The Popes Exorcist Release Date: Who Are the Cast Members in It?

Filming occurred in Ireland from August to October of 2022, following a director change and rewrites to the script. Sony Pictures Releases plans to release it in theatres across the United States on April 14, 2023.

A decent exorcism movie is still needed, as evidenced by the continued success of films like The Exorcist, The Exorcism of Emily Rose, and The Conjuring. On April 14, an all-new exorcist movie will be added to the canon, with Academy Oscar winner Russell Crowe in the lead role as the Vatican’s official head exorcist, Fr Gabriele Amorth.

The fact that The Pope’s Exorcist is a historical horror film puts a new spin on the classic demon vs. priest plot. Amorth, who conducted and recorded over a hundred thousand exorcisms during his lifetime, inspired the film.

The Pope himself designated the colorful and controversial priest as an exorcist, and he is known to begin exorcisms by infamously thumbing his nose at the demon. He also established the International Association of Exorcists (IAE), a legitimate group of hundreds of exorcists from all over the world who the Vatican recognizes.

The Devil and Father Amorth, a documentary released in 2017, follows Amorth around because of how interesting of a subject he is. The Exorcist director William Friedkin filmed Amorth in action. He is remarkable because he seems entirely logical, as seen by a statement he made to The Sunday Telegraph: “You must always go to the doctor before you go to the exorcist because normally they are suffering from seizures, schizophrenia, or other mental issues.

Not until he slams doubters with statements like, “We can weed out the bogus ones,” does anyone take him seriously. If the pupils are pointing upwards, the demons possessing the person are scorpions, however, if they are looking around, the demonic presence is most likely already there. When viewed from above, they resemble snakes.

Two of Amorth’s autobiographies, An Exorcist Tells His Tale and An Exorcist: Further Stories, were the basis for the film The Pope’s Exorcist, which was released after his death in 2016. In Crowe’s words, “it’s a very dark pursuit, and it is faith that allowed him a certain level of courage to do the job,” Amorth’s faith is what gave him the strength to carry it out.

The Pope’s Exorcist Release Date

According to collider, On April 14, 2023, The Pope’s Exorcist will premiere in theatres worldwide. The release date and streaming platforms for the film have not been announced.

The Pope’s Exorcist Quick Facts

Take a look below:

Title The Pope’s Exorcist
Release Date June 11, 2021 (USA)
Director William Friedkin
Producer Mickey Liddell, Pete Shilaimon, Scott Holroyd
Writer William Friedkin
Cast Gabriele Amorth
Genre Documentary
Language English

Who Is in the Cast of The Pope’s Exorcist?

Academy Oscar winner Russell Crowe plays real-life exorcist Father Gabriele Amorth, the Vatican’s officially appointed head exorcist whose case files inspired the movie. Crowe, who has been in several films with religious themes, played Noah in Darren Aronofsky’s adaptation of the Bible.

The Pope hands Amorth his next job personally: a youngster tormented by a more devilish than a normal demon. Italian icon Franco Nero, who appeared in Django and John Wick: Chapter 2, plays the Pope. As the demonic entity that squares off against Amorth, Ralph Ineson, who is best known for his appearances in The Witch and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows, will put his distinctive baritone voice to good use.

Also included are Peter Desouza-Feighoney (making his film debut), Laurel Marsden (Ms. Marvel, Survive), Cornell S. John (Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald), Alex Essoe (Midnight Mass, The Haunting of Bly Manor), and Daniel Zovatto (Don’t Breathe, It Follows).

There are also other shows in a similar genre that can keep you occupied till the debut of The Pope’s Exorcist series. Such Shows Include Heart of Stone Release DateAll Rise Season 3

Who Is in the Crew of The Pope’s Exorcist?

Directed by Julius Avery, whose previous works include the Nazi-era zombie picture Overlord and the grim superhero drama Samaritan, The Pope’s Exorcist showcases the director’s skill at creating believable historical settings.

It was Michael Petroni, R. Dean McCreary, and Chester Hastings who penned the screen story, and he and Evan Spiliotopoulos (The Unholy) wrote the script. Doug Belgrad, CEO of 2.0 Entertainment, Edward J. Siebert, SJ, president of Loyola Productions, Michael Patrick Kaczmarek, and Jeff Katz all contribute to the production as executive producers. The show’s execs are Jo Homewood, Sophie Cassidy, and Siebert.

Film Gems, a Sony company, bought the rights to adapt Amorth’s memoirs and life narrative. The Resident Evil films, the Underworld franchise, both Don’t Breathe films, The Exorcism of Emily Rose, and Deliver Us From Evil are all examples of Screen Gems’ history in the horror and horror-adjacent sector.


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According to a press release issued by Sony, the plot of The Pope’s Exorcist follows Amorth as he “investigates a little boy’s horrific possession and winds up unearthing a centuries-old conspiracy the Vatican has frantically sought to keep concealed.” For more details visit our website

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