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Berserk Anime Season 3 Release Date: Which Studio is Making It?

Despite being hailed as one of the best manga of all time, the anime adaptations of Berserk have all met with utter failure. The 1997 film version was well-received by critics, but the 2016 and 2017 follow-ups were panned by the press.

There has been no official confirmation of a third season of Berserk. Extremely harsh criticism of the anime’s art style and tempo throughout its first two seasons has left its future in doubt, even after all this time. Nonetheless, here is a preview of everything that might happen in Berserk’s upcoming third season.

Berserk Anime Season 3 Release Date

According to sources, There is currently no guaranteed release date for Berserk: Season 3, as development on the show has not been confirmed. There has been no news about a third season since its second broadcast. Nonetheless, if we had to make a bold prediction, we might expect the anime to return in 2024.

Due to the lackluster response of late, it seems unlikely that a third season would ever be made. Nevertheless, there is no such thing as an impossibility, especially in the realm of anime, where we are currently seeing one of its most prolific times of growth.

Berserk Season 3 Storyline: What Can We Expect From It?

The events of Chapter 249 of the manga were depicted in the series’ penultimate episode. That means that the third season of Berserk will pick up where the second left off (in Chapter 250) and see the Millennium Falcon arc through to its conclusion.

berserk anime season 3 release date

As a result of his involvement in a scandal involving the Vandimion family, Guts challenges Serpico to a fight. It’s not just Guts who declares war on the Holy See; Emperor Ganishka does so as well, setting up a deadly civil war in the empire. As a result, creatures from all over make their way into our world, merging the supernatural with the natural.

Which Studio Is Making Berserk Season 3?

If we’re talking about Berserk: Season 3, the follow-up to the 2017 adaption, then the animation will likely be handled once again by Liden Films, GEMBA, and Millepensee. It could sound like good news, but in reality, it would be devastating.

Due to the exceedingly poor CGI aesthetics in the most recent seasons of the Berserk anime franchise, the series has been widely mocked, and it’s obvious that no one wants a sequel. Despite the high quality of their work on Tokyo Revengers and Goblin Slayer: Season 2, Liden Films’ production choices for Berserk were disastrous. A much better plan would be to commission a remake animation from Studio MAPPA or maybe even Ufotable.

Where to Watch Berserk Season 3?

Since Crunchyroll is listed as the owner of the license for the most recent adaptations, you may expect to see Berserk: Season 3 there. However, there is a good likelihood that you’ll be able to watch Season 3 on Netflix as well, given that every season (including the 1997 adaption) is currently available.

berserk anime season 3 release date

There are also other shows in a similar genre that can keep you occupied till the debut of the berserk anime series. Such Shows Include The Jojolands Chapter 2, Futoku No Guild Episode 11, and more.


It might be an understatement to say that the 2016 and 2017 Berserk adaptations were disappointing. There’s no denying that the plot is top-notch, but many viewers, even those who had been followers for decades, found the frightful CGI animation too much to handle.

It’s therefore not surprising that the fandom may go crazy if a third season was announced, but a remake would send fans into a frenzy for all the right reasons. For more details visit our website

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