Attack on Titan Episode 89 Release Date: How Many Season 4 Episodes Are Left?

So, this is the final chapter. The final episode of Attack on Titan airs on April 15. Season 4, if you’re keeping track, is the last one, and it’s been broken up into three parts, but here it is at last. As of this week’s episode, the long-running anime can officially be considered over.

In all candor, we are still missing some key pieces of information. Release windows have replaced specific release dates for Final Chapters Special 2. Soon, however, we should have a much clearer notion of when it will touch down. To help you anticipate the release date, we have included some conjecture below.

Attack On Titan Episode 89 Release Date

According to Gamesredar, The official website for Attack on Titan states that the 89th episode, titled “Final Chapters Special 2,” will air in the fall of 2023. There is currently nothing else we can go on, but it does help narrow down the possibilities.

September and October are the typical release months for autumn anime. The release date for the last season of the show is tentatively set for September or October of 2023. As soon as we have additional information, we’ll let you know.

How Many Attack on Titan Season 4 Episodes Are Left?

The final episode will air next week. The first segment of the Final Chapters special (officially the show’s third and final season). It’s confusing, I know, and it first aired on March 4. In the fall of 2023, the series finale will air and then it will be over.

Where Can I Watch Attack on Titan Season 4?

For a subscription fee, viewers may watch the latest episodes of Attack on Titan on Crunchyroll, Hulu, and Funimation.

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What Happened in the Previous Episode of Attack on Titan Season 4?

Attack on Titan Episode 88 was a thrilling adventure for viewers from start to finish. The two-part structure, however, has been frustrating many viewers. The first scene picks up with Eren arriving in Liberio. Most folks had already left by this point. And now humanity consisted of only the few who had managed to escape. Yet the killings were beginning to affect him. Despite his best efforts, he understood that he could not alter Marley’s destiny.

As a result, he decided to get together with his pals. At Pathways, he warns them that they have to go on with the task or be left behind. Combat was our only way to safety. The heroes on the opposing side eventually track down a flying boat.

Based on the technology at hand, we can deduce that Hange Zoe was the pioneer who took on the Titans. As a result, the boy’s recent act of bravery has garnered much praise on the internet. The episode concludes by focusing on Eren.

The party is currently in the heart of Fort Salta. As a result of Marley’s orders, his forces attempted to bomb the fort. Yet, the strategy had failed. And so it appears that some of the scouts set out to attack the Founding Titan. Unfortunately, the excursion concluded without revealing the outcome.


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The tale follows Eren Yeager, who pledges to wipe out the Titans after they destroy his community and kill his mother. The setting is a planet where humans are trapped inside cities protected by three massive walls from the giant man-eating humanoids known as Titans.

It ran from September 2009 to April 2021 in Kodansha’s monthly magazine Bessatsu Shnen Magazine, and the chapters were compiled in 34 tankbon volumes. For more details visit our website

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