Trapped in a Dating Sim Season 2 Release Date: Where Can I Watch This Series?

In their Japanese light book series Stuck in a Dating Sim: The World of Otome Games Is Difficult for Mobs, authors Yomu Mishima and Monda explore the harsh reality that exists for mobs in the world of dating simulation games (Japanese: Hepburn: Otomeg Sekai wa Mobu ni Kibishii Sekai Desu).

The author released it first as an online novel on the Shsetsuka ni Nar platform on October 1, 2017, and it will continue to be updated there until October 15, 2019, spanning seven parts and 176 chapters.

Beginning on May 30th, 2018, it has been released as a light novel by Micro Magazine’s GC Novels imprint. The first issue of the manga adaptation of the Jun Shiosato series, titled Dragon Comics Age, was published by Fujimi Shobo on October 5, 2018.

Seven Seas Entertainment has released both the original light novel and the manga adaptation in English. From April to June of 2022, an ENGI adaptation of an anime TV series was broadcast.

The plot of this isekai animation, like the plots of many others based on light book stories, was shortened so that the entire series could be presented in a single TV program. The family background of the protagonist and some world-building were cut. Yet, the majority of these particulars were not made evident until flashbacks.

Trapped In A Dating Sim Season 2 Release Date

According to Latestseries, There is currently no information available on the release date of Season 2 of Stuck in a Dating Sim. The season 1 finale premiered on June 19, 2022, making it the 12th and last episode. The exact timing of each release will differ.

Preliminary details suggest that the second season of Stuck in a Dating Sim will premiere sometime in late 2022. Any form of media should avoid venturing into the region of metacommentary and meta-comedy, as it is fraught with peril. They have the potential to be mind-blowing, shedding light on the intricacies of a specific mode of expression or even an entire genre.

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Take a Look at the Table for Trapped in a Dating Sim Season 1!

Take a look below:

Episode Title Air Date
1 Welcome to the Dating Sim March 1, 2022
2 Love at First Sight? March 8, 2022
3 A Match Made in the Game March 15, 2022
4 A Date with Destiny March 22, 2022
5 The Love Triangle March 29, 2022
6 A Virtual Kiss April 5, 2022
7 The Ultimate Test April 12, 2022
8 Game Over? April 19, 2022
9 The Real World April 26, 2022
10 The Final Choice May 3, 2022

Trapped In A Dating Sim Season 2 Storyline: What Can We Expect From It?

The protagonist of Stuck In A Dating Sim Season 2 is a man who is blackmailed by his sister, dies, and then reincarnates. He learns that life as the third son of a baron in a matriarchal society is just as bleak as the one he left behind. He also learns that his sister forced him to participate in a dating simulator.

His life is rather average until Zola, in pursuit of power and prestige, arranges for him to wed a hag of fifty. Instead of agreeing to do it, our protagonist politely declines and devises a scheme to earn enough money to evade the obligation.

Our protagonist, armed with his knowledge of the world and the game, sets out on an adventure. Even though all he ever wanted was to be left alone to enjoy a sedentary, self-directed existence, he will finally sign up for classes at the academy and continue his exciting journey.

This article is better than we expected, and we can confidently say it was “worth it.” This is not a story about a guy who is thrust into the role of the female protagonist in a dating simulator or a reverse harem.

Where To Watch Trapped In A Dating Sim Season 2?

As Sony has halted Funimation, it is expected that the English dub for Stuck In a Dating Sim Season 2 will premiere when the Japanese audio and English subtitles premiere for Mobseka Season 2 on Crunchyroll. Audiences will be able to view the show when it premieres in April.
You can check out the manga immediately or wait until later. You may also read the manga from cover to cover, which is much more entertaining than watching the anime. The second season of the dating simulator game Stuck In A Dating Sim could premiere on the streaming service Crunchyroll.

Trapped in A Dating Sim Season One Character

Listed below are all of the regulars you can expect to see this season. New to Season 2 are these actors and actresses.

  • Kenichi Suzumura as Julius Rapha Holfort
  • Kousuke Toriumi as Jilk Fia Marmoria
  • Shinnosuke Tachibana as Brad Fou Field
  • Nobuyuki Hiyama as Greg Fou Seberg
  • Ayane Sakura as Marie Fou Lafan
  • Koji Yusa as Chris Fia Arclight

The story wouldn’t be possible without every one of the characters and the actors that portray them. Pants think that the show’s main characters, both good and bad, are fantastic and add so much to the tale.


Studio ENGI animated the first season of “Trapped in a Dating Sim.” Kazuya Miura and Shinichi Fukumoto were the directors. It aired for a total of 12 episodes and earned rave reviews from viewers all across Japan and the rest of the world.

The series of light novels by Yomu Mishima served as inspiration for the anime. Jun Shiosato is adapting the series into a manga, and there have already been eleven volumes released. For more details visit our website

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