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New Netflix Original International Series of 2023!

Netflix’s international selection of films and TV shows from all around the world is one of the service’s greatest strengths. They have not been surpassed in this field and have produced first-rate entertainment in 2023. You’ll find our recommendations for the top new international programs arriving on Netflix in 2023 below.

Keep this page bookmarked; we’ll be coming back to it throughout the year 2023. Without further ado, here are a few of our top picks for new international programs to hit Netflix in 2023.

The Glory

In The Glory, After the failure of the most recent addition to the genre to match the success of All of Us Are Dead, Hellbound, or even Squid Game, we began to question if the Korean drama boom was indeed gone.

New Netflix Original International Series of 2023

Late last year, The Glory came out of nowhere and floored everyone, and earlier this year, we got the sequel. Since then, the series has become one of Netflix’s most-watched international series ever.

For those who haven’t seen it, the show centers on a woman who seeks vengeance on the people who bullied her as a youngster.

Copenhagen Cowboy

Copenhagen Cowboy, This Scandinavian murder thriller from director Nicolas Winding Refn was released on Netflix in early 2023, and the streaming service had great hopes for it.

Those who stuck with it were rewarded with an engrossing, original crime thriller that is uniquely Refn and comes with all the strangeness and eccentricities you’d expect from the creator, but it never became a Netflix smash hit.

 The series’ six episodes revolve around a lady who uses her supernatural powers to avenge herself on people who have mistreated her.

Woman of the Dead

Women of the Dead, Lady of the Dead (also known as Totenfrau) fits the bill for a crime mystery drama, a subgenre in which Europe excels.

The show has its roots in Austria (making it one of the earliest solo-Originals from the region), and it centers on a woman’s search for the truth about the murder of her husband.

New Netflix Original International Series of 2023

Decider rated the show STREAM IT and said that despite being a “very straightforward thriller,” the show stands out thanks to its “beautiful background and a lead character with a terrible backstory and some personality oddities.”

Women at War

Netflix continues to acquire major hits from countries that stream abroad, even though Netflix Original titles from overseas markets are often developed in-house. Women at War, the first broadcast on TF1, will be available on Netflix in all regions starting in January 2023.

The miniseries is set in World War I and follows four ladies from diverse walks of life whose lives converge.

 The series, which also goes by the name Les Combattantes, had significant success in the Netflix top 10s thanks to the strength of its female protagonists. But, the series’ location and several plot twists ensure that you won’t be able to put it down until the very end.

The World According to Lidia Poet

There have been a few Italian hits on Netflix in 2023, but none have been as impressive as The World According to Lidia Poet’s hybrid of Enola Holmes, Bridgerton, and The Empress.

This real story follows Lidia Pot, Italy’s first female lawyer, as she is banned from the legal profession and must file an appeal to get her ban lifted.

New Netflix Original International Series of 2023

It’s a well-made drama set in an interesting era, with interesting people, beautiful clothes, and a fun plot.

Maestro in Blue

The miniseries Maestro (or just Maestro) is the first Greek-made Netflix Original content and it’s a smash hit.

 The series follows Orestis, a frustrated musician, as he relocates to the beautiful Greek island of Paxos to bring back a long-forgotten musical festival. When he meets Klelia, the daughter of the island’s all-powerful mayor, his life takes an unexpected turn and the Greek sun becomes too bright.

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