Asteroid City Release Date: is There Any Trailer for It?

Wes Anderson, who has one of the most original voices in Hollywood, is getting ready to release a new film called Asteroid City.

Wes Anderson’s films can always be identified by the director’s signature visual style and the recurring cast. While many of the same actors and actresses have returned to Anderson’s Asteroid City, the city has also welcomed several fresh faces.

Asteroid City Release Date

According to Whattowatch, The official launch window for Asteroid City is the summer of 2023. On June 16, it will open in certain cities (presumably New York and Los Angeles), and on June 23, it will roll out to the rest of the United States. There has been no announcement of a UK or international release date.

Since the nationwide release of Asteroid City will occur between the major summer blockbusters The Flash and Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny, it is expected to provide some counterprogramming during the summer.

Asteroid City Cast Members: Who Are in It?

Wes Anderson has amassed a group of today’s finest actors, many of whom regularly appear in his films. That holds for Asteroid City, which will feature a mix of Anderson regulars and newcomers alike in major roles.

Several of Anderson’s previous film regulars, such as Jason Schwartzman, Scarlett Johansson, Jeffrey Wright, Tilda Swinton, Bryan Cranston, Ed Norton, Adrien Brody, Liev Schreiber, Willem Dafoe, Tony Revolori, Stephen Park, Rupert Friend, and Jeff Goldblum, are all scheduled to appear in Asteroid City.


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Tom Hanks, Rita Wilson, Margot Robbie, Hope Davis, Maya Hawke, Steve Carrell, Matt Dillon, Hong Chau, Jake Ryan, Grace Edwards, Aristou Meehan, Sophia Lillis, and Ethan Lee all make their first appearances in a Wes Anderson film.

Bill Murray, a frequent collaborator of Anderson’s, is noticeably absent. Variety(opens in new tab) reports that Murray was cast in a role but had to withdraw just before filming began due to a case of chronic obstructive pulmonary infection (COPD). Carrell took his spot as the new guy.

Asteroid City Plotlite: What Can We Expect From It?

The screenplay for Wes Anderson and Roman Coppola’s Asteroid City. The official plot summary is as follows:

“A poetic exploration of existence, Asteroid City is an excellent read. The novel takes place in a made-up American desert town around 1955, and centers on the Junior Stargazer convention that brings together kids and their parents for academic competition, relaxation, entertainment, drama, romance, and more.”

There are also other shows in a similar genre that can keep you occupied till the debut of the asteroid city series. Such Shows Include Troppo Season 2, Detective Pikachu 2, and more.

Asteroid City Trailer Details

The Asteroid City caravan has finally arrived. The director has a lot of room to experiment with his unique style as he transports viewers to a desert town in the 1950s. Check out the trailer for Asteroid City down below to learn more about the film:


Wes Anderson is writing, directing, and co-producing the next American science fiction romantic comedy-drama film Asteroid City, which was inspired by a story by Anderson and Roman Coppola. The activities of the 1955 annual Junior Stargazer convention are the focus of the film. For more details visit our website

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