Second Life Ranker Chapter 150 Release Date: What Happened in the Previous Chapter of It?

When it comes to the Second Life Ranker manga, there haven’t been many updates recently. But at least we have been getting something for the previous two weeks, so maybe this week will be better. Now, let’s hope that good news arrives with Second Life Ranker Chapter 150.

After much frustration, Elohim has realized that the gates have been breached and may now rest easy. Because of the urgency of the situation, he has decided to remove his disguise and engage in open conflict to defend the dune. Then he transformed the Ddragon Body Awakening, allowing him to unleash more devastating blows.

The nuns quickly went into a defensive formation because his attacks were so lethal. Elohim saw this as his cue to leave Boo in charge of things below ground while he went in search of Ananta. Upon arrival, he confirmed his worst fears. Arangdan quickly located the capsule that contained Ananta because they were engaged in the same activity.

Second Life Ranker Chapter 150 Release Date

According to Otakukart, On March 10, 2023, we’ll be releasing Chapter 150 of Second Life Ranker. We’ve gotten one chapter every week for the previous two weeks, and the final one came out on Frida. As a result, we anticipate the status quo will maintain.

Where To Read Second Life Ranker Chapter 150?

To read online, visit the Kakao Page website. Print magazines and other canonical publications feature the manga as well. Be sure to read the latest chapters of the manga as soon as they are made available by the publisher. We should wait and see what happens next to determine when the schedule will go back to normal.

Title Second Life Ranker
Genre Action, Fantasy, Adventure
Author Sadoyeon
Published 2017 – ongoing
Web Novel Chapters 150- ongoing
Main Characters Yeon-woo, Hanryeong, Edora, Kahn, and others

What Happened in the Previous Chapter of Second Life Ranker?

As a result of Brahm’s request, things took an intriguing turn when Edora asked Yeonwoo if he liked her. But when Edora asked him why he was harassing her, he told her straight up that he has a girlfriend. Given that she has a puppy-like husky voice and bright eyes, he is merely toying with her. Well, this explains why Yeonwoo has always enjoyed making fun of her.

Because Yeonwoo could not find another buddy like her, Edora believes he should be grateful to have her. Their most recent confrontation concluded with Edora becoming enraged and swinging her sword at Yeonwoo. Meanwhile, Bx-71 is being questioned about the dragon human she took. In reality, though, it was merely a transport to carry the mother to the regions.

Vierra is involved in the studies involving her daughter, and as a result, the mother has a deep animosity toward her. Elohim rescued Ananta and took her down to the underground lab, where he saw that her rationality was practically paralyzed and that it appeared that she had been intended to be turned into a doll.

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Second Life Ranker Chapter 150 Plotline: What Can We Expect From It?

The lives of identical twin brothers in The Second Life Rankers are interesting to observe for several reasons: the presence of skills, the development of rare objects, humorous moments, a promising love interest, and so on. The overarching plot of The Second Life Ranker revolves around retribution. Some five to seven years ago, Yeon-twin woos’s brother went missing.

This is why learning of his death notice has saddened him so much. He learns to live without the watch but is later presented with a pocket watch as a token of sympathy. The events behind his brother’s death are revealed to have been more complex than he had originally thought. Once upon a time, his brother was killed by a traitor as they neared the top of the Tower of the Sun God.

Second Life Ranker Chapter 150 Release Date

Yeon-woo will have to use his brother’s unused Tower of the Sun Gods’ expertise to find his way through the maze. Time will tell if he has the right strategy and experience to make it to the top. At the same time, he must vanquish the foes of his brother and any other threats.

The protagonist can gain experience and level up. The protagonist is given more screen time than the setting or any of the other characters. Because of his upbringing and decisions, he grows too powerful. He has also been on top. He’s a loner who went it alone to get the job done.

The protagonist’s brother was killed while ascending a tower in a parallel universe. The protagonist must now travel to his realm to exact his vengeance. While the plot itself has nothing to do with reincarnation, the fact that the protagonists are twins has led some of the secondary characters to assume otherwise.


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The Korean webcomic Second Life Ranker has been compared favorably to Tower of God, and its protagonist has been likened favorably to Solo Leveling. After five years of searching, Jeong-woo Cha receives the news that his twin brother’s body has been located and his belongings will be returned to him. For more details visit our website

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