Blue Lock Episode 25 Release Date: What Happened in the Last Episode?

Muneyuki Kaneshiro creates the manga series Blue Lock for Japan. The Blue Lock training program is an innovative soccer camp that aims to create the greatest striker, and it recruits Yoichi Isagi, a talented high school soccer player.
The series’ impressive following can be attributed to its engaging plot and beautiful visuals. This article will discuss the release of Blue Lock Episode 25, what viewers may expect from it, and the reasons for the show’s success.

Blue Lock Episode 25 Release Date

According to Sportskeeda, Episode 25 of Blue Lock has not yet been given a premiere date. Nevertheless, the premiere isn’t until the fall of 2023.

Episode 24 of Blue Lock premiered on March 25 at 12:00 PM PT (March 26 at 08:00 AM ET). The 25th episode is still under production.

What Can We Expect in Blue Lock Episode 25?

Yoichi and the other Blue Lock players will likely continue their pursuit of becoming the best strikers in the next episode. Episode 25 of Blue Lock features the following highlights:

Strenuous Exercises The Blue Lock program is famous for its demanding workouts. Participants should brace themselves for even more intense training sessions.

Participants in the Blue Lock program will need to acquire new tactics in order to further their development as the ultimate striker. Viewers can look forward to seeing innovative strategies employed by competitors.

Talented football players abound in the Blue Lock universe, and several new characters will make their debut in the next episode. These fresh faces are probable rivals who will test Yoichi and the rest of the Blue Lock contenders.

What is the Appeal of Blue Lock?

Blue Lock has quickly gained popularity thanks to its captivating plot, gorgeous visuals, and likeable characters. Some of the reasons why the show has so many followers are as follows.

The idea behind the Blue Lock training program is so novel that it has never been depicted in a soccer manga before. Rather than depending on a single star player, a new and exciting approach to the sport involves training players to become the greatest striker and forming a squad of strikers.

The characters in Blue Lock are well-rounded and easy to identify with. The characters have been beloved by the audience, which further adds to the show’s appeal.

The stunning visuals in Blue Lock feature intricately designed characters and exciting action sequences. The illustrations have made the story more engaging and real.

What Happened in the Last Episode?

In the season finale, we saw how the World 5 lived up to their reputations, even after Isagi, Bachira, Aryu, Tokimitsu, and Rin scored the game’s first point. Only one goal was scored by Rin’s team in the first half, but the World Five went on to win 4-2.

This led JFU to discover that Ego compensates each World 5 participant with 100 million yen plus an additional one million yen for each goal. Thus, they demanded an answer from Ego, and Buratsuta stated categorically that the project is no longer being worked on. He went on to state that parents have voiced concerns and that the project’s goals and progress have been unclear.


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After facing off against the Five, Isagi, Aryu, Bachira, and Tokimitsu all remarked in the locker room that they now feel like they can achieve their goal of becoming the best. Later, as part of Ego’s mission, the team attended English classes; however, due to Itoshi’s superior mastery of the language, Bachira, Tokimitsu, and Aryu harassed him during the lectures.

When the team was engaged in this activity, they were tasked with meeting the last 30 candidates from the second round of hiring. On their way to meet the rest of the survivors, Rin and the others saw familiar faces alongside those of new, both good and bad, characters.

After that, Ego revealed a sudden turn of events that may spell the end for Blue Lock and relegate it to the dustbin of history, or it could propel the company to new heights. As part of their third selection, he informed them about an upcoming encounter against the Japanese U-20 team.


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The most anticipated encounter between the two clubs will be played in the following season, making for compelling viewing. It’s safe to assume that the next season will also premiere sometime in late 2023 or early 2024. Fans can pass the time watching other anime series.

There are also other shows in a similar genre that can keep you occupied till the debut of the blue lock series. Such Shows Include Sugar Apple Fairy Tale Season 2, One Punch Man Season 3, and more.


Muneyuki Kaneshiro creates the manga series Blue Lock for Japan. Yoichi Isagi is a talented high school soccer player who decides to enroll in a groundbreaking soccer camp aimed at becoming the perfect attacker.

Yoichi and his other competitors are scheduled to continue their training to become the ultimate striker in the next episode. Blue Lock is a manga about soccer with the novel idea of building a team of strikers rather than depending on a single superstar.

Its captivating plot, beautiful visuals, and likable characters have made it a hit with readers. Fans have come to love this series for its captivating plot, beautiful visuals, and likable protagonists, all of which will be unveiled in the next episode. For more details visit our website

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