New Movies on Prime Video in April 2023!

There will be a lot of intriguing new releases on Amazon Video in April. Some new TV shows and movies will debut on April 1, and fans can get excited about that. Others won’t be available until later in the month.

On April 14, Amazon Video will premiere the third and final season of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. In the late 1950s, Miriam “Midge” Maisel seemed to have it all: a successful career, a loving husband, and a lovely home on the Upper West Side.

Her picture-perfect life, however, takes an unexpected turn when she realizes she has a natural knack for stand-up comedy. Midge’s career took a nosedive last season, as she battled a Daily News critic, a jealous rival, and police who raided the strip club where she was working. But with Lenny Bruce’s assistance, she’ll be back for Season 5.

The drama “Jury Duty” is arriving on Prime Video on April 7. The documentary-style comedy show follows juror Ronald Gladden as he experiences a criminal trial in the United States. Except for Gladden, everyone involved in the case is an actor.

David Bernad, Lee Eisenberg, Ruben Fleischer, Cody Heller, and Gene Stupnitsky are the show’s executive producers; Eisenberg and Stupnitsky co-created the show, and Heller is the showrunner. James Marsden is one of many comic actors featured in the film.

Redefined: J.r. Smith

The four-part docuseries “Redefined: J.R. Smith” follows J.R. Smith, whose life is a compelling reminder that any obstacle can be overcome with enough perseverance. After being drafted into the NBA right out of high school at the tender age of 19, J.R. finds himself unexpectedly without a team to call home and in need of a new direction in life and work.

The show opens up with J.R. having made a fresh start by enrolling at North Carolina A&T, the largest Historically Black University in the country, and joining the Men’s Golf Team there.

New Movies on Prime Video in April 2023

LeBron James and Maverick Carter, creators of the athlete empowerment brand UNINTERRUPTED and winners of multiple Emmy Awards, serve as executive producers for “Redefined: J.R. Smith.”

Amy Glickman Brown and Erikka Yancy will also serve as executive producers alongside Jamal Henderson and Philip Byron for UNINTERRUPTED. Philip Knowlton directs and also acts as a co-executive producer on this project. UNINTERRUPTED is responsible for producing and presenting “Redefined: J.R. Smith” for Prime Video Sports.

Gangs of Lago

High-stakes and realistic, “Gangs of Lagos” follows a group of childhood friends as they navigate their destinies in the chaotic streets and neighborhood of Isale Eko, Lagos. It has a high-octane speed and an emotionally realistic plot at its center, with grandiose set pieces, action scenes, and interesting dialogue.

 Gangs of Lagos is a film directed by Jáde Osiberu and produced by him, starring Tobi Bakre, Adesua Etomi-Wellington, and Chike Osebuka.

Lizzy Hoo: Hoo Cares!

Lizzy Hoo’s “Hoo Cares?” is a show about living a full life with your loved ones and chasing your dreams before it’s too late—if those dreams are truly worthwhile.

New Movies on Prime Video in April 2023

Lizzy’s show is an hour of big laughs and good times from a comedian whose profile has exploded in a few short years, with stories about her former office life, skydiving to her mother’s 60th in her brother’s backyard, trout-farming dreams, and father-daughter trips to Malaysia with her larger-than-life dad, Chan.

On a Wing and a Prayer

As the plane’s captain dies suddenly in the middle of the flight, passenger Doug White (Dennis Quaid) must make a perilous voyage to safely land the jet and save his entire family from certain death.

Greek Salad

Tom, age 26, and Mia, age 22, are the offspring of Xavier and Wendy (L’Auberge Espagnole). Their grandfather leaves them a building in Athens as an inheritance. Tom, a young entrepreneur educated in New York City, moves to Greece to help his sister run the family estate. He learns that Mia, the family’s “Erasmus pupil,” is a rebel activist who has been lying to them.

New Movies on Prime Video in April 2023

Yet, due to their divergent values and lifestyles, dividing the inheritance will be a difficult and contentious process. As their parents did 25 years ago, they’ll be living with other young Europeans. This shared experience is what will bring them closer together… In “Greek Salad,” young people across Europe and the issues they confront today will be given center stage.

Dead Ringers

Rachel Weisz plays Elliot and Beverly Mantle, twins who share everything: drugs, lovers, and an unapologetic desire to do whatever it takes, including pushing the boundaries on medical ethics, to challenge antiquated practices and bring women’s healthcare to the forefront in “Dead Ringers,” a modern take on David Cronenberg’s 1988 thriller starring Jeremy Irons.

Genevieve is played by Britne Oldford, and the other main characters in the show are played by Poppy Liu, Michael Chernus, Tom, Rebecca (Jennifer Ehle), and Susan (Emily Meade).

Judy Blume Forever

Several people have spent time in Judy Blume’s books over many years. If you’ve ever held one of her countless paperbacks, just hearing her name will bring back a flood of memories. Blume’s frankness about adolescence and sex has been a source of controversy and comfort to her readers for decades.

The acclaimed American writer now opens up about her formative years. Blume’s life is chronicled in this documentary by Emmy-winning filmmakers Davina Pardo and Leah Wolchok, who take us from her days as a shy, imaginative kid to her groundbreaking work improving the physical and emotional well-being of children and adolescents and finally to her present-day struggles against censorship as a banned author.

New Movies on Prime Video in April 2023

Blume’s influence on readers is explored through candid talks with renowned authors and artists, as well as humorous and touching cartoons that celebrate the wonder and awkwardness of childhood. Several of Blume’s longtime followers have written him lengthy, heartfelt letters throughout the years.

Judy Blume Forever explores the tale of the woman whose groundbreaking writings influenced a generation of young adults by altering their perspectives on identity, sexuality, and coming of age.


Citadel collapsed eight years ago. Operatives of Manticore, a powerful syndicate influencing the world from the shadows, have destroyed the independent global espionage organization tasked with upholding the safety and security of all people. Mason Kane (Richard Madden) and Nadia Sinh (Priyanka Chopra Jonas) were top spies who barely spared death when Citadel fell, and they had their memories wiped as a result.

 Since then, they’ve stayed out of sight, starting fresh under assumed names and identities. A former coworker at the Citadel, Bernard Orlick (Stanley Tucci), tracks Mason down one night in a desperate attempt to enlist his aid in stopping Manticore from creating a new global rule.

Mason tracks down Nadia, his former partner, and the two spies set out on a mission that will take them all over the world to bring down Manticore, all the while dealing with the complications of their complex and perhaps lethal love for one another.

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