Shadows House Season 2 Release Date: Will Shadows House Season 2 Have a Physical Release?

Background. Between September 28, 2022, and 8 July 2023, six volumes of Shadows House 2nd Season were made available on Blu-ray and DVD.

A young, cheery living doll joins her shadow mistress in a gorgeous mansion, but as they become closer, she learns that not everything is as it seems.

When and Where Is Shadows House Season 2 Being Released?

The return date of this season is Expected, The second season of shadows house would debut on Funimation and Crunchyroll on July 8, 2022. A two-week free trial was now available for both services. Following that, Funimation’s and Crunchyroll’s streaming subscriptions started at $5. 99/month each, respectively

Will Shadows House Season 2 Have a Physical Release?

The first season of Shadows House is available on Blu-ray, which can be ordered directly from the Crunchyroll store. Season 2 should get the same treatment and a Blu-ray release early next year if it garners enough interest.

What Can We Expect From Shadows House Season 2?

Shadows House, which is loosely based on the manga of the same name, combines elements of fantasy, allegory, and Victorian gothic drama. In the first season, Emilio, a happy and generous character, is first introduced. He has recently been given to the highborn girl Kate the position of a special personal servant known as a Living Doll.


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As Shadows, Kate and the other members of the nobility constantly release soot from their bodies, giving them a faceless, pitch-black appearance. Each, therefore, relies on their Living Doll to communicate with the outside world.

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While Kate and Emilio quickly develop trust and respect for one another, other Dolls receive less kindly treatment as they are gradually taught to give up their unique identities until only the Shadow is left. While the ability of Emilio, Kate, and their allies to effect change is growing, Shadows House’s mysteries and threats continue to loom large in the background.

Kazuki Hashi, who previously directed five episodes of Persona 5: The Animation, a sleek anime with themes of adolescent rebellion, is the director of Shadows House. Additionally, he contributed to the dramas Kakegurui and The Lost Village.


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Toshiya No is in charge of creating the script; he previously wrote The Promised Neverland, another manga adaptation. With Y Sasahara (Ms. Vampire Who Lives in My Neighborhood) and Dani Chambers (The Ancient Magus’ Bride) as Emilico, Akari Kit (Adachi and Shimamura) and Emi Lo (Higurashi: When They Cry) as Kate, Kodai Sakai (The Lost Village) and Jordan Dash Cruz (Black Clover) as Emilico’s fellow Doll Shaun and his Shadow partner John, and Rie Kugimiy Discover how to view the second season by reading on.

Shadows House Season 2 Release Date

According to Sources, The precise release date for Shadows House Season 2 has not yet been formally affirmed by Aniplex, Shueisha, Studio CloverWorks, or any other organization connected to the anime’s development as of the most recent update. The Shadows House sequel will, nevertheless, be released in the summer of 2022.

The pertinent details will be added to this post once the news is formally confirmed.

As word of the TV show spreads, the Shadows House anime has the potential to become a sleeper smash in 2021. Compared to the many contestants from the isekai and RomCom anime genres, its idea is a breath of sooty air. However, there were still several things that made Shadows House 2 unexpected.

shadows house season 2 release date

A similar rise in manga sales can be used to measure an anime’s popularity. According to Oricon, the Shadows House manga was still selling more copies than To Your Eternity (Fumetsu no Anata e) in May 2021, but not being as successful as Tokyo Revengers, which saw its manga sales soar.

Given that To Your Eternity received significantly higher review scores than Shadows House, that is an intriguing fact. However, the ratings were still respectable compared to comparable TV shows that received sequel renewals.

However, the Shadows House Blu-Ray Volume 1 only sold less than 500 copies in Japan in the first week after being on sale in June 2021. Additionally, “streaming figures do not seem to be that outstanding, either,” it is said.

Even worse, CloverWorks once more chose an anime-style finale, which is a major turnoff for some anime lovers.

The anime production committee nevertheless requested a renewal of Shadows House. Unexpectedly, the Shadows House Season 2 release date will be in 2022 as that’s a rather quick turnaround time, especially considering that anime productions are scheduled years in advance and that the second season was not preplanned in advance.

There are also other shows in a similar genre that can keep you occupied till the debut of the shadows house series. Such Shows Include Truth Be Told Season 3, Silent Hill 2, and more.

Frequently Asked Question

Is Season 2 of Shadow House Any Good?

Was Season 2 of Shadows House any good? Overall, compared to the first season, this one felt different. This is good since it put a lot of emphasis on world-building, exploration, and introductions. There have been many things revealed regarding the house, but many more questions remain.

Kate Shadow House’s Age is How Old?

On the day of her 13th birthday, Kate left the cabin in search of the reasons behind her transformation into a Shadow, only leaving a letter behind.

Emilico, is He a Doll?

The primary character of the Shadows House series is Emilico (, Emiriko?) who also provides narration for some of the chapters. She is a living doll who serves as Kate Shadow’s “face” and a maid in the Shadows household.


The first season of Shadows House is available on Blu-ray, which can be ordered directly from the Crunchyroll store. Season 2 should get the same treatment and a Blu-ray release early next year if it garners enough interest. For more details visit our website

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