Jinx Chapter 16 Release Date: Where Can You Read It?

Relationship growth between Kim Dan and Joo Jaekyung is set to occur in Chapter 16 of Jinx. Even if it seems like a good thing has happened, it hasn’t turned out as well as hoped.

Kim Dan had struggled mightily throughout his life just to keep going, and he had done so solely to ease his grandmother’s burden. Money-wise, things improved after he started working for Jaekyung. But, his pride is eroding.

Jaekyung is a savage who puts his own needs before everyone else’s. He does whatever he pleases and even duped Kim Dan into working for him by telling him he might become his doctor. Yet he had many evil schemes in store for the weak guy, the sort that could break anyone.

But Kim Dan has gone through a lot in his life, and he doesn’t have much in the way of defenses left. This time, however, he is beginning to lose his identity.

Jinx Chapter 16 Release Date

According to Otakukart, Recalling his friend’s advice, Jaekyung kissed Kim Dan, and he found that he like it very much. Because it had happened so suddenly, and because it was also his first time, Kim felt ashamed. Thereafter, JaeKyung continued the bout with Randy Booker. The much-awaited sixteenth chapter of the popular manhwa Jinx will be published on March 13, 2023.

When Randy threw a powerful punch, Jaekyung was there to deflect it. Thanks to his elevated sense of self-esteem, he relaxed his guard. Randy took a direct hit from Jaekyung’s elbow and stumbled into the ring.

Jinx Chapter 16 Release Date

The crowd was ecstatic at Jaekyung’s success and erupted in cheers. Even Kim Dan was taken aback by Jaekyung’s victory. Though he had first taken the position for financial reasons, he now had an odd feeling as he watched him take home the championship.

To have a private conversation with Kim Dan later, Jaekyung requested that Hyung bring water. He should tell him about the treatment sooner rather than later, Kim advised, so that he can mentally prepare for it.

Where Can You Read Jinx Chapter 16?

Lovers of Jinx can read chapter 16 on Lezhin Comics and the Mangabuddy website. There will be a celebration of Jaekyung’s victory in the next chapter of the manga. On March 10th, 2023, the raw scan of chapter 16 of the Jinx manga will be made available.

Kim Dan, who is on the fence about going, will also receive an invite to the party. In the upcoming chapter 16 of the Jinx manga, Jaekyung will become more attentive and possessive about Kim Dan.

What Can We Expect From Jinx Chapter 16?

In Chapter 16 of Jinx, Kim will think back on the match and Jaekyung’s invitation. After passing out, he will begin to discover that many things did not unfold as planned. What was being discussed before he passed out from tiredness is still a mystery to him. Yet, Jaekyung didn’t start acting strange until afterward.

In light of his recent success, Jaekyung plans to throw a party for his gym’s members and cast curious glances toward doctor Kim. The MMA competitor, meantime, would question Kim about his emotional turnaround during the break, which allowed him to turn the battle around.

Even he recognizes that this time is different, so of course he can’t spill the beans. Yet his hope has always been dashed before, and this time probably won’t be any different.

What Happened in Jinx’s Previous Chapter?

The manhwa for Chapter 15 of Jinx picked up just where the previous chapter left off. Since Jaekyung is not the type of guy to care about the opinions of others, this came as a bit of a surprise. For him, the most important thing is getting what he wants, and after being publicly shamed in his most recent match, it meant finding a way to express his frustration.

He summoned Kim Dan by saying his shoulder wasn’t cooperating. We did understand what it was all about. Because this was the first time Kim Dan had ever experienced Jaekyung’s soft side, he was unprepared on an emotional level.

Once Jaekyung finished with his opponent, Jaekyung easily defeated him. Even Kim was astonished by how effortlessly he handled the situation. The plot began to darken at this point when Stockholm Syndrome took hold.

With the conclusion of the previous chapter, we were all hoping Jaekyung would ease up on Kim, but the reverse happened. Once again, fresh feelings on Kim’s part cast doubt on the couple’s long-term prospects.


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