Seven Kings Must Die Release Date: Will There Be a Last Kingdom Spin-Off?

After five seasons, Netflix pulled the plug on “The Last Kingdom” in March of 2022. Uhtred’s narrative ended on a sad note, although it wasn’t quite as horrible as it could have been.

A movie, also titled Seven Kings Must Die, would continue the plot begun in the series’ penultimate season, Netflix said before the season finale aired. A movie, after five seasons! Now that we have more details on the film adaptation of The Last Kingdom, let’s get to them.

The Seven Kings Must Die Release Date

According to Netflixlife, Netflix announced the April 14, 2023 release date for Seven Kings Must Die on Twitter.

It’s been over a year since the series finale of The Last Kingdom, but the film adaptation is now here! This is fantastic news. Usually, situations like these get stretched out, but not in The Seven Kings Must Die.

Seven Kings Must Die Cast Members: Who Are in It?

The Seven Kings Must Die has yet to announce its full cast. When the release date of the film draws nearer, we should expect that detail to emerge. Thanks to Netflix, we are familiar with a good portion of the cast. It looks like many of the actors from The Last Kingdom will be making cameo appearances.

  • Alexander Dreymon
  • Mark Rowley
  • Arnas Fedaravicius
  • Tom Christian
  • James Northcote
  • Rod Hallet
  • Harry Gilby
  • Ross Anderson
  • Ingrid García-Jonsson
  • Elaine Cassidy
  • Ewan Horrocks
  • Zak Sutcliffe
  • Nick Wittman
  • Alexandra Tóth
  • Laurie Davidson

What are Seven Kings Must Die About?

Uhtred’s story is continued in Seven King Must Die, which is set after the events of The Last Kingdom season 5. That, if anything, should be the most thrilling for the audience. It’s fantastic to see more of Uhtred and Alexander Dreymon’s narrative because they’re so well-liked.

The native population and the Danish invaders have been at battle for a hundred years. Except for Northumbria’s Lord Uhtred of Bebbanburg, the country is now at peace and very close to becoming united. But when King Edward passes away, the peace is in jeopardy as Aethelstan and Aelfweard fight for the throne.

When Uhtred learns that Aethelstan, his former charge, and protégé, is going into battle, he goes to his aid to make sure he wins. However, the young prince has fallen under a sinister spell and is no longer the lad Uhtred once knelt to protect. When Aethelstan’s activities endanger the only existence Uhtred knows, Uhtred must choose between the king and his people. d.

At the same time, a new danger has arrived on our shores in the form of the Danish Warrior-King Anlaf, who plans to sow unrest for his ends. Anlaf unites the king’s opponents in a powerful coalition that poses a threat to Aethelstan’s goal of uniting England and bringing peace to the British Isles.

Uhtred’s loved ones and his hope for a unified kingdom are put in the crosshairs when the alliance arrives seeking his assistance in their plans.

Will There Be a Last Kingdom Spin-Off?

The sequel to “The Last Kingdom,” “Seven Kings Must Die,” will premiere on April 14. The Last Kingdom, a five-season historical drama, has announced the premiere date for its sequel film, Seven Kings Must Die, in an exclusive interview with Variety.

There are also other shows in a similar genre that can keep you occupied till the debut of the Seven Kings Must Die series. Such Shows Include The Forbidden Marriage Season 2Peaky Blinders Season 7, and more.

Is There a Trailer for Seven Kings Must Die?

A caravan has been released. On Thursday, March 9, Netflix unveiled the film’s promotional trailer for The Last Kingdom: Seven Kings Must Die. Above, you can watch the trailer for Seven Kings Must Die.


After King Edward dies, there is a struggle for power between foreign invaders and his potential heirs. Uthred’s mission, along with those of his allies, is to unite England. For more details visit our website

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