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Oddballs Season 2 Release Date: Have Oddballs Been Renewed for Season 2?

Fans of animated shows on Netflix have recently become interested in the show Oddballs. Since its debut on Netflix on October 7, Oddballs has maintained a spot in the top 10 for kids and has also spent time in the overall top 10 for Netflix.

Given that James Rallison is more known by his YouTube pseudonym TheOdd1sOut, the series’ success shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. The talents of Rallison as a cartoonist, voice actor, animator, and creator are many and varied. He worked on the Netflix series alongside Ethan Banville. Atomic Cartoons collaborated on the project with Netflix Liveliness.

Oddballs is about a crocodile named Max, his best friend James (a fictionalized version of Rallison), and a time traveler named Reverberation who lives in the made-up town of Soil, Arizona.

After finishing the first 12 episodes of the show’s best season, you may be wondering if Netflix has plans to produce a second season of Oddballs.

Have Oddballs Been Renewed for Season 2?

The current writing time marks the return of Oddballs for a short-season revival. Amazing, given the show’s subject matter, for viewers of the original YouTube channel and the Netflix adaptation.

Before deciding whether or not to renew a show, Netflix takes several metrics into account, including the number of people who start watching the show and the percentage who stop. Oftentimes, cancellations or renewals of particular shows are made with surprising speed (ala. Squid Game, Bridgerton, and Irregulars) Timeframes for Netflix to decide on the future of a show vary widely.


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Critics and fans of the genre have united in their enthusiasm for Oddballs. We knew it would be revived, and it’s fantastic that Netflix has approved it. The announcement was officially announced on the Netflix family Instagram page, so more high-energy antics are likely to come in the future.

Oddballs Season 2 Release Date

According to Premieredate, Like with The Cuphead Show, Netflix may sometimes order a large number of episodes for an animated series and then divide that initial order into many seasons. Moreover, this appears to be the case with Impasse: Paranormal Park but not for Oddballs. There’s a teaser for Season 2 of Oddballs, and it looks like we’ll be able to watch it on February 24.

The conclusion of the first season is a cliffhanger, so the creators undoubtedly figured they had a decent chance of recharging. In the next months, perhaps before the end of the year, we should get a final answer on the fate of Oddball’s season 2.

What Are Oddballs About?

James, a young man with a marshmallow appearance, and his crazed crocodile pal Max travel the world and get into all sorts of scrapes together in Oddballs.

Each segment delves into and pokes fun at figurative language, wordplay, and social issues, recasting each in a way that demonstrates both a moral illustration and a fair amount of creative thinking.

There’s a deeper plot at work here, with the ending referencing earlier episodes; I won’t spoil it, though, because the reveal is such a beautiful way to bring it all together.

Nonetheless, the majority of the contents here may be enjoyed on their own as lengthy digressions, making it surprisingly simple to dip in and out of this work at will. Still, I advise keeping an eye on the plot because it contains people vital to the overall scheme.


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Is the Trailer of Oddball’s Season 2 Accessible?

The teaser trailer for the upcoming season of the show is introduced below. A month before the premiere, the Netflix network will release an official teaser.


Fans of Rallison’s work from the original YouTube channel and casual Netflix users alike are asking if there will be a second season of Oddballs after seeing how the chaotic and bright trimmed-down episodes all led to a stupid yet intriguing season one cliffhanger. For more details visit our site

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