The Night Agent and 6 More Shows Worth Watching on Netflix!

The new political conspiracy thriller The Night Agent premiered on Netflix on March 23, and it has been at the top of the top 10 during its whole first weekend (and counting). It’s easy to assume that people enjoy it and would like to see more shows similar to The Night Agent on Netflix.

The show, adapted from Matthew Quirk’s novel of the same name, follows an entry-level FBI agent stationed in the White House basement. When the phone he’s supposed to answer finally rings, he’s thrown into a convoluted plot.

Fans of the blockbuster series are looking for more shows like The Night Agent to satisfy their need for exhilarating action, a hint of romance, and a gripping mystery, thanks in large part to the chemistry between lead actors Gabriel Basso and Luciane Buchanan.

The Recruit

Fans of The Night Agent who missed the December 2022 release of The Recruit should go back and catch up on the action series. In the show, Noah Centineo plays Owen Hendricks, a CIA lawyer who, like Peter Sutherland, is thrust into a perilous political adventure right away.

The Night Agent and 6 More Shows Worth Watching on Netflix

You can relax knowing that this season won’t end on a cliffhanger. There will be a second season.

Designated Survivor

After two seasons on ABC, the political thriller starring Kiefer Sutherland, Designated Survivor, was canceled in May 2018. Thankfully, the show was saved for a third and final season by streaming giant Netflix. Some fans made the connection between the two when The Night Agent was released because both films are conspiracy thrillers with heavy political themes and star Kiefer Sutherland.

The Night Agent and 6 More Shows Worth Watching on Netflix

All the dots are being connected! Add Designated Survivor to your list if you’re looking for more political intrigue in the nation’s capital.


In December 2022, Netflix launched both The Recruit and Treason, a limited series starring Daredevil’s Charlie Cox as a spy. Cox plays MI6 agent Adam Lawrence in all five episodes, just as his troubled history begins to catch up with him and jeopardize his present.

 Any reader who enjoyed The Night Agent and wanted more when Peter’s narrative ended would do well to start this immediately.


In 2018, the British political thriller Bodyguard was an enormous success on the streaming service Netflix. Richard Madden plays David Budd, a police officer and war veteran assigned to guard Home Secretary Julia Montague during the six-episode series.

The Night Agent and 6 More Shows Worth Watching on Netflix

Despite his divided allegiances, he serves as her security even if he disagrees with her political views. While the show had the potential to be a limited series, its success thus far has led to the production of a second season.

House of Cards

House of Cards, one of Netflix’s earliest smash hits, established a precedent for the quality of material produced by the streaming service and lent instant legitimacy to the site. Before Netflix’s first success, this was where viewers went to catch up on classic TV episodes and reruns.

 The political drama, however, was a hit with viewers and critics alike throughout its six-season run. Rediscover House of Cards if you enjoyed the political suspense elements of The Night Agent.

The Lincoln Lawyer

The year 2022 was a terrific one for crime and thriller shows on Netflix. Fans of broadcast serialized procedurals were spoiled by shows like The Recruit, The Night Agent, and The Lincoln Lawyer.

The Night Agent and 6 More Shows Worth Watching on Netflix

The Lincoln Lawyer reintroduces Mickey Haller to audiences with a fresh actor, perspective, and angle, and the response has been overwhelmingly positive. The upcoming second season is less dark and gritty than the first, but fans will still like it.


The French mystery thriller Lupin, which premiered on Netflix in January 2021, rounds out the list of shows like The Night Agent that are popular with viewers. Although it differs slightly from a political thriller, the tone, and plot are still very similar.

 Omar Sy plays a robber who wants revenge for his father’s death in this series. Since it has been so well received, fresh episodes of Lupin will begin airing sometime in 2023.

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