The Upshaws Part 4 Release Date: What Happened in Part 3?

The Upshaws are still as reliable as ever thanks to Netflix, which has made it official that Part 4 of the sitcom will air very soon. Along with the renewal, Netflix also stated that brand-new episodes of the show will premiere on August 17 in just a few short months.

A small video of the star Kim Fields telling the rest of the core cast the news was included with the release. The third installment of the series was published in February of this year.

The Upshaws is a television series that makes its debut in 2021 and centers on a Black working-class family in Indiana doing their best to navigate both their personal and professional life. It introduced viewers to Bernard/Bennie and Regina (Mike Epps and Sally Fields), a married couple who have experienced their fair share of ups and downs.

The couple, along with their two daughters Aaliyah (Khali Spraggins) and Maya (Journey Christine), eldest son Bernard Jr. (Jermelle Simon), and Bennie’s son Kelvin, strive to provide their children with a happy existence through thick and thin (Diamond Lyons).

While viewers observed the family’s daily activities, the program also provided glimpses into Bennie and Regina’s professional life. Regina’s sister Lucretia, who has a running dispute with Bennie and provides financial support to the family, is likewise portrayed on screen by Wanda Sykes.

The Upshaws Part 4 Release Date

According to Netflixlife, On Thursday, August 17, 2023, The Upshaws Part 4 is expected to premiere on Netflix, so be sure to mark your calendar and make time for it. On August 17, the fresh episodes should be available in your Netflix account at 12:00 a.m. PT/3:00 a.m. ET. Part 4 will likely consist of another eight episodes, similar to parts 2 and 3, however, the exact number of episodes is still unknown. We’ll be sure to post the official episode total as soon as we have it.

The Upshaws Part 4 Cast Members: Who Are in It?

All of the Upshaw family members should appear again, according to the Netflix press release. This features Journey Christine, Khali Daniya-Renee Spraggins, Jermelle Simon, and Mike Epps (who play Bennie Upshaw, Regina Upshaw, and Kelvin Upshaw, respectively) (Maya Upshaw).

The Upshaws Part 4 Release Date

Additionally coming back are Gabrielle Dennis (Tasha Lewis) and Wanda Sykes (Lucretia Turner). Likely, part 4 will also introduce a few new characters.

The Upshaws Part 4 Synopsis

According to a Netflix press release, The Upshaws Part 4 will cover the following ground:

The Upshaws continue to experience life’s ups and downs in this forthcoming chapter, which includes new employment, loftier goals, health issues, and some significant life surprises—all while clinging to the love that comes with family.

The official trailer has yet to be released; it will probably do so closer to the movie’s premiere. Naturally, you can rely on us to share it with you as soon as Netflix removes it.

What Happened in Part 3?

The Upshaws were facing challenges on multiple fronts when viewers last saw them. Regina struggled to locate a new job after quitting her former one for a significant portion of Part 3. Eventually, she was able to secure employment in a clinic thanks to some prior contacts.

She also persisted in making an effort to pursue her desire to go back to school for a Master’s degree. While dealing with some drama about Kelvin, Bennie cycled through various vehicle garage-related tasks. As Part 3 came to a close, Regina’s sadness became more pronounced, driving her away from her family.

The Upshaws Part 4 Release Date

After finally relocating further away with his mother and her lover, Kelvin abruptly showed up at the Upshaw home and declared his desire to move in with Bennie.

Sykes and Regina Y. Hicks, who has previously worked on series including The L Word: Generation Q, Girlfriends, Insecure, and others, created The Upshaws. Executive producing were Page Hurwitz, Niles Kirchner, Hicks, Epps, and Sykes. Marc Solakian is the producer, Tony Hicks is a co-producer, and Mark Alton Brown is a co-executive producer. Michel Estime, Page Kennedy, Gabrielle Dennis, Daria Johns, and Leonard Earl Howze are among the additional cast members.

Where to Watch the Upshaws Part 4?

It seems like the Upshaw family will be making an earlier-than-expected return to our televisions. It’s because Netflix has announced the official release date for The Upshaws Part 4.

There are also other shows in a similar genre that can keep you occupied till the debut of the Name series. Such Shows Include John Wick 5, Ballerina Release Date, and more.


In the comic series THE UPSHAWS, a Black working-class family in Indiana struggles to get by each day. Mike Epps and Kim Fields’ characters, Bernard and Regina Upshaw, work and reside in Indianapolis where they are parenting 6-year-old Maya and 13-year-old Aaliyah (Khali Spraggins) (Journey Cristine). For more details visit our website

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