New Movies on HBO Max in March 2023!

Perry Mason, starring Matthew Rhys in a somber reimagining of the classic crime show, is also coming to HBO Max this month. It’s been three years and one major shakeup behind the scenes since the end of the first season, so it wouldn’t surprise me if this turned out to be Perry’s last case.

There you have it, the most notable new additions to HBO Max for the month of your choosing. The list of things being eliminated is extensive; see below.

By the end of March, the service will be missing nearly 200 movies and TV shows, the vast majority of which are older catalog titles that, no, probably weren’t why anyone signed up for the service, but which will make it feel like a less robust offering—especially if they aren’t replaced with new offerings in the coming months.

There are times when a ’90s classic like Dances With Wolves sounds better than The Last of Us (exiting the service on March 31). Both were once strong suits for HBO Max. It appears as though that may be changing.

What follows is a complete log of arrivals and departures. Only the titles marked with an (HBO) logo can be viewed on both HBO and HBO Max.

Marlon Wayans: God Loves Me

Wayans gives a hilarious hour-long performance, unleashing his spot-on impressions and fearless physical humor to address one of the most memorable recent occurrences in pop culture: “the slap” that occurred at the 94th Academy Awards ceremony.

New Movies on HBO Max in March 2023

From admitting a teenage crush on Jada Pinkett Smith to being humiliated by Chris Rock in an early stand-up set to analyzing the impact of Will Smith’s long career, Wayans expertly weaves anecdotes from his own life with stories about his long-time friends in his signature blunt and boisterous style.

This program is a bold tour de force that manages to be both hilarious and profound in its examination of such themes as companionship, family, error, and the possibility of making amends.


Carlos Gallardo, also known as “El Mariachi,” is a nomadic guitarist whose primary goal in life is to make a livelihood through his craft. As he visits a tavern in a small town in search of employment, his tranquil existence is rudely awoken.

New Movies on HBO Max in March 2023

A group of local hitmen mistakes a visiting musician for the hostile assassin Azul (Reinol Martinez), who they believe will soon invade their village. El Mariachi has become unwittingly entangled in savage mob fighting and must shoot his way out of town.

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Perry Mason Season 2

In this show, Perry Mason, a famous defense attorney, tells his tale for the first time. In 1932, when the rest of the United States is beginning to emerge from the Great Depression, Los Angeles is thriving.

Perry Mason, a disgraced private detective, is reeling from the tragedy of The Great War and his recent divorce.

Rain Dogs

Rain Dogs, The Troubles hit Ireland in 1987. In his spare time, Detective Inspector Sean Duffy indulges in some illicit drug use that is frowned upon by the majority of US police departments: he smokes marijuana and hashish.

New Movies on HBO Max in March 2023

In front of him lies a case of a possible murder/suicide that took place in a sealed room. With the help of his colleagues, he eventually cracks the case, but not before a second person dies.

The Last of Us

The Last Us, Due to their shared desperation, Joel and Ellie are forced to rely on one other as they make their way across the ruins of the United States in a hostile post-pandemic world.

New Movies on HBO Max in March 2023

U.S. citizens become violent monsters after being infected by a mutant strain of the Cordyceps fungus. Joel (Troy Baker), Tommy (Jeffrey Pierce), and Sarah (Sarah Drew) are on the run in the Austin suburbs as they try to escape the chaos (Hana Hayes).

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All the Beauty and the Bloodshed

This documentary explores the life and career of acclaimed photographer and activist Nan Goldin through archival video and personal interviews.

Very foul language is used. Suicide references, as well as discussions and depictions of gendered and domestic violence. Narcotics and addiction are important themes. Plus, there’s a lot of explicit sexual content.

Only You: The Animated Shorts Collections

An account based on real events of a young artist’s journey of self-discovery following the loss of the person he loved most in his life, during which he served as an apprentice to a Northwest totem carver.

New Movies on HBO Max in March 2023

Succession Season 4

The Roy family, proprietors of the international media and entertainment giant Waystar RoyCo, are at the center of the story, and they are struggling for power while they worry about the health of the patriarch, Logan Roy (Brian Cox).

New Movies on HBO Max in March 2023

Succession writer, executive producer, and showrunner Jesse Armstrong have said that the Armstrong family is fictitious before the show’s release. “There are tonnes of succession stories to pull on,” he told Variety in 2018.

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Those Who Wish Me Dead

Hannah, a smoke jumper, is perched on a watchtower high above the Montana wilderness, still mourning the loss of three colleagues. Within a short time, she comes upon Connor, a frightened youngster who is bloodied, scared, and on the run in the dense woodland.

New Movies on HBO Max in March 2023

Hannah is trying to get Connor to safety, but she has no idea that he is being chased by two ruthless killers, and that there is a fire that is engulfing everything in its path.

Just a Boy from Tupelo: Bringing Elvis to the Big Screen

Filmmakers Baz Luhrmann and Tom Hanks, together with stars Austin Butler and Presley himself, discuss the production of the critically acclaimed smash film ELVIS.

 There’s also the matter of actually selling it. These two people represent the two major American hand motions. It’s an American film. After several delays, in 2017, Luhrmann was finally able to gain access to the Elvis archives at Graceland to begin filming.

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