Malpractice Release Date: is Lucinda Hiding Something?

World Productions, the studio behind such nail-biters as Line of Duty, Vigil, and The Suspect, has released another suspenseful thriller, Malpractice. The five-part series is a medical drama following a doctor who is the subject of an investigation for the death of a patient at the end of a nightmare shift.
Niamh Algar plays the lead role, and Grace Ofori-Attah is the show’s writer (Calm with Horses, The Virtues). Grace’s writings are a fantastic mix of gripping medical thriller and an authentic medical environment, which comes from her time as a doctor, according to Polly Hill, head of drama at ITV.

Malpractice Release Date

According to Bt, There will soon be malpractice on ITV and ITVX. There is no confirmed release date for Malpractice. Niamh Algar, who plays a doctor accused of misconduct after a patient’s death, has had her first photo from the ITV medical drama Malpractice revealed.

Malpractice Cast Members: Who Are in It?

Starring Niamh Algar of Raised by Wolves and Deceit, Dr. Lucinda Edwards is thrust into the center of an investigation when a nightmare shift ends with Edith Owusu’s opiate overdose.


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Sir Anthony Owuso, played by Brian Bovell (Crime, Strike), is adamant that an investigation be conducted, and Dr. Norma Callahan (Helen Behan), an investigator, is wary of Lucinda’s actions and motives.

  • Niamh Algar – Plays Dr. Lucinda Edwards
  • James Purefoy – Plays Dr. Leo Harris
  • Brian Bovell – Plays Sir Anthony Owusu
  • Helen Behan – Plays Dr. Norma Callahan
  • Scott Chambers – Plays Dr. Oscar Beattie
  • Tristan Sturrock – Plays Dr Mike Willett
  • Georgina Rich – Plays Dr. Eva Thornbury
  • Jordan Kouamé – Plays Dr George Adjei
  • Lorne MacFadyen – Plays Tom Edwards
  • Hannah Walters – Plays Matron Beth Relph
  • Priyanka Patel – Plays Dr. Ramya Morgan

Lucinda and her husband Tom (Lorne MacFadyen) are starting to show signs of strain as the probe heats up.

Is Lucinda Hiding Something?

Niamh Algar, who will play the lead role in the ITV medical thriller, is “thrilled” to be in the role. “The script by Grace Ofori-Attah and the people who worked on Malpractice blew me away,” Algar added.

“I’m looking forward to seeing how Phil Barantini handles Malpractice because I’m a tremendous fan of his work; his film Boiling Point is an astounding piece of work. “I couldn’t be more thrilled that we’re collaborating on this extraordinary series.”

Who is Making Malpractice?

Grace Ofori-Attah (In the Long Run, Urban Myths) penned the screenplay for Malpractice, which was directed by Philip Barantini (Boiling Point, The Responder), while Sophie Reynolds (Producer) oversaw its production (State of the Union).

According to Grace Ofori-Attah: “After more than a decade of experience in the National Health Service, I brought the idea for Malpractice to World [Productions].

“Malpractice examines the pressure cooker effect that develops when a doctor is under investigation and must simultaneously defend his or her every therapeutic judgment and appear as if nothing is wrong.

There are also other shows in a similar genre that can keep you occupied till the debut of the Malpractice series. Such Shows Include Outlander Season 8, Joy Ride, and more.


Malpractice is defined as “an incident of negligence or incompetence on the part of a professional” under the law of torts. For more details visit our website

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