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Scared of the Dark Release Date: When is It on TV?

Even though Rise and Fall and Tempting Fortune have ended, Channel 4 is making a comeback to reality television tonight with a brand-new program that completely excludes celebrities from the spotlight.

In the film Scared of the Dark, eight well-known actors strive to survive 180 hours in complete darkness while taking on difficult trials that might either earn them rewards or revoke their limited privileges.

The five-part series, which is hosted by Danny Dyer, will test how celebrities including Chloe Burrows from Love Island, football legend Paul Gascoigne, boxer Chris Eubank, and blind comedian Chris McCausland will do under prolonged periods of darkness.

Those who make it to the end of the experiment, which is being directed by clinical psychologist Dr. T, will vote for the show’s winner.

Scared of the Dark Release Date

According to Sources, Scared of the Dark resumes on Channel 4 tomorrow night (Monday, April 17) at 9 p.m. The first episode of the series, which airs tonight, can be seen in its entirety on All4.

Scared of the Dark Cast Members: Who Are in It?

They will all attempt to stay in the dark for as long as they can while being observed by host Danny Dyer and clinical psychiatrist Dr. Tharaka Gunarathne.

scared of the dark release date

Eight famous people have decided to test their courage and participate in this challenging event in the hopes of outlasting others. However, there can be only one winner!

Here is all the information you require for the Scared of the Dark competitors.

  • Paul Gascoigne
  • Scarlett Moffatt
  • Max George
  • Nicola Adams
  • Chris Eubank
  • Chris McCausland
  • Donna Preston
  • Chloe Burrows

Scared of the Dark Plotline: What Can We Expect From It?

In a first for the globe, celebrities are living, eating, and sleeping in total darkness. Can they withstand the rising psychological strain of light deprivation as well as the real-life, horrific, and faceless obstacles that bring out their deepest fears?

If they fail, they forfeit their advantages and their lives become even more difficult. If they triumph, they receive goodies and sometime in the sun. By expressing “I’m scared of the dark,” contestants can end the challenge at any point if they feel too fearful to continue. Peer-to-peer voting will decide the winner for those who can tolerate 180 hours in the dark.

Scared of the Dark Release Date

Dr. T, a professional psychologist, keeps an eye on celebrities at all times as they perform their activities. He is available to discuss the developing relationships between the celebrities as well as what is happening to them emotionally and physically, both individually and as a group.

As the show progresses, the celebrities will surely let down their guard. As they discuss their reasons for participating in the program, expect plenty of tears.

When is Scared of the Dark on TV?

From April 16 to 20, at 9 p.m. on five consecutive nights, Channel 4 will broadcast the horror film Scared of the Dark.

There are also other shows in a similar genre that can keep you occupied till the debut of the Scared of the Dark series. Such Shows Include The Hardy Boys Season 3 , Feud Season 2, and more.


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