Sugar Apple Fairy Tale Episode 11 Release Date: Where Can I Watch Sugar Apple Fairy Tale

Sugar Apple Fairy Tale is a delightful anime series which is written by Miri Mikawa and illustrated by Aki.  The sugar apple fairy tale Japanese fantasy light novel series is directed by Yohei Suzuki and Music given by Hinako Tsubakiyama

That Series follows the adventures of a young girl named Nina and her friend, a magical talking apple named Chico. In episode 11, titled “The Sweetest of All,” Nina and Chico embark on a quest to find a rare fruit that is said to be the sweetest in all the land.

When Will The Sugar Apple Fairy Tale Episode 11 Come Out ? 

For those fans who are very curious to know more about the release date of Sugar Apple Fairy Tale Episode 11, let us tell you, the next episode of the series will be released on Friday, March 17, 2023.

Sugar Apple Fairy Tale Episode 11

International viewers of the series will be able to watch the upcoming episodes online as per their zone time see below:

Washington Time, USA– 11:00, Fri March 17, 2023

India Standard Time-11:30 PM Sat March 18, 2023 

Australian Eastern Standard Time- 1:00 AM AEST Sat March 18, 2023 

China Standard Time-12 PM CST Fri March 17, 2023

Malaysia Time– 12 PM MYT Fri March 17, 2023 

Indonesian Western Time-12 PM WIB Fri March 17, 2023

Japan Standard Time-12 AM JST Fri March 17, 2023

Korea Standard Time-1 AM KST Fri March 17, 2023

Singapore Time-11 AM ST Fri March 17, 2023

London Time-01:00 AM Fri, Mar 17, 2023 

What Is The Storyline Of The Sugar Apple Fairy Tale Series?

The episode begins with Nina and Chico exploring a lush forest, searching for the fruit. As they make their way through the trees, they encounter a group of mischievous fairies who try to trick them into going the wrong way. However, Nina and Chico are able to outsmart the fairies and continue on their journey.

After a long and tiring search, Nina and Chico finally come across the rare fruit they have been seeking. The fruit is unlike anything they have ever seen before, with a beautiful golden colour and a sweet aroma that fills the air. Excited to taste the fruit, Nina and Chico eagerly take a bite, and their taste buds are overwhelmed by its incredible sweetness.

Sugar Apple Fairy Tale Episode 11

As they enjoy their bounty, Nina and Chico are approached by a group of forest animals who are also eager to taste the fruit. At first, Nina is hesitant to share their discovery, but she quickly realises that the joy of finding something so special is even sweeter when it is shared with others. Together, Nina, Chico, and the forest animals enjoy the sweetest fruit they have ever tasted, basking in the warmth of their newfound friendship.

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Sugar Apple Fairy Tale Episode 11 Cast 

here are the cast and character descriptions for the Sugar Apple Fairy Tale Episode 10:

Lily – a kind-hearted and adventurous young girl who is the protagonist of the story.

Sugar – a mischievous fairy who is Lily’s friend and often gets her into trouble.

Queen of the Sugar Apple Fairies – the ruler of the fairy kingdom and a wise and powerful leader.

King of the Sugar Apple Fairies – the Queen’s husband and a gentle and caring ruler.

Prince Aiden – a handsome and brave prince who comes to the fairy kingdom seeking help.

Queen Isabella – the evil queen who rules over a neighboring kingdom and seeks to harm Lily and her friends.

Sir Cedric – Queen Isabella’s loyal and ruthless knight who carries out her orders without question.

Fairy Godmother – a magical fairy who helps Lily and her friends on their journey.

Mr. Squirrel – a friendly talking squirrel who provides comic relief and assistance to Lily and Sugar.

Witch Hazel – an old and wise witch who lives deep in the forest and helps Lily on her quest.

Princess Emily – a sweet and kind princess who is Prince Aiden’s younger sister and joins Lily on her adventure.

Captain of the Guard – the leader of the Queen’s guards who is tasked with capturing Lily and her friends.

The Enchanted Creatures – a group of magical creatures who assist Lily and her friends on their quest, including a talking tree, a singing bird, and a dancing flower.

The Sugar Apple Fairies – a group of mischievous and playful fairies who live in the fairy kingdom and help Lily and Sugar on their journey.

Where Can I Watch Sugar Apple Fairy Tale Episode 11?

Following its premiere on Japanese networks, Sugar Apple Fairy Tale Episode 11 will be available outside Japan on various platforms such as Bilibili, Crunchyroll ,and Muse Asia’s YouTube channel. 

Sugar Apple Fairy Tale Episode 11

Is There Any Trailer for Sugar Apple Fairy Tale Episode 11?

Even if there isn’t already a trailer for  Episode 10 of Sugar Apple Fairy Tale, one will almost certainly be made and made available in the future. Meanwhile, viewers can catch a glimpse of the 9th episode of the first season with English subtitles. 

Rating Sugar Apple Fairy Tale Series 

The Sugar Apple Fairy Tale Season 1 has opened to rave reviews, with viewers appreciating the show’s engaging storyline and distinctive animation style. 

The show is rated 7.5/10 on IMDb and 7.41/10 on MyAnimelist. As a result, Season 1 of Sugar Apple Fairy Tale has received widespread recognition and has definitely become a fan favourite among many fans.

Reviews Sugar Apple Fairy Tale Series

It is one of the best shows of the current season. The animation and character designs are exquisite, and the story is complex, original and exceptionally well written.

The Sugar Apple Slavery Tale features a foolish female protagonist for the purpose of her reprehensible actions, particularly the purchase of a slave.

The plot is a masquerade of the relationship between a fanged bishonen angel and the protagonist. Nonetheless, the Sugar Apple has a lot of self-awareness.

Final words 

Overall, episode 11 of Sugar Apple Fairy Tale is a heartwarming and uplifting tale about the power of friendship and the joy of discovery. With its charming characters and whimsical setting, the series continues to enchant audiences of all ages, reminding us that sometimes the sweetest things in life are the ones we share with others.

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