The Executioner and Her Way of Life Season 2 Release Date: Is There Enough Source Material?

Once again, it is the time of year when audiences must bid farewell to their beloved series. Some of the year’s most riveting narratives burst into the spotlight in the spring of 2022. The Executioner and Her Way of Life Season 2 is now in high demand.

When the month of June 2022 drew to a close, so did the first season of the anime. Yet the demand for renewals has just skyrocketed.

Learn more about the renewal of Shokei Shoujo No Virgin Road 2 in the following subheads. In the next parts, we’ll examine the release date, the availability of source material, the demand, and the studio’s production timeline.

The Executioner and Her Way of Life Season 2 Release Date

HiDive broadcasted some of the most influential anime of all time during the Spring 2022 season. Among them is Ya Boy Kongming, I Stopped Being a Hero, and Season 2 of The Demon Girl Next Door.

HiDive has not been as prompt with renewals and returns as other studios and production businesses. Season 2 of The Executioner and Her Way of Life, on the other hand, offers a lot to look forward to. The season finale’s release date has not been revealed as of this writing.

Yet, it could take up to a year and a half to complete the entire process of rejuvenation, writing, and production. As a result, it seems like the best time for a debut would be around the latter part of 2023.

The majority of these concerts have undoubtedly been successful. The same holds for the life of the executioner. IMDb users gave the first season an impressively high rating of 7.6 stars.

Genre Action Adventure Animation Series
Country of origin Japan
Directed By Yoshiki Kawasaki
Music By Michiru
Written By Shōgo Yaskawa

Furthermore, Shokei Shoujo No Virgin Road has a 6.9-star rating on MyAnimeList. Questions concerning the anime’s return filled Reddit after the series finale aired. The question has not been answered, but one thing is certain.

The return of The Executioner and Her Way of Life for a second season is much anticipated by fans. As a result, the likelihood of renewal is strong and will remain so.

Is There Enough Source Material?

The 2019 light novel of the same name served as the inspiration for the anime Shokei Shoujo No Virgin Road. Mato Sato and Niitsu are the authors and illustrators of the book. Seven volumes of the LN have been published as of June 2022. Only the first two books were utilized in the first season. And the plot has to begin with the third book’s prologue.

At this rate, there should be more than enough content for three full seasons in the text. The manuscript also lacks a final chapter. Fans can rest assured that the show will run for a full four years.

Where to Watch The Executioner and Her Way of Life Season 2?

HIDIVE now hosts episodes 1–13 of The Executioner and Her Way of Life. We will be back as soon as we have any further information on the Japanese animation. Be up to date!

The Executioner and Her Way of Life Cast

Take a look at the cast members below:

  • Mao Ichimichi, Ashuna (voice) 12 Episodes.
  • Yuma Uchida, Mitsuki (voice) 12 Episodes.
  • Moe Kahara, Akari (voice) 12 Episodes.
  • Hisako Kanemoto, Momo (voice) 12 Episodes
  • Yuhko Kaida, Flare (voice) 12 Episodes.
  • Tamie Kubota, Orwell (voice)
  • Anzu Haruno, Girl (voice), Pandemonium (voice)
  • Iori Saeki, Menou (voice) 12 Episodes.

The Executioner And Her Way Of Life Season 2: What Can We Expect From It?

The first-season climax set up as many potential continuations as viewers could have hoped for. All of these clues suggest that Season 2 of The Executioner and Her Way of Life is in the works. Fans of the show had hoped to see a showdown between Menou and Flare during the first season. Yet, the combat did not occur during the appropriate time of year.


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As a result, we may expect to see a lot of this story technique in Season 2. Also, in the season finale, Flare stated for the millionth time that she wished to kill the apprentice. So, her goals for the upcoming season are quite obvious. Finally, the sequel will investigate how the protagonists broke through to the true universe.

The Executioner and Her Way of Life Season 2 Trailer

The second season of The Executioner and Her Way of Life does not yet have a trailer. Now you can see the first season trailer for The Executioner and Her Way of Life!


Because Menou can’t kill Akari, she must wait with her until Akari can complete her mission. If the anime is given the go-ahead, we may anticipate the second season of The Executioner and Her Way of Life to premiere in 2023. For more details visit our website

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