Chains of Heart Episode 4 Release Date: Where Can I Watch Chains of Heart?

Thai BL drama Chains of Heart is about Din and Ken, two people who become mixed in with some shady people and end up on the run for their lives. After being apprehended while trying to escape, Ken believes Din is dead when he comes to some months later.

After some time has passed, he comes across a man who looks strikingly like Din, and he begins to hope that Din is still alive. But, he is unsure about how to establish that the new man is his ex-lover Din. What transpired with Din?

If you’ve been keeping up with this one, you might be wondering when the next episode will be available to watch. What were you thinking?

Chains of Heart Episode 4 Release Date

According to thereviewgeek, On March 11th, the fourth episode of Chains of Heart will be available. iQiyi’s English subtitles are up and running shortly after a show’s release thanks to a fast and efficient subtitling team.

Information Details
Series Name Chains of Heart (ตรวนธรณี)
Plot Din and Ken are caught by smugglers who are breaking the law, and they have to run for their lives. After they are caught, Ken thinks Din is dead. But years later, he meets a man who looks like Din and thinks Din might still be alive.
Episode 4 Release Date March 11, 2023
Episode 4 Length About 50 minutes
Where to Watch iQiyi (need VIP account) or Channel 3 in Thailand

Episode 4 will likely run about 50 minutes long, which is in line with the average episode length.

Where Can I Watch Chains of Heart?

Unlike the disorganized mess that is You tube’s Chains of Heart subtitles, each episode of Chains of Heart on iQiyi is presented in its entirety. Keep in mind, though, that you’ll need a VIP iQiyi account to watch this. Channel 3 in Thailand is airing it now at 10:40 pm (ICT).

Now, keep in mind that a shorter version will air live on TV first, but the uncut version will be available on iQiyi.

How Many Episodes Will Chains of Heart Have?

With this being the fourth episode in a ten-part Thai drama, there are still six more to go! Both main characters will continue to grow and change as the story progresses.

There are also other shows in a similar genre that can keep you occupied till the debut of the Name series. Such Shows Include Chanshi Episode 9 Release DateChainsaw Man Episode 10, and more.

What Happened in the Previous Episode of Chains of Heart?

Thereafter, Ken goes back to his room to reflect on the incident and the mysterious man who came to his rescue while disguised. He tries to figure out who he is, but he can’t. It is at this point that Hin interjects to inquire about Payu as to who Mr. Tee is and why he is assisting Ken.

Because Mr. Tee’s communication with Ken was written in Chinese, that was all they knew about his ethnic background. When Mr. Lue unexpectedly shows up at Ken’s Thai restaurant later, he takes everyone by surprise. Ken initially tries to turn down Mr. Lue’s request by saying that the restaurant serves only Cantonese food and that his father, the owner, and chef, is not familiar with Thai cooking.

When Mr. Lue says the waiter told him it was OK to order Thai food, Ken corrects him by saying he is the chef who makes the Thai food. Ken places an order when Mr. Lue says he wants a northern meal. Ken prepares Khao Soi Gai for Mr. Lue, who praises its deliciousness. When Ken is all set to leave, Mr. Lue pauses him to tell him to wash his hands because they are stained with food.

Both of them pause for a second. Ken and his secretary Deedee share a brief moment of eye contact before Deedee interrupts. When Ken is all set to leave, Mr. Lue pauses him to ask if he would mind wiping his hands because they are stained with food. They both take a little pause. Ken and his secretary Deedee share a brief moment of eye contact before she intervenes.

In the same sequence as Deedee, Payu, and Hin come next. Both Hin and DeeDee are convinced that Mr. Lue and Ken are having an affair. Ken not only contradicts this, but he also introduces Mr. Lue to the crew as a friend. Mr. Lue unnerved leaves during this transition.

Meanwhile, Ken arrives to say goodbye to Hin and Payu at the front door of the restaurant, when Hin gets a call from his sister Sai. Upon hearing this, Ken and Hin are both shocked. She explains that Nok Gang was just arrested by the police. After that, in a flashback, we witness Ken and Din falling off a cliff after being shot and landing unconscious beside a river.

They’ve both probably reached their breaking point and are in terrible pain. Din explains to Ken that his love for him compels him to keep living. As soon as Din hears these words, he stops breathing, leaving Ken there inconsolable.

Back in the present, Ken is in his room, bawling his eyes out. Mangpor, Plang, and Guy speculate on why Ken won’t be able to attend Din’s funeral the next day, despite their insistence that he is dead. Sai unexpectedly appears at that precise moment and suggests they talk about Din once they get home.

At that very second, Boon and Hin walk through the door. When Boon announces that he and Hin need to talk business after the funeral, Hin is taken aback. Payu, Hin, Mangpor, and Plang continue their text messaging conversation over Din’s death. They don’t seem to believe that Din is truly gone.

At the funeral, Ae is texting with the police officer who arrested the Nok gang. The chief of police is then greeted by Din’s father. Ken arrives as they are about to kneel in front of Din’s casket in prayer. The entry of Ken has stunned everyone.

Ken is interrogated by Din’s dad regarding his whereabouts and his health. The chief inquires with Din’s dad to confirm if Ken is Din’s missing friend.


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The Thai version of the Chains of Heart BL series premiered on the Channel 3 network, but if you’re an international viewer and would want to see it dubbed in English, you should check out the iQiyi ott platform or the iQiyi YouTube page.

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