Magi Season 3 Release Date: Who Will Be Star Cast in This Season?

Yet, the figure’s roots may be found in folktales from the 1600s, which in turn have served as an inspiration to many artists and writers. Manga and anime adaptations center on the kid and his genie.

The “Magi” series is probably the most known of these. Like other interpretations of the same story, this one features Aladdin’s meeting with a genie and subsequent fantastic adventures.

He is joined in this narrative by two more characters from the classics: Alibaba and Morgiana.

The television series “Magi,” adapted from Shinobu Ohtaka’s manga of the same name, premiered in 2012 and ran through 2014.

Despite the spin-off series “Magi: The Adventures of Sinbad,” fans have been hoping for the restoration of the original storyline. While seven years may seem like an eternity, fans should remember that there is still hope for the series.

Magi Season 3 Release Date

According to Entoin, It’s common knowledge among viewers that the season 2 finale aired in 2014. During the previous seven years, there have been no confirmed updates regarding the show’s future.

Enough material exists to fill a whole season, so why hasn’t there been a third installment of “Magi” yet? Some eager followers anticipate its release sometime in 2023. Yet the honest response is that nobody knows.

Finding out if it would be financially feasible for the creators to renew it for the following season requires looking at the source material, ratings, popularity, and sales.

We’ll start by investigating the manga’s original volumes to determine if there are enough left to create an entirely new season.

Only 198 out of 369 total manga chapters were covered in seasons 1 and 2, but there is more than double that number. If we suppose that each season covers around 100 chapters, then season 3 has 171 to go.

Take a Look at the Quick Facts Table of Magi Season 2!

Episode Number Title Release Date
1 Premonition of a Calamity October 6, 2013
2 Departure October 13, 2013
3 Setting Sail October 20, 2013
4 Pirates October 27, 2013
5 Mother November 3, 2013
6 Pirates vs. Magicians November 10, 2013
7 Sinbad the Merchant November 17, 2013
8 Dungeons Captured November 24, 2013
9 The Dark Continent December 1, 2013
10 The High Priestess December 8, 2013
11 A New Emperor December 15, 2013
12 Broken Chains December 22, 2013

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What Is the Plotline of Past Seasons of the Magi?

The protagonist of Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic is Alibaba, a little boy. During one of his travels, Alibaba met a man named Aladdin.

Alibaba decides to pursue the child after noticing that he is in the company of a magical blue floating object that can grant any wish. That’s why they’re going on a hunt for the Djinn Metal Vessel that will house the monster. The pilot season officially kicked off with this concept.

Season two’s “The Kingdom of Magic” features a trip to Sintra for our two heroes. Having vanquished Al-Thamen, the gents decide to go their separate ways.

To this end, Aladdin sets off toward Magnastadt. On the other side, Alibaba and Morgiana went back to where they came from. To his friends, Hakuryuu said at the season’s end that he was leaving to follow his destiny.

As a result, he abandoned his companions and said his goodbyes to Aladdin. Now that we know what to expect from Season 3, we can expect Season 3 of the Magi to follow the same format. From where the Slave Arc of the manga left off, the story will proceed.

In the seventh book in the series of Sindbad, the slave continues his adventures. Once inside Maria del company territory, he is on his own to suffer under their horrific slave system.

Who Will Star in Magi Season 3?

Season 3 of “Magi” will most likely include the same voice actors as Seasons 1 and 2, however casting details have not yet been revealed. As Aladdin in the first two films, fans are hoping that Kaori Ishihara, whose resume includes “Digimon Adventure tri,” will return.

Ishihara has had a hectic year thus far. She has lent her voice to such works as “Combatants Will Be Dispatched,” “Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid,” “Black Clover,” and “Higehiro.” There was a chance she could squeeze “Magi” into her busy schedule.

Morgiana, played by Haruka Tomatsu, was the show’s final regular cast member at one point. She also had a great 2021, when she was featured on both “Horimiya” and “Peach Boy Riverside.” But in the “Magi” universe, she almost certainly still has obligations. Nothing so far suggests the original gang won’t come back, although their eventual return is yet unknown.

The presence of Yûki Kaji, who voiced Alibaba, for the next third season would be welcome. Since the end of “Magi,” he’s contributed to such groundbreaking works as “Attack on Titan,” “Psycho-Pass,” “Gantz:O,” “Weathering with You,” and many more.


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