The Infinitors Episode 14 Release Date: What Happened in Episode 13?

The Infinitors Episode 14 Has Arrived for Its Premiere! Find out when the newest episode will air and where you can watch it online, as well as a recap of the prior episode.

The Infinitors, or Wuxian Shijie, is a Chinese cartoon that features an unusual donghua in which the characters are video gamers that inhabit a computer game. They’re shipped off to a few different worlds and given the chance to make it there. Lord God, the Major God, rules over the globe of the game.

Death in these simulated worlds still means physical death in ours. Every playable character in the game is cut off from their real-world counterparts. Their primary goal is to amass enough credit points to buy a one-way ticket back to the real world.

The Infinitors Episode 14 Release Date

According to Otakukart, The Infinitors episode 14 will premiere at 7:30 a.m. IST on March 3, 2023.

Timezone Time
China 10:00 am
Korean Standard Time 11:00 am
British Standard Time 3:00 am
Australian Standard Time 1:00 pm

What Happened in The Infinitors Episode 13?

Zheng Zha and Li go to the beach in Episode 13 but Li passes out. Later, Zheng Zha finds out that the Lord God’s concealed prize for him was the chance to return to the real world for 24 hours. While debating this with his teammates, he discovers that he must first redeem five Party Coins.

They are in one of the innumerable parallel worlds, which Chu Xuan explains, and they have no idea if they are human or just their awareness. Zheng Zha and Li decided to go back to the real world, so they get in touch with one of Chu Xuan’s guys.

The Infinitors Episode 14 Release Date

They step through the teleportation device and shock Zheng Zha’s officemate, Wang San. However, the elevator they get into suddenly begins a rapid descent once they enter.

What Can We Expect From The Infinitors Episode 14?

It is launched into the infinite void of the Lord God, where it will be encountered by humans from the future who will invite and challenge the current world, and where copies of the various difficulties that humanity has encountered since the dawn of the era of great universe development will be simulated.

Those who are “copied” will be led by them through perilous situations, introduced to potential allies, and ultimately positioned to take charge. This is for the greater good of humanity’s continued development, continued existence, and endless potential!

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Where To Watch The Infinitors Episode 14?

The fourteenth episode of The Infinitors will premiere on the official streaming platform Bilibili. All of the episodes will be uploaded to the official Bilibili YouTube channel after one week.


Chinese cartoon The Infinitors features characters that live in a virtual universe ruled by Lord God. viewers all across the world will be able to see Episode 14 of The Infinitors.

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