The Masked Singer Season 9 Episode 7 Release Date: Where can I Watch This Series?

The latest episode of The Masked Singer US, one of FOX’s most-watched shows, will air later this week. Last week’s exciting Sesame Street theme resulted in the elimination of two significant competitors, who were then revealed. Each week, just one of the celebrity singers advances in the competition.

The Masked Singer, an American remake of the Korean variety show King of Mask Singer, debuted on January 2, 2019. With its initial introduction to the United States, the format quickly gained popularity, resulting in the need for subsequent seasons of the show. What sets this show apart from others like it is the suspense and thrill viewers experience as they wait for the next star to reveal their identity.

The new season of The Masked Singer premiered on the 15th of February, 2023, and it features three different A-listers. Celebrities perform a song while hiding their identities, and the judges try to guess who they are based on various clues dropped throughout the show and before the performance.

To keep viewers interested, the show rotates through weekly themes including “superhero week,” “New York week,” “Sesame Street week” and “country-themed week,” respectively. According to the topic, the stars will sing whichever songs best fit the occasion.

The Masked Singer Season 9 Episode 7 Release Date

According to Otakukart, The release date for the next episode of the FOX series is set for March 29, 2023. All-new episodes of The Masked Singer premiere every Wednesday at 8 p.m., and each episode typically runs between 60 and 65 minutes.

Where To Watch The Masked Singer Season 9 Episode 7?

The Masked Singer is now being shown on FOX. Each week, new episodes air at 8:00 p.m. ET (7:00 p.m. CT). FOX’s show will have episodes that may be watched online on Hulu and FOX’s website.

What Happened in the Previous Episode of The Masked Singer Season 9?

The preceding episode had Sesame Street as its weekly theme. Kicking off the evening is a lively performance of Dynamite by BTS. Jennifer Nettles, the night’s popular host, is introduced by Nick Cannon. The Squirrel was the current champion. As the winner of this week’s Battle Royale, Squirrel deserves to relax on her victor’s chair. Her opening number is “Just The Two of Us,” which she performs first.

The judges applauded the performance, and a new case was ready to begin. The judge is taken aback when a young child with name Damir comes in through the door. It turns out to be Damar Hamlin. He presents the clue, a ball bearing Ken’s likeness, to the group.


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Squirrel says he and the woman have collaborated before, leading Ken to suspect that she is Katherine Heigl. Perhaps Kate Hudson, as speculated by Nicole. Others mentioned by the celebrity panel as possible candidates are Malin Ackerman and Anne Hathaway.

The Fairy is up next, and she wears clothing that not only impresses the judges but also the audience. She says she is the famous parent’s daughter. You’re No Good is a song she performs. Robin is impressed with the performance, and she suggests to the judges that the singer has some experience under her belt. Eternal love is the clue that Cookie Monster reveals.

After Jenny suggests Tracee Ellis Ross, Ken suggests Angelina Jolie as a possible fairy. It’s possible that The Office’s Rashida Jones is involved, as suggested by Robin. The Jackalope shows up, and the hints we’re given suggest that she has an impact on people of all ages thanks to the power of television and social media. The most important hints are that this rabbit is at its best on Wednesdays and has appeared in the Scream movies.


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The judges said the performance of “Whenever Anywhere” was eerily similar to Shakira’s. The fact that she is featured on the list of 30 people under the age of 30 is a big hint. It turns out that Squirrel was Malin Ackerman all along. Jackalope is outed to be YouTube star, Lele Pons.

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This game show, The Masked Singer, is a take on the Korean genre King of Mask Singer, in which contestants have to guess the identities of their fellow singers. Performers are famous people who have gone to great lengths to keep their identities hidden from the show’s host, judges, and audience. For more details visit our website

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