Practical Magic 2 Release Date: What is “Rules of Magic” About?

The film “Practical Magic” is a fan favorite. This 1998 romantic comedy is based on Alice Hoffman’s 1995 novel of the same name and follows Nicole Kidman and Sandra Bullock’s characters, Gillian and Sally Owens, two sisters who hail from a family of strong witches. The ladies yearn for love even though they are aware that any guy they love would perish due to a curse placed on them by their ancestors.

Bad things have transpired, so Gillian and Sally must use their magic to try to lift the curse once and for all. A low 21% on Rotten Tomatoes Tomatometer pales in comparison to the 73% it received from actual moviegoers. The original film has acquired a devoted fanbase since its release, and now it’s getting a prequel.

Writing in 2018, “Rules of Magic” is a prequel to the classic tale of Gillian and Sally by Alice Hoffman. A TV series based on the story is in the works.

Practical Magic 2 Release Date

According to Khaleejtrend, The film, which will feature cameos from several of the original cast members, is scheduled for a late 2023 release. There’s also Nicole Kidman and Sandra Bullock.

Many people have been waiting years for a sequel to the cult great film “Practical Magic.” Now that we’ve reached this point, we may relax. With the announcement of “Practical Magic 2″‘s upcoming release date, fans can’t wait to see what the Owens sisters are up to next.

Even though very little is known about the film’s narrative, fans have already begun to speculate about what fantastical shenanigans the Owens sisters may get into. The worldwide adoration for the first film guarantees that “Practical Magic 2” will be eagerly anticipated.

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What Is “Rules of Magic” About?

This film, “Rules of Magic,” is based on Alice Hoffman’s 2018 book of the same name. A sequel to her 1995 smash bestseller “Practical Magic,” this novel serves as a precursor to that work. Variety describes the plot as following the three young Owens siblings, Franny, Jet, and Vincent, who are isolated from society due to their peculiar behavior.

The three had to accept their magical destinies even though they come from a long history of witches and have no idea about it. As for their brother, he will “leave an unexpected legacy,” while the fates of Franny and Jet are already sealed.

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Given that the series will take place in New York City in the 1960s, we anticipate numerous compelling plot lines revolving around the city’s evolving cultural landscape at that time. Melissa Rosenberg has a talent for crafting compelling villains, like David Tennant’s Kilgrave in “Jessica Jones,” so the main protagonists in “Rules of Magic” should face some fantastic challenges.

Where Can I Watch the Series?

As we wait, we’ll be keeping an eye out for when “Rules of Magic” will be available on HBO Max.

Who’s Going to Be Back on the Cast List?

A cast forRules of Magic” has not yet been revealed. Younger versions of Stockard Channing and Dianne Wiest, who played the aunts so successfully in the 1998 film, will portray them in the TV series. We also have Vincent, the brother of Aunt Frances and Uncle Jet, who will play a role in the narrative.

The actors cast as brothers and sisters may look nothing alike; Hollywood doesn’t always go out of its way to cast actors who look like their real-life counterparts. The relaunch of “Gossip Girl” is only the latest example of HBO Max’s tendency to hire new, unproven performers in their original series. The names in “Rules of Magic” may be updated, which would be intriguing.

There is no indication that “Practical Magic” will be a regular component of the series, but Sandra Bullock or Nicole Kidman may make a guest appearance. Despite their status as two of Hollywood’s top stars, we’d love to see the A-list ladies return to their comedic roots with a romantic comedy.


Three generations of Owens women and one long-lost brother travel from Paris to London to the English countryside, where their ancestor Maria Owens first practiced the Unnamed Art, all to save the life of a young man. For more details visit our website

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