Mashle: Magic And Muscles Anime Release Date: The Ultimate Combination of Brawn and Magic Coming in April!

Here is all the information we have so far about Mashable: Magic and Muscles anime adaptation, such as the release date, trailer, storyline and more. It’s time for the world of anime to know Mash Burnedead.

The popular comedy manga Mashelle: Magic and Muscles will soon get an anime in 2023, when Weekly Shonen Jump magazine revealed the good news, as well as a teaser scene, on its 31st issue dated July 4, 2022.

Aniplex confirmed this by releasing the first promotional video for the upcoming anime on their YouTube channel on the same day. Mash fans will finally see Harry Potter and Saitama’s love child break the natural order of the magic world .

Mashle Magic And Muscles Anime Release Date

Although Aniplex has yet to release an exact date, fall of 2023 should be a reasonable premiere window. There’s a Reason Website Announces That the Upcoming Mashable Anime Will Be a “Full” Adaptation.

Mashle: Magic And Muscles Anime Confirms April Release Date

This means that the entire manga will be adapted over the course of a single season. With Mashle Magic and Muscles manga entering its final arc with the 12th volume, a full adaptation may require two courses.

A Fall 2023 premiere will give the folks at A-1 Pictures, the studio responsible for Mashable’s animation, enough time to properly adapt the beloved manga. The series is also set to debut in April 2023 as part of the summer anime season. No specific release date yet, however confirmed to stream in North America ,South America,Central America, Europe, Africa, Oceania, Middle East and CIS.

Mashle Magic And Muscles Anime Cast And Character 

The cast and characters of the Mashle: Magic and Muscles anime adaptation. However, based on the manga, here are the main characters and their descriptions:

  1. Mash Burnedead: The main protagonist of the series, Mash is a young man born without magic but possesses incredible physical strength and athleticism. He sneaks into the prestigious Easton Magic Academy and soon gains the attention of the other students with his strength and determination.
  2. Lance Crown: The headmaster of the Easton Magic Academy and a powerful wizard. He is suspicious of Mash’s lack of magical ability and becomes interested in him, even investigating his origins.
  3. Finn: Mash’s best friend and classmate at the academy. He is a skilled magic user but lacks physical strength. He often helps Mash in his adventures and is very supportive of him.
  4. Lang: Another classmate of Mash, Lang is a skilled magic user who often looks down on Mash and his lack of magic. However, he begins to develop respect for Mash as he witnesses his incredible strength.
  5. Margaret: A powerful witch and the student council president at the academy. She is initially hostile towards Mash but eventually becomes his ally.
  6. Odius Ancestor: A mysterious figure who appears to have a connection to Mash’s past. He is a powerful and intimidating magic user. As the anime adaptation is not yet released, the cast and characters may be subject to change.

Mashle: Magic And Muscles Anime Confirms April Release Date

Mashle Magic And Muscles Anime Storyline 

Mashle: Magic and Muscles is a manga series written and illustrated by Hajime Komoto. As of 2021, the series has not been adapted into an anime, but I can provide a summary of the manga’s storyline.

The story takes place in a world where magic is everything, and people who can’t use magic are looked down upon and ostracised. Mash Burnedead, the main protagonist, is a young man who was born without magic, but he compensates for this by having incredible physical strength and athleticism. Despite his lack of magical abilities, Mash is determined to attend the prestigious Easton Magic Academy, where only the most talented magic users are admitted.

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Mash manages to sneak his way into the academy and quickly gains the attention of the other students with his incredible strength and tenacity. However, he also attracts the attention of the academy’s administration, who are suspicious of his lack of magical ability. The academy’s headmaster, a powerful wizard named Lance Crown, becomes particularly interested in Mash and starts to investigate his origins.

As Mash navigates through the challenges of the academy, he also uncovers a dark secret about the magical society that he lives in. The powerful magic users who rule the world are hiding a dangerous truth, and Mash may be the key to uncovering it.

Throughout the series, Mash makes friends and enemies alike, facing off against other powerful magic users and fighting to protect his friends and loved ones. The story combines action, humour, and drama to create an entertaining and compelling tale of a hero who uses his physical prowess to defy the odds in a world where magic is everything.

Mashle: Magic And Muscles Trailer

The trailer was uploaded to Crunchyroll’s official YouTube channel, confirming it as the primary international streamer. you can watch this trailer also.

Where Can I Watch Mashle Magic And Muscles 

 However, if an anime adaptation is announced in the future, it may become available on streaming platforms such as Crunchyroll, Funimation, or Netflix, depending on the licensing agreements for the series. Once an anime adaptation is announced, you can keep an eye on those platforms or other official sources for information on where to watch it.


Many fans were surprised that the Mashale manga would be coming to an end so soon, considering that the author could still do a lot more with the story. Mash’s determination to survive is said to reflect Komoto’s desire to achieve his dream.

In extras between chapters of the printed versions, the mangaka shares stories about himself, including the time he worked as a security guard while developing his manga. Although he felt it was too late to become a mangaka, Komoto persevered and was lucky to have Mashale in the end.

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