New Series Coming on Peacock in March 2023!

This month, Peacock will be updating with a tonne of fantastic new content. There will be new episodes of “Poker Face” and “Bel-Air” this March. There are also many other fantastic films, both new and old, including the original three “Jurassic Park” films, “Fifty Shades of Grey,” “Mamma Mia!,” and many more.

Poker Face

A tech tycoon has a high-stakes poker game at his mansion, and all of his pals are invited. Things go wrong when a violent killer breaks inside his mansion.

to hide one’s true emotions or thoughts behind a mask of composure; to keep a poker face. Keeping a poker face when dealing with intense emotions is a challenging task.

new series coming on peacock in march 2023

In Rian Johnson’s weekly mystery series, a detective on the road has the uncanny ability to detect when someone is lying. Adrien Brody, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Chlo Sevigny, Hong Chau, Stephanie Hsu, Jameela Jamil, and more join Natasha Lyonne in the starring role. Peacock updates their streaming library with brand new episodes of “Poker Face” every Monday.


This hour-long drama series takes the feel-good ’90s sitcom “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” and gives it a dark twist. After getting into some trouble in West Philadelphia, troubled teen Will Smith is relocating to California to live with his aunt and uncle. Specifically, Bel-Air.

new series coming on peacock in march 2023

All of the classic characters from the original show make a comeback in the new “Bel-Air,” but they’ve been updated for the present era, and the show now deals with issues like racism, classism, and sexism that would have been too heavy for a sitcom format.

Each new episode of “Bel-Air” stars Jabari Banks, Adrian Holmes, Cassandra Freeman, Olly Sholotan, Coco Jones, Akira Akbar, Jimmy Akingbola, Jordan L. Jones, and Simone Joy Jones.

Jurassic Park

In addition to its excellent original programming, Peacock also provides a trip back in time with all three installments of Steven Spielberg’s “Jurassic Park” trilogy. On March 3, you can join Laura Dern, Sam Neill, and Jeff Goldblum on a return trip to Isla Nublar.

 Peacock will soon begin streaming the Jurassic Park films (Jurassic Park, The Lost World: Jurassic Park, Jurassic Park III, and Jurassic World).

The Cases of Mystery Lane

The Cases, Alden and Birdie, come up with a plan to keep their marriage exciting. Birdie might have the answer to one of Alden’s mysteries now that he’s studying to become a private detective.

Aimee Garcia portrays Birdie Case, a lawyer who finds herself in the unfortunate position of working for her mother, a ruthless businesswoman. Alden Case (Paul Campbell), her husband, is a bit of a kook with a job that consists more of fads and scams than anything else.

new series coming on peacock in march 2023

Today, he is pursuing a degree in the private investigation at a local community college, though Birdie believes he will major in accounting. These two don’t see eye to eye, and suddenly Birdie’s boss Tim (Ryan Mah) shows up in his office suspended from a noose. Definitely a Hallmark movie.

Dragons: The Nine Realms Season 5

When Tom’s mum goes adventuring on her own and runs into some Speed Stingers, it’s up to Tom to rescue her from the Hidden World. Everyone in Rakke Town is in danger when a hard cold hit and the Riders must try to use their dragons to get everyone through the night without being spotted.

Fifty Shades of Grey

The protagonist, Anastasia Steele (Johnson), has just graduated from college when she enters into a sadomasochistic romance with the young and wealthy Christian Grey (Dornan). After a bidding war, Universal won the rights to produce the trilogy in March 2012.

new series coming on peacock in march 2023

The film concludes with Anastasia Steele (Dakota Johnson) deciding she can’t be with Christian after experiencing the worst that the “Red Chamber of Pain” has to give. He attempts to persuade her, but she has already made up her decision; she returns the car and demands the money from the old Beetle he sold without her permission.

The Love Club: Nicole’s Pen Pal

Four female college students establish a pact on New Year’s Eve to reach out to one another in times of romantic difficulty. Now, ten years later, they’ve each gone their ways in quest of lasting bliss, and so they’ve decided to revive their love club.

 The four films that make up The Love Club chronicle the lives of four college buddies who have promised to always have each other’s backs in matters of the heart. Tomorrow, Brittany Bristow will take over the role of Nicole in a new episode.

Damay Obrero

Tomás Villamayor (Fabián Ros) is the owner of Omega Construction, where Ignacia (Ana Layevska) works as a young engineer. They end up spending a lot of time together and deciding to get married, but Ignacia has a false impression of the kind of man Tomás is.

new series coming on peacock in march 2023

Who Killed Robert Wone

In 2006, Washington, DC resident Victor Zaborsky called 911 to report that his friend Robert Wone had been stabbed by an intruder in the home he shared with Joe Price and Dylan Ward.

Wone was later found dead, and the authorities began to suspect that the three roommates were hiding something.

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