Lanterns Release Date: Who’s Making and Starring in Lanterns?

The new show is the latest in a long line of Green Lantern projects that have failed to gain traction. As part of their planned revival of the DC Universe, James Gunn and Peter Safran made the announcement.

The previous DCU administration had planned to have Greg Berlanti, a veteran TV series producer who is no stranger to superhero programming, helm a Green Lantern series. The show was never broadcast. DC for Warner Bros.

is now overseen by Peter Safran and James Gunn, director of the Marvel film franchise, and according to a source from a slate presentation, Safran said something to the effect of, “Greg’s notion was more of a space opera that he wanted to accomplish.” A story about an investigation on Earth is more in line with our vision, he went on to say.

In contrast to prior attempts, Lanterns seems to be off to a great start and has widespread support; at the presentation, Gunn predicted a “huge HBO TV-style event.”

Lanterns Release Date

According to Indiashorts, For the time being, there is no official date for the release of Lanterns. The scale of the series makes its imminent release quite improbable for a while. It’s safe to anticipate that Lanterns will take a little longer than it would if it didn’t have any CGI-intensive set pieces or extraterrestrial settings due to the source material.


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However, it should be noted that many of the recently announced projects don’t yet have a precise schedule, so we probably won’t have a planned release date any time soon, at least not until development is further along.

Lanterns Cast Members: Who Are in It?

There has been no announcement of a Lantern team. To now, we know only that two actors will play John Stewart and Hal Jordan, two characters from the comics.

No cast list has been released, but it hasn’t stopped fans from making wild guesses about who might be cast. With Gunn’s guarantee that “whoever we cast as John Stewart and Hal Jordan, they will then cross over into the movie side of things,” it’s safe to assume that the roles will be highly sought after by up-and-coming performers. During the presentation at the Warner Bros. lot, that was emphasized.

Ryan Reynolds’ Green Lantern from the widely panned 2011 film is the only other live-action Green Lantern we’ve seen in a superhero film, and that film isn’t exactly going to win any awards for outstanding science fiction. Two lesser-known corps, Yalan Gur and Kilowog, had brief appearances in Zack Snyder’s Justice League.

Lanterns Plotline: What Can We Expect From It?

There is little information available at this time about the plot of Lanterns, but we do know that it will center on John Stewart and Hal Jordan and take place in space. Interestingly, during their presentation, Safran and Gunn made it clear that they won’t be treating the series like “stepchildren or lesser than others.”

Safran has stated that Lanterns play a significant role in setting up the major storyline being told in cinema and television. Everything that happens on the program will have ramifications for the larger DCU, and everything will be connected in the same way that the Marvel Cinematic Universe shows on Disney + connect to their theatrical releases.

The title suggests that the show will follow multiple Green Lanterns, specifically Hal Jordan and John Stewart, but there are numerous Green Lanterns and many Emerald Knights, so who knows who else may make an appearance.

Where Are Lanterns Releasing?

Gunn stated that Lanterns would debut as an HBO Max exclusive. Given that HBO Max is a one-stop shop for all your DC content requirements, especially Green Lantern, this shouldn’t come as a surprise. If you have access to a good streaming service, you can see the 2011 feature, the Justice League animated programs, Green Lantern: The Animated Series, and virtually every Green Lantern animated film ever made.

Who’s Making and Starring in Lanterns?

Except for James Gunn and Peter Safran, who serve as executive producers, no other members of the cast or crew have been revealed. Whoever wears the rings when the Green Lanterns finally return is a mystery for the time being.


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Do Lanterns Have a Trailer?

Production on Lanterns has not yet begun, so we have a long to wait until we get our first peek at what Hal Jordan and John Stewart have in store for them. As far as advertising goes, all we have is James Gunn’s announcement video, in which he discusses the upcoming “Gods and Monsters” phase and gives us our first look at the Lanterns.

Possible narrative points for the program can be gleaned from comic book imagery depicting Lanterns, which appears to show Hal Jordan enveloped in the familiar green radiance and John Stewart enveloped in the darker yellow radiance.


We owe a great deal of what we know about the show’s premise and general tone to Gunn’s own announcement trailer. Over there, Gunn confirmed that Earth will play host to most of the action in the season. According to Gunn, the program will serve as True Detective does for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, suggesting a crime/mystery tone. For more details visit our website

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