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BNA Season 2 Release Date: What Happened in the Previous Season of It?

If you enjoy fictitious themes and wish to watch more fantasy-driven series, BNA is a great option. Action, comedy, and science fiction all come together in the Japanese series BNA: Brand New Animal. Brand New Animal Season 2 is eagerly anticipated after the success of Season 1. Read this article in its entirety if you want to know all about it.

Yoh Yoshinari is credited as the show’s director, while Akito Takahashi and Yukiko Takase are credited for creating and producing the show. Author Kazuki Nakashima is responsible for the script. Studio Trigger, best known for its work on Little Witch Academia, is the animation studio responsible for the creation of this show.

BNA Season 2 Release Date

According to sources, The release date for BNA Season 2 has not been confirmed by the official and has not been declared. Season One ended less than a year ago, so it’s possible the creators need some breathing room before announcing Season Two. They should be able to survive for a while if the fans want them to.

What Happened So Far in BNA?

The narrative takes place in the modern era. The story takes place in the twenty-first century, on a planet populated by both humans and animals with human characteristics (called beastmen). Michiru Kagemori, a typical high school sophomore, spends the course of the episode being turned into a tanuki beastman. She runs away to the town of Anima, which was built as a haven for monsters because she is afraid of monster hunters.

bna season 2 release date

Michiru meets the wolf beastman Shirou Ogami in the Anima neighborhood. Together, they set out to discover what caused Michiru’s transformation into a beast-man. As Michiru and Shirou dig more into the city of Anima’s history, they become embroiled in progressively stranger situations, and some of the city’s original mysteries begin to be revealed.

Is There Going to Be BNA Season 2?

BNA was one of the year’s most popular series. Lisa De La Cruz of CBR enjoyed the episode and was impressed by its original concept and superb animation. The show was up for two awards: an Ursa Major for Best Dramatic Series and an Annie Award for Best Character Design in Television/Media. Since becoming available on Netflix, BNA has become widely known around the world.

Disc sales may not be a perfect indicator of the show’s quality in the present, but they are still important for determining the show’s overall impact. In terms of disc sales, BNA placed just 80 out of 109 anime, which is remarkable given that it averaged 436 discs per year. Furthermore, Studio Trigger has traditionally only produced a single season of anime each year.

There has been no official word from Netflix or the show’s creators concerning a second season. While this could be seen as a bad sign, viewers shouldn’t be too concerned because the show was so successful that the producers are likely planning to develop a second season. The quality of the show available on Netflix is a major factor in the streaming service’s decision to keep airing it.

Season 2 may be issued to finish telling the story, as the previous season ended on the same note.

What Happened in the Previous Season of BNA?

The first season of BNA has a strange beginning and an intriguing tale. Michiru, a high school student who gets into difficulty with monster hunters, is the series’ protagonist. Some humans and demihumans in the 21st century of the show’s setting have been hiding out in the shadows for quite some time.

Michiru, a young schoolgirl, experiences a profound epiphany when she discovers she has become a demi-human. She abandons her family and community after this realization. In Anima City, Michiru joins up with several new friends, including a wolf beastman named Shirou Ogami.

bna season 2 release date

They can find serenity in Anima City, but only if they can figure out what changed. Along with learning more about themselves and their city, they stumble upon a mystery. Watching this series will teach you a lot about bias and racism, which is the show’s core premise.

Ratings of the First Season of BNA

The BNA series has a perfect score on Rotten Tomatoes. IMDb gives it 7.2/10, while MyAnimeList gives it 7.4/10. If you haven’t seen it already, you should give the series a shot because critics have largely praised it.

There are also other shows in a similar genre that can keep you occupied till the debut of the BNA series. Such Shows Include Management of a Novice Alchemist Season 2, Mo Season 2, and more.


The series takes place in a universe where humans and a subset of humanity known as Beastmen coexist, despite the latter’s persecution due to a characteristic in their DNA known as “Beast Factor” that allows them to transform into animals forms For more details visit our website

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