Buddy Daddies Episode 10 Release Date: What Happened in the Previous Episode of It?

This week’s episode of Buddy Daddies returned to the uplifting fatherhood narrative of Kazuki and Rei after a little diversion to shed light on the tragic existence of the assassins. Episode 9 was meant to be dropped last week, but TMS Entertainment instead aired episode 8.5 to summarise the events so far for both fans and novices.

Kazuki and Rei’s last episode of Buddy Daddies, “No Sweet Without Sweat,” focused on their family attending one of Miri’s first sporting events at her daycare, where they went all out shouting and whistling to encourage their precious daughter. Kyuutaro hasn’t told Rei that Miri and Kazuki are in grave danger, though.

Buddy Daddies Episode 10 Release Date

According to Sportskeeda, This Saturday, March 18, at midnight JST, you can catch episode 10 of Buddy Daddies on Tokyo MX and other Japanese syndications like BS11, Gunma TV, and Tochigi TV.

Only on Crunchyroll, the most widely used anime streaming service in the world, fans may watch the episode for free. The free edition of the platform does, however, have several advertisements.

buddy daddies episode 10 release date

Switching to the paid version of Crunchyroll, such as the Fan ($7.99/mo) or Mega Fan ($9.99/mo) subscriptions (all of which have a 14-day free trial), allows users to watch without interruption. Here are the scheduled air dates for each anime season.

What to Expect From Buddy Daddies Episode 18?

Kyuutaro obtains images of Kazuki and Miri from Ogisu and is directed by Shigeki Suwa to gather intel on the targets in the last moments of both Episode 8 and Episode 9 of Buddy Daddies. Although Kyuutaro is a man whose primary concept is to never let emotions impede his field of work, he was apprehensive to take this new position in the previous episode.

The blame for his father’s treatment of Miri and Kazuki will likely fall on Kyuutaro, who will likely confront Rei about it. Now that he has found a home and a new family, Rei has no interest in taking charge of his family’s organization. Things aren’t looking good for Rei already, but they’re only going to get worse if he goes against his father’s wishes and puts the lives of two people he cares deeply about at risk.

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A Brief Recap of Buddy Daddies Episode 9!

Kazuki and Rei assisted Miri with her training for the daycare sports competition and then relaxed at Kyuutaro’s cafe the day before the competition. Rei snuck into the daycare at night to secure a space for her child by setting up booby traps such as razor wire, spike traps, and claymore mines. The next day, when Rei offered to assist Kazuki bake rice cakes, he was completely overwhelmed.

When Rei first started taking Kazuki to daycare, she was taken aback by how well-liked he was among the mothers of the other kids there. Everyone took a break for lunch after the first half of the event. Miri and her friends were blown away by Rei’s rice balls stuffed with chocolates, gummies, and choco rings while Kazuki’s parents were gushing over their son’s extravagant meal.

After hearing Rei’s encouragement, Miri lost her footing and fell during the run. With Miri’s loss, he felt terrible about himself. The parent-child games were a challenge for Kazuki and Miri. After completing the first obstacle course, the father and daughter team was ready to move on to the second challenge: a scavenger hunt.

Miri took a card out of the scavenger hunt box, hurried over to Rei, and chose him as her item, and the three of them ended up winning the race. Miri’s revelation that “family” was the subject of her card brought uncontrollable sobbing from Kazuki. On a side note, Ogisu reminded Kyuutaro of his responsibilities by handing him photos of Kazuki, Rei, and Miri.


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In Buddy Daddies, we meet three people who aren’t connected by blood but have become like a family anyway: Kazuki Kurusu and Rei Suwa, two assassins who share a house, and Miri, the daughter of their intended victim who was kidnapped by Kazuki and raised as his own. For more details visit our website Jerseyshorevibe.com

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