Best New on HBO Max in April 2023!

This month, a few returning shows drop new episodes…even if some of them have already been canceled, so we can still enjoy the last remains of an earlier age as HBO Max continues to evolve into whatever lesser imitation of its former self it will eventually turn out to be.

The most prominent of these is Bill Hader’s Barry; premiering on April 16 is the fourth and final season of the dark comedy about a mentally sick hitman who dreams of becoming an actor. This is fitting, as the program is going out on its terms, but it will be sorely missed all the same.

The second half of the final season of Titans (April 13) can be found in the Living Wake section. This under-the-radar D.C. superhero show was canceled by the streamer’s new management, along with its companion series Doom Patrol, but was thankfully spared the trash can along with the rest of the company’s tax write-offs.

And speaking of flying under the radar, HBO Max’s April 23 release of Somebody Anywhere is exactly the kind of hidden gem that makes the service worthwhile. A program that never tried to be anything other than a sad, rather lumpy emotional drama about a lady who returns to her hometown to care for an ailing relative and then feels stranded there, aimless, after the relative dies. It seems unlikely that the show will be renewed for a third season.

The April 27 release of Love & Death, starring Elizabeth Olsen, is a grim true crime drama about small-town Texas murderer Candy Montgomery (if that name sounds familiar, it’s because Hulu already made a movie about her last year). The April 20 release of Fired on Mars is an animated “existential sci-fi comedy” about a glum corporate worker on the red planet (for a taste, check out the animated short upon which it is based).

Find out what else will be joining or leaving HBO Max in April below. This month, as usual, the latter category predominates; the streamer is pumped up by nearly 200 movies and TV shows, including many cults favorites like Citizen Kane, When Harry Met Sally, and the entire Lethal Weapon series. This is disappointing for me because I often browse the library in search of an old film to watch on the spur of the moment.

Titles marked with (HBO) can be viewed on both HBO and HBO Max, while all other content is available only through HBO Max.

Craig of the Creek

Young women in love! The fourth season of the Cartoon Network show Craig of the Creek began yesterday, and in it, one of the three main characters, Kelsey, comes to terms with her romantic feelings for her female buddy, Stacks.

 The show is based on the real-life experiences of Ben Levin and Matt Burnett, who grew up in Maryland and New Jersey, respectively. They inspired the show itself. ‘It’s based on our experience growing up on the east coast,’ Levin says. Matt is from Jersey, and I’m from Maryland.

The Winchesters

Dean Winchester tells the tale of how his parents, John Winchester and Mary Campbell, met, fell in love, and fought monsters together in the 1970s while on the hunt for their respective absent fathers.

Best New on HBO Max in April 2023

It is possible that Jared Padalecki’s commitment to his role as executive producer and actor of The CW’s Walker prevented him from returning to his role as Sam Winchester due to scheduling problems.

Kung Fu Season 4

Kung Fu Season 4, The series is set in the present day and follows a young Chinese American lady who drops out of university to make a transformative trip to a remote monastery in China.

Music Box Jason Isbell Running With Our Eyes Closed

Track by Jason Isbell, “Running With Our Eyes Closed.” Despite the album’s critical success, Isbell struggles with feelings of inadequacy and solitude after he and his family are forced into lockdown due to the COVID-19 epidemic.

Best New on HBO Max in April 2023

A Black Lady Sketch Show

The American sketch comedy series A Black Lady Sketch Show was produced by Robin Thede and airs on HBO.

Best New on HBO Max in April 2023

Thede, Gabrielle Dennis, and Skye Townsend, three Black women, presently make up the show’s core cast and perform comic sketches on the show.

Barry Season 4

When Barry, a disillusioned hitman, follows his target to an acting class in Los Angeles, he finds himself inspired to start a new life with the students. His target is an aspiring actor having an affair with the wife of a Chechen mob leader.

Best New on HBO Max in April 2023

We’re The Millers

In We’re The Millers, David (Jason Sudeikis), a small-time pot dealer, finds out the hard way that no good act goes unpunished when he gets jumped by thugs and loses his money and stash while trying to aid several teenagers. David has accrued significant supplier debt and, to clear the schedule, must travel to Mexico to retrieve the supplier’s most recent shipment.

Dave comes up with a cunning strategy to carry out his mission: he and his “family” get into a massive RV and drive south of the border for a rowdy weekend that can only end in disaster.


Michael B. Jordan’s Adonis Johnson was born after the death of boxing legend Apollo Creed, whom he never met. Yet boxing runs in his family, so he recruits Rocky Balboa (Sylvester Stallone) as his trainer even though he is a former champion.

Best New on HBO Max in April 2023

When fighting an opponent more dangerous than any in the ring, Rocky offers to coach Adonis because he sees so much of himself in the young man. If Adonis truly has the heart of a boxer, Rocky will be able to help him secure a title shot quickly.

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