65 Release Date: Is There a Trailer for 65?

The advent of social media has given the impression that promoting a film is less of a hassle than ever before. The production businesses benefit from increased movie marketing success, while the consumers benefit from increased knowledge and more options when deciding what to see next.

One could argue that this is generally helpful to the film industry, but that discussion is best left for another time. Yet, this does imply that many people are intrigued when a film with a terrific cast, crew, and premise comes along and, for whatever reason, chooses to remain enigmatic.

Even though it’s not uncommon for smaller films or art house ventures to fly under the radar, the fact that a film as massive as 65 hasn’t received much attention is nevertheless surprising.

There has been much speculation about 65 for quite some time, even when the film was announced in 2020 and Adam Driver was cast in the lead role shortly thereafter. In today’s publicity-obsessed world, that was more than enough time for several plot points to surface.

Unfortunately, only vague rumors and scant data have been released, leading many to conclude that this is all a marketing ploy. Fans didn’t get a trailer until December 2022, so with that in mind and all the mystery surrounding 65, this is what we do know about it.

65 Release Date: When It Will Air?

According to Collider, The film’s release date has shifted multiple times during development and post-production for unknown reasons, with several sources providing often-conflicting details. The film’s release date, May 13, 2022, was announced in May 2020; however, other rumors suggested an April release.


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This date was been pushed back to March 10, 2023. The 65 was initially pushed back a week, but it was eventually reinstated to its regular schedule. According to the current release plan, 65 will be in theatres on March 10, 2023.

Who’s In the Cast of 65?

Some spectators may feel uneasy due to the film’s opacity, but they may relax and trust in the actors’ abilities anyhow. The first and most well-known actor to join the cast is Adam Driver. Adam Driver’s star power is now so well-known that just saying his name is enough to secure a large audience for any given production, thanks to his parts as disparate as Mauricio Gucci in House of Gucci and Jaques Le Gris in The Last Duel.

Fans can rest easy knowing that Driver is a part of this cast because of his great reputation in Hollywood and his ability to convincingly play a wide range of complex characters. Although he’s proven to be adept at a wide variety of approaches, the lead actor here may be venturing into the uncharted ground with this particular sort of science fiction.


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Adam Driver’s involvement is an indication that the script and premise are strong enough to merit the actor’s time and energy.

The other two actresses are Chloe Coleman (Gunpowder Milkshake) and Ariana Greenblatt (Love and Monsters). Sadly, we don’t even know the identities of the characters at this point, let alone the rest of the cast. It’s to be hoped things will alter as we move closer to the release date in 2023.

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Who Is Making 65?

If a top-tier actor like Adam Driver is willing to put time and effort into a film, it’s safe to infer that he has faith in both the script and the team behind it. The science fiction genre is not without its challenges, but the talent behind 65 suggests it might be a box office hit.

Co-produced by Columbia Pictures, Beck Woods, Bron Creative, Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE), and Raimi Productions, the film features the efforts of many skilled individuals. Sam Raimi (Spider-Man) produced the film, which was written and directed by promising newcomers Scott Beck and Bryan Woods.

Beck and Woods rose to prominence as the writers of A Quiet Place, one of the most successful horror stories of the last decade, after beginning their careers in relative obscurity with the production of several excellent but rather under-the-radar short films. Now that their reputations have grown, it is nearly certain that 65 will remain in good hands.


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That this has iconic composer Danny Elfman on board (along with Men in Black: International’s Chris Bacon) just adds to the film’s growing reputation as a must-see production is undeniable. Zainab Azizi, Jason Cloth, Aaron L. Gilbert, Deborah Liebling, Suraj Maraboyina, and Douglas C. Merrifield are also listed as producers alongside Beck, Woods, and Raimi.

The film was shot by Everest cinematographer Salvatore Totino, while Michael Kaplan was responsible for the costumes (Armageddon). While details about 65 are still sketchy, what we do know is enough to make it one of the most anticipated movies of 2023.


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65 Plotline: What Can We Expect From It?

“Pilot Mills thinks he’s crashed on a foreign planet, but he ends himself here on Earth. Around 65 million years ago. Mills and Koa, the only other survivor, now have one shot at being rescued, but they must brave a hostile environment full of terrifying dinosaurs.”

Is There a Trailer for 65?

The film’s production was rumored to have wrapped up in early 2021, therefore a trailer was long overdue. The first 65 trailers landed on December 14, 2022.

A somber, tense air permeates the trailer. The driver looks at ease in his role as the technical-talking protagonist who is uncertain of his surroundings, and the score and speed pick up when the prehistoric horrors that await him are revealed. The teaser builds to a brilliantly executed jump scare, cementing 65’s status as one of 2023’s most anticipated science fiction films. On January 26, a new teaser for 65 was also unveiled.


Pilot Mills (Adam Driver) crashes on a planet he doesn’t recognize and swiftly learns he’s actually on Earth. A time approximately 65 million years ago. Mills and the other survivor, Koa (Ariana Greenblatt), have been left with only one chance to reach safety across the perilous prehistoric creature-infested territory. For more details visit our website Jerseyshorevibe.com

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