Three Pines Ending Explained: Who Killed Blue and Tommy?

The season finale of Three Pines on Prime Video resolved some of the season’s larger mysteries and laid the ground for a potential second season. The mystery of what happened to Blue Two Rivers and her boyfriend Tommy Kis is solved in “The Hangman, Part 2,” as Inspector Armand Gamache discovers the truth. But, the detective’s discovery of the truth was anything but a moment of victory.

After learning that the person guilty of Blue and Tommy’s disappearance was much closer to him than he had imagined, he was left shaken.

The ‘Three Pines’ Finale Reveals Who Killed Blue and Tommy!

The first season of Three Pines spanned eight episodes and featured four individual mysteries based on Louise Penny’s Chief Inspector Gamache novels. But, a new mystery that wasn’t in any of Penny’s books was introduced and revealed over the season.

Blue (Anna Lambe), a young indigenous mother, and her partner Tommy disappeared, and both Gamache (Alfred Molina) and his colleague Isabelle Lacoste (Elle-Máijá Tailfeathers) became obsessed with uncovering what had happened to them (Joshua Odjick).

The police weren’t taking the disappearance of Blue seriously after her family reported her missing, but Gamache and Lacoste decided to investigate.

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At last, Tommy’s brother Kevin (Colton Clause) came up with very serious accusations. Along with Tommy and Blue, he was caught trying to smuggle cigarettes across the border. Kevin ran into the woods as the two police officers sought a cut of the unlawful business and shot Blue and Tommy.

Kevin was subsequently arrested and found dead in his detention cell, reportedly from an overdose. The Sûreté du Québec was engaged in a massive coverup. One of Gamache’s fellow cops was the guilty party. Yet, even he was taken aback when he learned that his longtime buddy Pierre Arnot (Frank Scorpion) was truly a murderer.

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Arnot Shot Gamache in the ‘Three Pines’ Season 1 Finale!

Gamache went to a secluded cabin in “The Hangman, Part 2” to confront Arnot. Later, he learned that Arnot had already eliminated Chowski (Robert Montcalm), the other cop engaged in the incident. Even though Arnot was the mastermind, he intended to make everyone believe that the fault lay with Chowski. When Armand was willing to take Arnot in, Arnot said he couldn’t go to jail.

Gamache turned his back on Arnot as the two left. Arnot pulled out a gun, shot his companion in the chest, and ran off. After waiting for a while, Isabelle and Jean-Guy Beauvoir (Rossif Sutherland) arrived at the scene and requested an ambulance. It was unclear, however, whether or not they had arrived in time. Gamache collapsed to the ground, bleeding to death, as the program concluded.

three pines season 2 release date

The first season of Three Pines doesn’t resolve what happens to Gamache (though it’s hard to see the show killing off the primary character). Nevertheless, that wasn’t the only loose end the episode left. As Gamache confronted Arnot at the seventh episode’s climax, Isabelle and Jean-Guy swooped in to apprehend the couple responsible for the death of the guy who had been hanged in the woods.

Jean-Guy was driving in a high-speed car chase. On the other hand, the detective had been drinking heavily all day due to his depression about his failed marriage. Ignoring Isabelle’s pleadings to calm down, he chased after the murderers until he sent their car careening off a bridge. Suspects were killed instantly.

As a means of shielding Jean-Guy from her anger, Isabelle vowed that she would claim she was the driver. That strategy may prevent any adverse professional consequences for Jean-Guy (and possible jail time). There will also be ripple effects in their professional relationship. He may spiral even further down into depression if he feels responsible for the accident.


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Will there be a ‘Three Pines’ Season 2?

Amazon has not yet confirmed whether or not they will be renewing Three Pines. Penny has thankfully written more than a dozen volumes in her Inspector Gamache series. This means that there is a wealth of information from which to draw. The fate of Gamache and his team of detectives, however, will remain a mystery until the streaming service decides whether or not to renew the show.


After being shot by his professed best friend, Gamache collapsed in the snow, and Lacoste and Beauvoir rushed to his side. It was a dramatic way to end the first season, and it was a little different from the Louise Penny novels on which the show is based. For more details visit our website

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