Vera Season 13 Release Date: What Could Happen in This Season?

Vera’s return to our screens for new episodes of the renowned, long-running detective drama has been a wonderful start to the year.

In the season 12 finale, The Darkest Evening, DI Vera Stanhope (Brenda Blethyn) discovered an abandoned automobile with a baby inside. Blethyn wore her signature enormous raincoat and fisherman’s hat as she solved further mysteries across Northumberland.

In the last, dramatic episode, a big storm cuts off all communication and leaves roads impassable, forcing Vera to take shelter in the historic home of the Stanhope family, Brockburn House.

When Vera unexpectedly shows up at a family function while pregnant, she is not exactly welcomed with open arms. When a body is discovered on the path to Brockburn House, however, things take an even darker turn.

Will There Be a Vera Season 13?

ITV has not said whether there would be a Season 13 yet after Season 12 concluded. There is some uncertainty regarding whether or not there will be further installments, but we do know that the main actress Blethyn has some reservations.


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The show’s 76-year-old star has hinted that she may be leaving the north-eastern crime drama soon. Once she finished, she said, “I honestly don’t believe I can do this anymore.” This is something she says after every season of the show.

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Since Blethyn resides in Kent, it is challenging for him to spend extended periods filming in the region known as the North East of England. Shooting often requires her to be away from home for six months, but she was gone for over ten in 2022.

When asked if she would return for a 13th season, she stated, “never say never.” Every one of us putting our fingers crossed.

Vera Season 13 Release Date

According to Radiotimes, Season 12 of the detective drama followed Season 11 rather quickly. There has been no official word on production or filming, thus a release date of 2024 is probably more realistic. Assuming that the release schedule is consistent with the past, it may come out before the end of the year.

Vera Cast: Who Could Be Back for Season 13?

Blethyn has stated categorically that she has no plans to retire her trench coat anytime soon. She declared, “At present, for as long as I am able, I will continue seeing Vera.”


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She proceeded by describing the locals in the northeast, where the production is based: “I adore it, adore the people that live there. I don’t care what anyone says, the north and the south are different in terms of how welcoming they are. The fact that Northeasterners have a favorable impression of Vera is the greatest praise of all.”

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The verdict is yet out on whether or not Blethyn will reprise his role as the show’s namesake, but we can’t help but keep our fingers crossed in the meantime.

  • Brenda Blethyn as DCI Vera Stanhope
  • Kenny Doughty as DS Aiden Healy
  • Riley Jones as DC Mark Edwards
  • Jon Morrison as DC Kenny Lockhart
  • Paul Kaye as Dr. Malcolm Donahue
  • Ibinabo Jack as DC Jacqueline ‘Jac’ Williams

Where Can I Watch Vera Online?

Amazon Prime members may stream all 12 seasons of Vera. This OTT service is likely to air Season 13 of Vera. We will, however, keep you apprised of the most recent developments if and when they occur.

Season 13 of Vera is approaching, and we know you’re dying to know more. Nonetheless, for the time being, finish season 12 of the show. After the season finale, further information regarding the upcoming season will be released.

What Could Happen in Vera Season 13?

If there is a Season 13, we anticipate that it will continue in the same vein as the previous seasons, with Vera looking into new cases every week. Season 13 would likely focus on crimes from the novels on which the show is based on Ann Cleeves.

Blethyn told ITV beforehand what viewers should expect from the 12th season, saying, “The six new films also contain an adaptation of Ann’s earlier book, The Darkest Evening, which celebrates the 50th episode of Vera.

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I’ve filmed 51 episodes so far, and that number alone makes me feel accomplished. The idea is fantastic in my opinion. This is a huge success for the team.

Out of those 51 movies, 10 are adaptations of novels by Ann Cleeves. Because of the distinct personalities, she’s given her characters, the works of other screenwriters can be more effectively integrated into the narrative.

Given that Cleeves is now working on the eleventh book in the Vera Stanhope series, it’s clear that there’s plenty of material from which the ITV show may draw. As for the outcome, all we can do is wait.

Is There a Trailer for Vera Season 13?

A premiere date for Season 13 has not been set. The Season 12 trailer is available down below, though.


Vera has been a fan favorite since its debut in 2011, and crime dramas in general have always been popular with people who enjoy solving mysteries. With the success of Season 12, viewers will be hoping to see Brenda and her crew back for more casework in Season 13.

Viewers have been left wondering what will happen next thanks to the complicated characters and thrilling plots. Now, Vera’s devoted audience is waiting for word on whether or not the show will return for a thirteenth season.

Vera, one of the best British crime dramas, has won numerous honors and nominations. Detection Chief Inspector Vera Stanhope’s development throughout the story and her sharp wit make her an ideal protagonist. For more details visit our website

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