All Rise Season 3 Ending Explained: Will There be Season 4 of It?

Greg Spottiswood is the author of the American television program All rise. On September 23, 2019, it made its debut. Three seasons of this show have been broadcast with great popularity. However, following the third season’s tenth episode, the show took a midseason vacation.

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All Rise Season 3 Recap

The Lola Carmichael character in the show is a recently appointed judge. The television show demonstrates how people manage their personal and work lives. This season explores the personal lives of the protagonists as well as an Instagram star who accused an athlete of assault, a falsely imprisoned person who may be released.

In-depth depictions of Judge Lola’s private life and battles to maintain her position as a judge were featured in this season.

All Rise Season 3 Ending Explained

Lola Carmichael, Robin Taylor, Luke Watkins, and Emily Lopez share a sweet moment in the hall of justice as the season finale opens.

Judges Thomas Marshall and Jonas Laski are now vying to succeed Lisa Benner as the presided-over judge. Collier, Amy’s ex-husband, arrives at the Audubon & Quinn offices as Mark Callan is scheduled to meet Collier.

Collier confronts Amy and asks if she has any second thoughts after learning that she hasn’t informed Mark that their divorce papers have been signed. Amy is furious that Mark failed to inform her about this meeting.

Later, Vanessa learns that she also scored well on her retake of the bar exam. It’s Mark and Teddy Biswas’ first day in court for the Brandon Page case. Even as Emily and Mark tried to soothe Maddy, she persisted in providing Maddy Hernandez protective custody.

In the Hall of Justice elevator, Ness runs across Brandon’s friend Leo Sykes. Andre was there in court to defend Page. He attempted to get all the results of the search warrant thrown out by filing a motion to have it all thrown out.


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Lola agrees, asks for an extension, and then forces Andre into her office. She implores him to stop making a name for himself in court, but he responds by casting doubt on their marital stability.

Meanwhile, Brandon’s pal stabs Ness on the stairs. She passes out, leaving a bloody mark on the wall. The phone she was using fell down the stairs.

Meanwhile, Lola forces Mark to quickly begin the trial, and Amy unexpectedly bumps into Leo. Andre maintains that Brandon never authorized any criminal activity among his followers. Mark, however, insists that he wasn’t obligated to.

As Maddie warns Emily about the danger Leo poses to her, Leo posts a video to social media encouraging Brandon’s fans to attack the Hall of Justice. Teddy tries to phone Mark to warn him, but the call is sent to voicemail. He and Sara then head to the courts.

The courthouse is flooded with Brandon’s supporters. Emily is to keep the door locked and not emerge from it. While Amy tracks for Ness and Lola’s hiding spot, Teddy and Sara drop by as well. The courtroom where Lola presided is evacuated before the mob could demolish it.

To address the “teenage massacre,” Robin and the U.S. Attorney visited the Sheriff’s Office. As Lola is alone with Andre, the two start talking about their rocky split during college.

Despite being forbidden to leave, Mark receives a call from Amy, who is attempting to rescue Ness. When Leo starts firing up the joint, Luke runs into him. To safeguard himself, he finally shuts the elevator door.


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Leo enters Teddy’s room and attempts Emily’s life. Still, Luke appears brandishing a weapon, and Emily strikes Leo in the head. Luke confesses his feelings for Emily. As soon as Robin and the U.S. Attorney arrive in the Hall of Justice, they can get the citation situation under control and place Leo under arrest.

Informing Mark and Amy that Ness is en route to the hospital, Robin. Mark hugs Robin goodbye before returning to Courtroom 802. Mark proclaims that dealing with Page is now the responsibility of the United States Attorney.

Sara kneels on the floor with a hurt Teddy while Mark makes a distress call. Andre tries to soothe Lola with a kiss as Robin walks in on them, and the episode finishes with Robin observing the passionate embrace.

Hulu and Amazon Prime both broadcast the show.


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Will There be Season 4 of All Rise?

The earliest we may hope to see Season 4 is next summer if realistic expectations are any indication. Summer in the year 2023. The next season won’t be out until at least then, though, because it takes time for the show’s creators and actors to come up with new ideas and put them on paper. Furthermore, we anticipate the waiting period to extend till 2024.

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