, anything is possible. Only time will tell what the future holds. If you want more Marvel, have a look at our Phase 5 Marvel Cinematic Universe guide.


The second season of X-Men: 1997 has been ordered. This was revealed during the 2022 San Diego Comic-Con.

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