Young Justice Season 5 Release Date: When is Young Justice Season 5 Coming Out?

The premiere of Young Justice Season 5 on HBO Max will take place in October 2021, with the first two episodes having already been broadcast. The release date for the second part of Season 4 is set for March 2022.

The fate of Young Justice’s upcoming fifth season is, unfortunately, still up in the air. Despite the success of the series, HBO Max only ordered one season of the superhero show. There are currently no plans to renew the show.

When is Young Justice: Season 5 Coming Out?

Due to the lack of confirmation for Young Justice: Season 5, there is currently no set return date for the program, and it may never return at all after the contentious merger between Warner Bros. and Discovery led to the cancellation of many shows on HBO Max.


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At the time of this writing, Young Justice has not been renewed for a second season, and even show creator Greg Weisman is uncertain as to whether or not the show will continue.

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Given the show’s track record, we can only conjecture as to when Season 5 would premiere, but we’d guess sometime around the middle of 2024 or the beginning of 2025 as a possible return date.

Given that Season 4 ended airing in the middle of 2022, we should expect to have to wait at least two years for the next installment. Even if it takes a while, maybe fans of the show will hear that it has been renewed so they can stop worrying about its future.

What Is Young Justice: Season 5 About?

The conclusion of Young Justice Season 4 was satisfying but sad. The Kryptonians were released from the Phantom Zone, the White Martians found a new home, and Superboy and Miss Martian tied the knot. The most unexpected development, however, was that Supergirl (Kara) and Mary Marvel (Mary Marvel) joined Darkseid’s army.

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Consequently, the writers have a wide variety of avenues to explore in the future. It’s inevitable that the next generation of Furies, which includes Supergirl and Black Mary, will collide with our heroes. Since Ursa intends to instill her child with the same animosity she has for our misfit heroes, we may expect the House of Zod to pursue retribution in the upcoming fifth season as well.

Which Studio Is Making Young Justice: Season 5?

In contrast to the previous three seasons, which featured animation from DR Movie, MOI Animation Inc., Digital operation, and others, season four was created entirely in-house at Studio Mir. If Season 5 of Young Justice is indeed announced soon, you may expect Studio Mir to provide the animation services once again.


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The vast gaps between each renewal explain why it comes as a surprise to learn that the show moves studios every season. But none of the animation studios that have worked on Young Justice have failed to capture the intensity of the characters’ interactions.

Where Will Young Justice: Season 5 Be Aired?

Having premiered on Cartoon Network for its first two seasons, the third is now available exclusively on WB’s DC Universe streaming service. After being canceled and then renewed four times, the series finally found a permanent home on HBO Max.


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Even though it hasn’t been confirmed just yet, Young Justice Season 5 will also likely premiere on HBO Max.

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There have been many cancellations of DC shows since the Warner Bros. Discovery merger, including Batgirl and Supergirl, but fans are still holding out hope for Young Justice: Season 5.

What Could be the Young Justice Season 5 Plot?

When the heroes locate a clone of Superman in Cadmus’ lab, they know the kids have uncovered a new weapon and that Lex Luthor has been up to no good. Because of Luthor’s schemes, they are thrust into the heart of tragic events almost immediately.

After the third and final sections, the audience is left wondering what will occur in the fourth and final portions. The Legion of Super-Heroes logo appears on the waitress’ ring in the closing scene. Meanwhile, fans of Young Justice can guess what will happen in the upcoming fifth season. Critics predict the rise of the Legion of Superheroes.


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Season one of Over the Garden Wall, Samurai Jack, and Star Wars: The Clone Wars all originated on Cartoon Network. Due to disappointing toy sales from Mattel, the studio was forced to cancel the airing of the animated series after just two episodes had aired. When Netflix came along, things started looking up: both viewing and output kept going strong.

There are also other shows in a similar genre that can keep you occupied till the debut of the Young Justice series. Such Shows Include Designated Survivor Season 4, Yellowjackets Season 3, and more. 

Frequently Asked Question

How About Season Five of Young Justice?

“HBO Max had always intended to just air one season of the former Cartoon Network and DC Universe programs. No Season 5 is planned at this time, so far as I know.”

How Many Episodes Are in Season 5 of Young Justice?

Completed on December 10, 2021, the season took two years, four months, and twenty days to film.

During the Fifth Year, Why Did Young Justice Skip a Year?

Weisman explained that the series’ focus on maturation necessitated a significant time jump between the first two seasons. After that, “It’s more about what feels right,” the man said.


Young Justice will be canceled as a result of Warner Bros. Discovery’s ongoing restructuring of its DC IP, as the animated program is not anticipated to return for a fifth season. According to a TV Line source claim, HBO Max only bought one season of the popular animated series Young Justice: Phantoms, and those plans haven’t changed since the season finale in June. For more details visit our website

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