Best New Movies on Hulu in March 2023!

With a varied lineup of new shows and movies in March, Hulu keeps up its assault on HBO Max as the top streaming provider. It has become the go-to place for “mature” audiences to catch up on their favorite FX shows, as well as a host of other original productions and world premieres that wouldn’t be appropriate for Disney+.

Great Expectations, a miniseries version of the Charles Dickens novel, looks like it will be the best thing to come out this month. It looks a lot more exciting than the book I forced myself to read in the ninth school. Oscar winner Olivia Coleman stars as Miss Havisham, a character who seems to have been upgraded from “decrepit crone” to “opium-addicted decrepit crone,” alongside an outdated (but welcome) multiracial cast.

Rūrangi: Complete Season 2

A transgender activist who left town ten years prior returns to Rangi’s isolated and politically divided dairy settlement in the hopes of finding his father after ten years.

Best New Movies on Hulu in March 2023

One or more episodes of Rurangi are available for subscription viewing on Hulu. 5 episodes make up the drama’s entire season. There is no release date for the next episode or season of Rurangi. It has a stellar 7.8 IMDb audience rating (127 votes).

The Lesson Is Murder: Complete Docuseries

At ABC News Studios, true-crime docuseries are arriving thick and fast.

The Lesson Is Murder, the latest series produced by the firm is now available on Hulu. It centers on Dr. Bryanna Fox, a professor of criminology and a former special agent for the FBI.

Fox is currently conducting a class to shed new light on the minds of murderers to aid the next generation of criminologists. She wonders why criminals kill.

Best New Movies on Hulu in March 2023

In the upcoming series, which premieres on March 23, Fox and her group of graduate students will investigate three separate murders and conduct in-person interviews with them.

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Digging for the Truth: Complete Season 1

A History Channel television program called Digging for the Truth aired from 2005 to 2007. The first three seasons of the program were centered on host Josh Bernstein, who undertook numerous investigations into historical riddles and icons.

Call Jane

When a housewife finds that her pregnancy poses a threat to her own life, she initially reacts with excitement. Before coming upon a clandestine gang of women who risk everything to provide individuals like her an option, she has nowhere else to turn.

Best New Movies on Hulu in March 2023

Up Here: Complete Season 1

If you’re going to create a musical television series, you might as well hire the best talent in the business. Some of the top creatives from the last ten years are used in the Hulu original series Up Here. The co-creators and songwriters of the original musical that served as the inspiration for this romantic comedy are Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez (Frozen and WandaVision).

Best New Movies on Hulu in March 2023

The crew is completed by director Thomas Kail (Hamilton) and writer Steven Levenson (tick, tick… BOOM!). Despite having an embarrassment of wealth and incredible skill, the series is disappointingly subpar and, more specifically, mediocre.

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The Estate

Two sisters attempt to win over their difficult-to-please, terminally ill aunt in the hopes of inheriting her substantial estate, only to discover that the rest of their ungrateful family has the same plan.


Irish teen Philomena (Judi Dench) was transferred to a convent in 1952 after becoming pregnant out of wedlock. The nuns kidnapped Philomena’s infant Anthony when he was a toddler and placed him up for adoption in the United States. She kept looking for her son for the following 50 years.


Best New Movies on Hulu in March 2023

Martin Sixsmith, a former BBC correspondent, joins her side when he hears about the situation (Steve Coogan). Together, they set out for America in search of Anthony, where they unintentionally grow close.

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FX’s Great Expectations

The coming-of-age tale of “Pip,” an orphan who yearns for a better lot in life, is told in Great Expectations. However, a twist of fate and the nefarious schemes of the enigmatic and eccentric “Lady Havisham” reveal to him a world of grim possibilities.

Attack on Titan: Final Season, Part 2

In Attack on Tiatans, Knowing that Marleyan propaganda has fostered anti-Eldian feelings over the world, Eren Jaeger uses the Rumbling in the second half of the season to strike out toward the world beyond Paradis, releasing millions of Colossal-like Wall Titans in an attempt to wipe out all life outside of the island.

Best New Movies on Hulu in March 2023

Abominable and the Invisible City: Complete Season 2

Once the general public learns that magical beings exist, Yi, Jin, and Peng’s world will never be the same. With the guidance of Everest, the group of friends forms a “Creature Brigade” to aid the magical beings in finding refuge while keeping them hidden from harm.

Best New Movies on Hulu in March 2023

Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer: Season 1, Part 2

This anime tells the tale of a young kid named Yuuhi Amamiya, who one night had a lizard drop upon his bed and inform him that he is no ordinary boy but a warrior known as Beast Knight. When Yuuhi finally consented to help the princess, things started to get up.

There is no hard hint offered about what will happen in season 2, nor is the plot stated. We can’t tell you what’ll happen in the new season, but we can guarantee you’ll like it. Because of the fantastical nature of the story, you will find yourself engrossed in it.

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