Messiah Season 2 Release Date: What Happened in Season 1?

Messiah, starring Michelle Monaghan as a CIA officer, is one of the many new Netflix original series that have recently debuted on the streaming service. The show’s intriguing premise stems from Monaghan’s character’s quest to determine whether or not the modern-day Christ-like figure she is investigating is genuine or a con artist.

If you’re one of the many who were hooked by the intriguing premise and have already devoured the first season, you may be wondering if and when there will be any more. This is what we know at the moment…

Messiah Season 2 Release Date

According to Besttoppers, Sorry, but Netflix has decided not to bring back Messiah for a second season.

Title Messiah
Genre Thriller/Drama
Creator Michael Petroni
Starring Mehdi Dehbi, Tomer Sisley, Michelle Monaghan, John Ortiz, Melinda Page Hamilton, Stefania LaVie Owen
Network Netflix
Production Company LightWorkers Media

In March 2020, Wil Traval verified the news with an Instagram shot from the set, captioned: “Sadly, it is a dark and gloomy day. I just found out that Netflix won’t be renewing #messiah for a second season. I’d like to express my gratitude to everyone who has supported me throughout the years. Everything could be better if only…”

What Are the Reasons Behind Cancelling It?

Adherents of the Messiah, Sorry to break the awful news to you. The cancellation of the show’s second season by Netflix is official. The second season of Messiah will not be returning to Netflix, we have learned.

An actor named Wil Traval took to Instagram to break the news of the show’s demise.

This suggests that Messiah was not completed in its first season and that its production was not delayed before being canceled. Both the cast and crew are diverse, hailing from all corners of the globe. The film’s multi-location setting, in addition to the theological controversy surrounding its cancellation, would make it extremely difficult, if not impossible, to shoot at this time.

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For Muslims, the name Al-Masih is synonymous with the antichrist figure known as Al-Masih ad-Dajjal. A fraud, a charlatan, and a pretender to the Messiah’s throne, that was his reputation. Based on this alone, the film seems intentionally antagonistic toward Islam.


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The Netflix representative’s claim that Messiah was and is completely the product of imagination and creativity is a little hard to believe in light of this evidence. Many people took offense to the name, and eventually, a petition to replace it garnered support from more than 4,000 people.

Several religious groups’ outrage was amplified when the Royal film commission of Jordan asked that the film be banned two days before its premiere from being shown in Muslim nations.

Those who were hoping for a season bomb are going to be devastated by the discontinuation of this movie project. Twitter has seen a flurry of petitions in response to the news, and we can only hope that they bear fruit.

Messiah Season 2 Storyline: What Can We Expect?

The protagonist Al-Masih is the focus of the show. It began with a self-proclaimed prophet named Al-Masih in Syria. Whilst he builds his passageway from the Middle East to the United States. Following this trend, there has been an increase in the number of traveling adherents.

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Whereas Al-Masih uses deception and miracles to impress the public. This is similar to the CIA spy and truth seeker Eva Geller. Israeli agent Aviram is also participating in the probe.


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The story ends without providing a satisfying resolution. Several viewers of the show are unhappy as a result of this. Unfortunately, due to the official cancellation, there will be no Season 2.

What Happened in Messiah Season 1?

As previously established, the premise of the first season centered on the mysterious Al-Masih (also known as Payam Golshiri), who claims to be the second coming of Christ.

Given the show’s contemporary context, it’s no surprise that many people are skeptical of Al-claims Masih’s divinity; CIA agent Eva Geller launches an inquiry to find out if he is the Messiah or a fraud and, worse, the Antichrist.


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Season one features Al-miraculous Masih’s survival of an aircraft crash and the apparent resurrection of fellow passenger Aviram Dahan, as well as the survival of one of his dedicated students from a suicide attack.

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Although the first season didn’t present any concrete evidence as to whether Al Masih is good or evil, he is unquestionably endowed with extraordinary abilities.

We also know that he has put a lot of faith in a girl named Rebecca, who conveys the message that “Al-Masih is the eye…the eye of the storm,” and that he may be connected to cyber-terrorist and Williams College professor Oscar Wallace.

Messiah Season 2 Trailer Details

The following clip is the most up-to-date prediction of the next episode of the TV show and can be viewed by clicking here. A promotional film will be available in the weeks leading up to the premiere.


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