Invisible City Season 3 Release Date: Where Can I Watch This Series?

Season 3 of Invisible City may still be a mystery to Brazilian viewers. It was written and created by Carlos Saldanha. The directors are Jlia Pacheco Jordo and Luis Carone. The second season features five episodes, each running between 35 and 55 minutes in length.

After its release, Invisible City on Netflix rapidly gained popularity among viewers. It takes viewers into a world where urban culture and traditional Brazilian music and dance meet in surprising ways.

Invisible City Season 3 Release Date

According to Openmediahub, There hasn’t been any official announcement concerning Invisible City Season 3 as of now. The continuation of Invisible City for a second season also remains unknown.

Nonetheless, since its release, Invisible City has garnered praise and a dedicated following for the service. Therefore Invisible City might return for a third season. Given the subject matter, Invisible City Season 3 could be renewed by Netflix if it does well.

The second season premiered with little hype and only five small episodes, so this raises some worries.

It may be argued that the show’s relatively short duration is one of its selling points. Both critics and audiences have had mixed reactions to Invisible City so far. We will make sure to update this section with the correct information as we discover more over the next weeks and months.

What Might Be The Plot For Invisible City Season 3?

Season 2 of Invisible City picks up directly after Season 1. In the first part of the story, Luna is looking for her ghostly father, Eric. Inês, the leader of a group of magical beings, promises to help her. They continue their joint exploration of Forest’s ethereal realm in search of Eric.

As they still can’t find Eric, though, Luna grows increasingly desperate to find him. She makes the risky decision to summon a ghost to help her complete her quest, but she has no idea what might happen as a result. This sets Luna on a journey of self-discovery that continues throughout the show.

In the meantime, a new plotline involves a party of treasure hunters who are on the hunt for Marangatu’s Gold. The show’s parallel storyline of the gold hunt foreshadows impending doom for the treasure hunters.

One of the reasons the program could be renewed for a third season is the way the second one ended. Concerns concerning Eric’s sacrifice, the legendary creatures, and the conclusion of Invisible City were all satisfactorily addressed. This allows the creators to finish up all the loose ends in their next work.

The Cast Of Invisible City Season 3: Who Are in It?

Marco Pigossi is the main attraction in the Portuguese language show. Marco, a Brazilian actor, and producer plays the role of Dylan on the Australian TV series Tidelands. He became well-known because of his part as Eric on the hit Brazilian show Invisible City.

Pigossi made his acting debut at the tender age of 13. When he decided to sign up for a concert out of curiosity, that’s when he met the love of his life. He graduated high school and entered the government at the age of seventeen.

The next actor to join the cast is Jessica Cores. Jessica is a Brazilian actor who has been in shows including Invisible City on Netflix and the serial Verdades Secretas on Rede Globo. In 2015, she debuted on Rede Globo’s Verdades Secretas in the role of Lyris.

In 2017, she debuted on RTP1’s Pas Irmo, a Portuguese comedy series. Then, in 2019, she made an appearance on The Stripper. Alessandra Negrini’s name is listed below. She has starred in numerous films and Brazilian soap operas, making her a household name there. She began her television career with her role as Clara in Olho no Olho.

In the film Four Days in September, she made her debut in the role of Lilia. This paved the way for her to land roles in more than a dozen telenovelas and TV shows.

Also, Manuela Dieguez is a part of the cast. These renowned performers are all featured in the Invisible City ensemble. There may be additional commercials in Invisible City Season 2.

Jlia Pacheco Jord and Luis Carone are the show’s additional directors. Produced by Beto Gauss and Francesco Civita.

Where to Watch Invisible City Season 3?

As Netflix hasn’t granted the third season the go-ahead yet, very little is known about it. If this is renewed, Debora will continue to protect the forest as Luna takes the first steps towards a more independent life.

We expect that this won’t be renewed for the reasons stated above, but we’ll have to see what occurs.

There are also other shows in a similar genre that can keep you occupied till the debut of the Invisible City series. Such Shows Include Transatlantic, Nurses Season 3, and more.


Netflix offers the show for streaming. Please share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below. This Brazilian show comes highly recommended by us. You haven’t heard this story a hundred times before. The story’s originality and originality will endear it to you.

Every single one of these characters gives a great performance. It is set in beautiful locations, and the plot twists and turns so regularly that you never get bored. For more details visit our website

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