Scream Season 3 Release Date: is There a Third Season of Scream?

Scream season 3 was rumored to debut in October 2018 as early as August 2018, however, no official announcement was ever made. Notably, THR did disclose that MTV intended to air the six episodes of Scream season 3 over three nights.

Unfortunately, the show had become mired in legal controversy in the interim. Following scandal and bankruptcy, Lantern Entertainment acquired The Weinstein Co., although some agreements had to be renegotiated in the process.

The Hollywood Reporter claims that Netflix, which previously streamed Scream seasons 1 and 2 after its debut on MTV, wouldn’t have to do so for season 3.

It was still uncertain where season 3 would be released without the lucrative Netflix agreement. When you consider that season 3 was filmed in 2017, and there was no discussion about when we would ever see it, this is upsetting.

The delay could have been caused by one of two things. One possibility is that MTV tried to negotiate a new deal with Netflix or looked for a different streaming provider to host the program after it aired. Two, given the new route MTV is taking, it’s plausible that the network was trying to determine how the program will fit into its modified schedule.

Scream Season 3 Release Date: When It Will Be Renewed?

According to Wikipedia, The second season debuted on Netflix on September 30, 2016, in the United States. The three-night premiere of the third and final season, titled “Resurrection,” aired on VH1 in the United States from July 8, 2019, through July 10, 2019.

Tyler Posey from Teen Wolf was among the new cast of children that Tyler Posey’s Scream season 3 was going to introduce, along with a brand-new dynamic. Fans of the first two seasons were understandably disappointed that their favorite characters would be leaving, but it was obvious that MTV was making every effort to give the show a fresh start.


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It was difficult to predict the future impact of the deal to air Scream season 3 without knowing the specifics of the arrangement. It seems unlikely that Scream will return for a fourth season after all of this wrangling, but you never know.

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Additionally, MTV recently established its studio, appropriately dubbed MTV Studios, which may have an impact on this show as well as countless others going forward. Nowadays, the focus is more on getting their scripted series onto any network willing to purchase it from their studio than it is on getting these shows to air on MTV.

Scream was a strong fit for VH1, which also hosted Teen Wolf, so it was unfortunate that the show switched networks, but season 2’s declining ratings suggested fewer viewers were checking in for the show’s second season. However, that might be due more to poor marketing than a lack of interest.

I hope it ends on a positive note because I enjoyed the first two seasons and am hesitantly anticipating the third one. Even if this is the final season we will ever see, I’d rather it receive the recognition it deserves than remain unfinished for all of the time.

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The show’s plot is still very much a mystery. Posey and Mary J. Blige are new cast members, that much is certain. The latter will appear in Scream season 3 as Deion Elliot’s mother, Sherry Elliot (pictured below).

Scream Season 3 on Netflix: Will It Stream?

The first two seasons of Scream were streamed on Netflix after airing on MTV, however, in July 2018, THR announced that an output arrangement between The Weinstein Company (who produced Scream) and Netflix had been canceled, implying that the third season would not be broadcast on Netflix.

According to Reuters, the contract problems that arose as a result of the termination were finally addressed three months later, in October 2018.


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Though there has been no official comment from MTV, it is thought that the legal fighting between the now-defunct Weinstein Firm (which shut down in July 2018), Lantern Entertainment (a new company that purchased WC’s assets), and Netflix contributed to the delay in showing Scream’s third season.

Before airing the final episodes of Scream, MTV is likely looking to sign up a new streaming partner since Netflix is no longer required to accept delivery of or pay for it.

In addition to these issues, Scream is probably the victim of a shift in MTV’s strategy. Under a new directive from its parent company Viacom, MTV and its sister channel VH1 started to move away from scripted programming in 2018, and Maggie Malina, the head of scripted for both channels, left her position in February 2018.

According to Deadline, Malina’s departure from Chris McCarthy and general manager Amy Doyle was announced in a statement to the MTV staff that also expressed gratitude for “her shepherding the relaunch of Scream to its completion.

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It would seem that Scream is an artifact of the previous administration and a strange fit for the new MTV.

There are also other shows in a similar genre that can keep you occupied till the debut of the Scream series. Such Shows Include Swarm Episode 1, The Glory Season 3, and more.

Why is Scream Season 3 Not Available on Netflix?

A contract dispute between Netflix and the Weinstein Company caused an old output agreement between the two businesses to expire, which is why Scream season 3 was never released.

Is there a Third Season of Scream?

Scream season three’s characterization of the characters is excellent, but the horror is underwhelming. This season had a lot to live up to, and even if it ultimately fell short of my expectations, it was still a fun ride.


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