Please Go Home Akutsu-San Chapter 135 Release Date: What Will Happen Next?

The week’s good news is that this one isn’t delayed. Get Out of Here! This time, the publishing of Chapter 135 of Akutsu-San will coincide with its intended date. And this time, followers expect something truly captivating to occur.

In the most recent one, Akutsu made history by giving Ooyama a handmade gift for the first time. The expectation for the boy to perform at or above this level has been raised. All you need to know about this week’s upcoming chapter is included below.

Ooyama plans to look around the entire market for something special for her in the next one. Akutsu, on the other hand, presented him with a handcrafted gift. Even after all this, she wanted a costly present from the boy.

Please Go Home Akutsu-San Chapter 135 Release Date

On the bright side, there won’t be any time between this and the following installment. The audience will, therefore, have two days to catch up with this one. Please Go Home Akutsu-San Chapter 135 will conclude on March 3, 2023. You may only read the manga on Kodansha’s official website. If anything changes, you can count on an update here.

Please Go Home Akutsu-San Chapter 135: What Will Happen Next?

This chapter’s title and plot contents have not yet been made public. Nevertheless, the central plot is their exchange of presents with one another. Ooyama spent the entire trip puzzling over a suitable present for Akutsu. Yet, it was the girl who brought home-baked cupcakes for them to share after their adventure together. The tasty food was only served to increase his anxiety.

OK, Everyone, Time to Go Home In this next installment of Akutsu-San, we’ll follow Ooyama as he searches high and low for a gift for the woman he adores. The items might not taste as delicious as her homemade cupcakes. Yet even a modest present would make her day.

What Happened in the Previous Episode of Please Go Home Akutsu-San?

Ooyama was the focus of the prologue to Chapter 134 of Please Go Home, Akutsu-San. He went shopping for Akutsu’s birthday gifts. His slate, though, was blank. The current state of the economy had even shrunk his budget. Also, he has observed that she has been abnormally silent during the past few days. Ooyama was now more befuddled than ever. In the end, Akutsu mustered up the nerve to discuss this with her closest friend.

She inquires of Ooyama whether or not he has brought a gift. He could barely manage to mutter a single affirmative response. She follows up by inquiring about the present’s level of opulence. The conversation had reached its natural conclusion when Ooyama cut it off.

As a result, he concluded the discussion by asserting that he would discover the answer. Akutsu concludes the chapter by presenting Ooyama with a gift of homemade cupcakes.

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Where To Read Please Go Home?

Please Go Home, Akutsu-san! Chapter 135 will be available online at the Young Ace Up official website and its linked magazines and related media. If you want to express your appreciation to the manga’s authors, it’s best to read the latest chapters only through authorized sources.


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Aoyama has time to go shopping before he needs to worry about the present, so he is pondering what he should do. He was surprised that Akutsu didn’t immediately come in and demand his attendance, given that this was not typical behavior for the day. We’ll soon be taking a look at Please Go Home, Akutsu-san!, so it looks like the plot will change. For more details visit our website

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