Army of the Dead 2 Release Date: Who Will Return?

An American turbine engineer (Joseph Millson) returns to Mumbai during the height of a zombie outbreak in India to save his pregnant lover (Meenu Mishra).
The year 2021 will see the release of Army of the Dead, an American zombie heist film. Zack Snyder, Shay Hatten, and Joby Harold wrote it, and it’s based on a story he came up with. The second film’s sequel has been eagerly anticipated for a long time.

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Army of the Dead 2 Renewal Status

A sequel to the popular zombie film Army of the Dead is currently in production. Planet of the Dead is the working title. In July 2021, Netflix announced that the scary movie would be available to stream. We have so many unanswered questions and cliffhangers from the first film, and we can’t wait for the sequel.

There is a lot to learn and discover in Planet of the Dead. Dangerous pandemics, sinister government schemes, and robotic zombies all lurk in the background.

However, not everyone has the same level of patience as a zombie, and you might be itching to learn everything about Planet of the Dead right this second. For more information on when Army of the Dead 2 will be available, keep reading.

Army of the Dead 2 Expected Release Date

According to Thedigitalfix, Fans of zombie movies will be disappointed to learn that a release date for Army of the Dead 2 has not been set. The film is in production, so perhaps we’ll hear more about when it might be released shortly.

The Hollywood Reporter reported in 2021 that when Zack Snyder completed production on Rebel Moon, another anticipated Netflix science fiction film, production on Planet of the Dead will commence.

According to the report, “Snyder will be spending more time in the Army-verse.” Following the completion of Rebel Moon, “on the docket is a sequel he is developing with the first movie’s co-writer, Shay Hatten.

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Because work on Rebel Moon kicked off in April 2022 and still hasn’t reached the post-production phase, it’s safe to assume that the earliest we can expect development on Army of the Dead 2 to begin is in 2023.

Since we still don’t know when Rebel Moon will be released, you should take that prediction with a healthy dose of zombie salt. Army of the Dead 2 could come out in late 2023 or early 2024, depending on how quickly Rebel Moon can get it made.

Army of the Dead 2 Storyline

Despite the lack of a plot synopsis, it is easy to speculate on where the story of Army of the Dead 2 will go in light of the unexpected conclusion of the previous film. Another zombie apocalypse will inevitably happen.

This signifies that Vanderohe will become an Alpha zombie (the most dangerous kind) and be released into the world shortly after the plane lands and that Zeus, the ruler of the Alpha zombies, is likely responsible for the bite.

In reaction to Vanderohe’s declaration, a new, uncontained pandemic will shake the world in Army of the Dead 2. Some of the unanswered questions from the first film may be answered in the follow-up.

One of the things that makes Planet of the Dead so intriguing is how many various things it may be about. Possible continuity with Army of the Dead suggests that the story will pick up shortly after Vanderohe’s transformation into a zombie or possibly an Alpha.

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Planet of the Dead may see the survivors return to Las Vegas to continue their story from where they left off if this time loop theory is correct. The story could develop further to explore Tanaka’s backstory. Army of the Dead 2 will be out sometime in the future, and now we know when.

Army of the Dead 2 Cast: Who Will Return?

Not many people survived the events of Army of the Dead to be resurrected in the sequel, so this list is relatively short.

Omari Hardwick’s Vanderohe and Ella Purnell’s Kate Ward are the only ones who are known to have survived. As we’ve established, though, Vanderohe is past his prime and could develop zombie traits at any time.

The events leading up to the Las Vegas heist were the primary focus of the prequel film Army of Thieves. Whether or whether he perished in the crypt is unclear from the document. However, Snyder revealed to Inverse that Ludwig could appear in the sequel.

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In the film before this one, Nathalie Emmanuel played Gwendoline, thus she may reprise the role here. Snyder has already dropped hints about Matthias Schweighofer’s character, Ludwig Dieter, possibly returning in Army of the Dead 2. He has also stated that in Army of the Dead 2, should Ludwig Dieter survive, he will “desire to find an incarcerated Gwendoline.”

Army of the Dead Ratings

Everyone takes a show’s rating into account when making a choice. The most reliable predictor of whether or not a show will return for a second season is its viewership numbers. The odds of achieving success increase as one moves up the ranks. Rating sites like IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes both indicate that critics and audiences are pleased with the show.

Above, we’ve provided a wealth of details regarding when Army of the Dead 2 will be in theatres. We promise to add any new information we learn to this website as soon as possible.

There are also other shows in a similar genre that can keep you occupied till the debut of the Army of the Dead series. Such Shows Include The Silent Sea Season 2, Blockbuster Season 2, and more.

Frequently Asked Question

How About Another Prequel to Army of the Dead?

A direct sequel to the first film, named Planet of the Dead, is now in development, while an anime-style prequel television series, Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas, is currently in post-production.

What Comes After Army of Thieves, if Anything?

Taking place before the events of Army of the Dead (2021), this is the second film in the Army of the Dead franchise and stars Schweighöfer as Ludwig Dieter once again, with Nathalie Emmanuel, Ruby O. Fee, Stuart Martin, Guz Khan, and Jonathan Cohen rounding out the cast.

Should We Expect to See Gwen in the Sequel to Army of the Dead?

Gwen promises Dieter that she will track him down after she is released from prison, but she is nowhere to be found in the Army of the Dead.


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