On My Block Freeridge Season 2 Release Date: Does Freeridge Season 1’s Finale Set Up Season 2?

One of the first significant comedies to appear on Netflix in 2023 is called Freeridge, but it won’t be returning because it was canceled a few months after its first release. Here are the reasons Netflix canceled Freeridge and what we could have anticipated from any upcoming seasons.

Freeridge, which is an On My Block spin-off, takes place in the same city as the mothership show but has a completely different cast. The show centers on four teenagers who are trying to break a curse after an odd old box seems to bring bad luck. The fourth season of On My Block ended in May, and the show begins in September.

Freeridge has received positive reviews thus far and now has an 86% rating on RottenTomatoes. The Daily Beast praised it as a “female-led comedy.” The Hollywood Reporter also concluded that Freeridge is a “lighter show than its predecessor” while stating that “it shares the same empathetic heart” and “playful sense of humor.”

On My Block Freeridge Season 2 Release Date

According to Sources, Netflix has not officially declared that Freeridge will return for a second season. We’re sure there will be word soon about whether the adventures in the made-up LA neighborhood will be set to continue or not, as the series has just debuted on the streaming juggernaut.

Co-creator Jeremy Haft acknowledged that there are other stories within the Freeridge series universe in an interview with TVLine.

On My Block Freeridge season 2 release date

Freeridge has an active and rich universe, and there are a ton of interesting stories to be told, according to Haft. “Eddie [Gonzalez], [co-creator] Lauren Iungerich, [executive producer] Jamie Dooner, and I always had a tiny grain of faith that we’d carry on the stories of Freeridge.

“Fortunately, and with deep appreciation, we thank Netflix for enabling us to carry on telling those stories. The show’s co-creators, Jamie Uyeshiro, Eddie Gonzalez, and Haft, released the following statement regarding the conclusion of On My Block and the beginning of the Freeridge adventure

On My Block Freeridge

“Fans telling us they felt noticed and represented were some of the best compliments we’ve received regarding On My Block. As we launch Freeridge, a more female-focused show, we’ll keep spending money on real people who reflect our devoted audience. Oh, and gnomes could be present.

It certainly seems like there is room for many more episodes because it is such a unique female-driven drama with new characters and stories. There are so many more stories to be told in Freeridge, as Netflix comedy head Tracey Pakosta also stated, so we’ll just have to wait and see.

Does Freeridge Season 1’s Finale Set Up Season 2?

Freeridge finishes on a major cliffhanger, in keeping with On My Block tradition. In the final episode of the series, the gang learns that Mariluna, Abuelita’s long-lost sister, was the source of the curse they have been under.

On My Block Freeridge season 2 release date

Mariluna assigns the gang the goal of blowing a set amount of money in a predetermined amount of time without producing anything in return; they would then leave with even more money.

Even though they accepted the challenge, things started to go south when Mariluna was shot. When looking for the Roller World money that Marisol and Jamal discovered in On My Block before her death, the two shooters from the Santos gang unintentionally confused Mariluna for Marisol.

Other shows in a similar genre can keep you occupied till the debut of the On My Block Freeridge series. Such Shows Include Star Trek Lower Decks Season 4, Murderville Season 2, and more.

Is There a Trailer for Freedridge Season 2?

There isn’t because Netflix hasn’t said whether or not Freeridge will return for a second season. You can, however, view the season 1 trailer in the meanwhile.


As it turns out, Mariluna’s curse didn’t truly have an impact on our core four. She did offer them an opportunity to make a significant amount of money, though. The Santos found her under the impression that she was Marisol, and they shot her in his driveway.

A different kind of turf war could break out now that the Santos are after the money from Rollerworld and Mariluna’s fortune is now up for grabs. For more details visit our website Jerseyshorevibe.com

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